Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Salisbury; Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Corporate NameDiocese of Salisbury
SubordinateCathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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COMM Add 4SurveyAug. 1649-Sep. 1649COMM/add/4
Arches Aa 20/59STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/Aa/20/59
Tait 263 ff. 96-7RYLE (John Charles), Bishop of Liverpool1880Tait/161-296/263/96-7
Davidson 135, ff.194-212SALISBURY cathedral.1907Davidson/27-217/135/194-212
Ramsey 131, ff.234-5, 241FISON (Joseph Edward), bishop of Salisbury1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/131/234-5, 241
Davidson 10/24SALISBURY cathedral.Davidson/1-26/10/24
MS 590 pag. 142Ex aliis ejusdem [Sarum] Registris. MSS/590/51
Arches Aa 20/36STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/Aa/20/36
MS 590 pag. 138Ex Obituario quodam Ecclesiae Sarum. MSS/590/49
MS 2087-2090SERMONS1732-1762MSS/2087-2090
Arches J 22/40NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/40
MS 585 pag. 163Excerpta ex Chronico brevi Sarisburiensi ab A°. 708 ad 1397. MSS/585/58
Arches J 11/24BALSTON V CROAD1724Arches/J/11/24
MS 590 pag. 111Ex Codicibus quibusdam MSS in Bibliotheca Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sarum. MSS/590/42
Arches G 152/86,87HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/G/152/86,87
Arches J 13/25WILLIS V TREGONWELL1730Arches/J/13/25
Arches Aa 20/73STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/Aa/20/73
Arches C 4 f.2STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/C/4/2
Arches G 152/80-1BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/G/152/80-1
Arches E 45/34DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/E/45/34
Arches G 116/75TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/G/116/75
Arches J 22/42DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/42
Arches G 2/78APLIN V GILLETT1709Arches/G/2/78
Arches E 45/33RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/E/45/33
Arches E 45/35HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/E/45/35
Arches B 15/86BALSTON V CROAD1724Arches/B/15/86
Arches E 36/115TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/E/36/115
Arches E 45/32NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/E/45/32
Arches B 16/183TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/B/16/183
Arches J 22/29DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/29
Arches Bb 92/27RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/27
Arches J 22/21HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/21
Arches G 139/101BROCAS V BROCAS1769Arches/G/139/101
Arches J 22/24RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/24
Arches J 22/25NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/25
Arches H 941/1SALISBURY V PULLEN1870Arches/H/941
Arches A 26APLIN V GILLETT1709Arches/A/26/13
Arches C 4 f.238BALSTON V CROAD1724Arches/C/4/238
Arches J 22/38RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/38
Arches E 29/146WILLIS V TREGONWELL1730Arches/E/29/146
Arches H 50/1-8BOZIE V BOZIE1805Arches/H/50
Arches Aa 94/19BERRY V BERRY1799Arches/Aa/94/19
Arches E 45/31FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/E/45/31
Arches G 152/76,77NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/G/152/76,77
Arches J 22/23FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/23
Arches G 2/5HISCOCK AND LEWIS V NAISH1705Arches/G/2/5
Arches C 5 f.58TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/C/5/58
Arches B 17/136TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/B/17/136
Arches D 1971STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/D/1971
Arches C 3 f.282STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/C/3/282
Arches A 26STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/A/26/312
Arches D 1504NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/D/1504
Arches G 152/84,85FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/G/152/84,85
Arches B 5/130SMITH V MUNDY1679Arches/B/5/130
Arches A 23BECKINGHAM V ROLFE1701Arches/A/23/14
Arches Bb 93/32DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/93/32
Arches G 1a/176POLLERNE V STEVENS1690Arches/G/1a/176
Arches A 35 f.36BROCAS V BROCAS1769Arches/A/35/36
Arches Aa 81/41RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/81/41
Arches Bb 92/22, 23HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/22, 23
Arches C 6/115DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/C/6/115
Arches C 6/114NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/C/6/114
Arches C 6/116RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/C/6/116
Arches B 14/68HISCOCK AND LEWIS V NAISH1705Arches/B/14/68
Arches Bb 92/24NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/24
Arches B 8/207HORNE V CHICHESTER1675Arches/B/8/207
Arches A 19POLLERNE V STEVENS1690Arches/A/19/200
Arches D 552DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/D/552
Arches C 6/117HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/C/6/117
Arches C 1 ff. 308-9SOPER V CRANE1672Arches/C/1/308-9
Arches Aa 80/23FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/80/23
Arches C 3 f.109HISCOCK AND LEWIS V NAISH1705Arches/C/3/109
Arches A 20LEE V JOHNSON1693Arches/A/20/171
Arches D 1811RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/D/1811
Arches A 31TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/A/31/175
Arches Aa 81/38BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/81/38
Arches Bb 93/34FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/93/34
Arches A 27WILLIS V TREGONWELL1730Arches/A/27/216
Arches Aa 80/22BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/80/22
Arches C 6/112BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/C/6/112
Arches Aaa 44BEARE AND BILES V JACOB1828Arches/Aaa/44/a9
Arches Aaa 34FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/Aaa/34/a49
MS 589Collectiones Similes de Decanis Ecclesiarum Cathedralium Angliae ad Annum 1540, viz.MSS/589/7
Arches A 16POOLE V POOLE1683Arches/A/16/216
Arches Aaa 36BERRY V BERRY1799Arches/Aaa/36/a9
Arches Bb 92/20, 21FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/20, 21
Arches Bb 93/31BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/93/31
Runcie/SPEECH/442Salisbury Cathedral29 May 1994Runcie/SPEECH/442
Arches A 24HISCOCK AND LEWIS V NAISH1705Arches/A/24/99
Arches B 12/5POLLERNE V STEVENS1690Arches/B/12/5
Arches A 21LEE V JOHNSON1693Arches/A/21/144
MS 1301The variant readingsMSS/1300-1301/1301
Arches G 1, f. 349WESTE V WETHERINGTON1670Arches/G/1/349
Arches D 2375BALSTON V CROAD1724Arches/D/2375
Fisher 64, ff. 109-13SALISBURY Cathedral1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/64/109-13
Fisher 92, ff. 38-9SALISBURY Cathedral - appointment of the dean; Robert Hamilton MOBERLY, Suffragan Bishop of Stepney - appointment as dean of Salisbury1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/92/38-9
Ramsey 262, ff. 144-148Salisbury Cathedral (entry charge) 1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/262/144-148
Ramsey 280, ff. 222-228Salisbury Cathedral (entrance charge) 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/280/222-228
Arches J 22/36FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/36
MS 590 pag. 139Ex Registro antique et insigni valde Ecclesiae ejusdem [Sarum]. MSS/590/50
MS 582Manuscript volumeMSS/582
Arches Aa 31/173BALSTON V CROAD1724Arches/Aa/31/173
Arches G 152/82,83DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/G/152/82,83
Arches Aa 81/42HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/81/42
Arches J 22/41BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/41
Arches J 22/22BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/J/22/22
Arches Bb 92/26RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/26
Arches Bb 92/16, 17DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/16, 17
Arches Bb 92/14, 15BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/14, 15
Arches Aa 80/24HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/80/24
Arches Bb 93/37RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/93/37
Arches D 1666POLLERNE V STEVENS1690Arches/D/1666
Arches A 30TAYLOR V MACKLAYNE1741Arches/A/30/185
Arches B 9/180SMITH V MUNDY1679Arches/B/9/180
Arches Bb 93/35HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/93/35
Arches Aa 81/37NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/81/37
Arches Aa 80/25DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/80/25
Arches Bb 93/36NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/93/36
Arches H 435/1-17BEARE AND BILES V JACOB1828Arches/H/435
Arches D 1050AHISCOCK AND LEWIS V NAISH1705Arches/D/1050A
Arches D 974HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/D/974
Arches C 2 f.178POWELL V LAMBERT1685Arches/C/2/178
Arches A 16MAYNARD V BLUCKE, ETC.1681Arches/A/16/186
Arches Aa 80/20RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/80/20
Arches Aa 80/21NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/80/21
Arches Aa 81/39DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/81/39
Arches D 1377MAYNARD V BLUCKE, ETC.1681Arches/D/1377
Arches A 6 ff. 157BOWDEN V BUTLER1669Arches/A/6/157
Arches Aa 81/40FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/Aa/81/40
Arches C 6/113FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/C/6/113
Arches Aaa 34BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/Aaa/34/a12
Arches D 116BARTLETT V COSENS1785Arches/D/116
Arches Aaa 43BEARE AND BILES V JACOB1828Arches/Aaa/43/a8
Arches A 15MAYNARD V BLUCKE, ETC.1681Arches/A/15/207
Arches Aaa 50SALISBURY V PULLEN1870Arches/Aaa/50/a74
Arches Aaa 34RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/Aaa/34/a103
Arches Aaa 34HARRIS V COSENS1785Arches/Aaa/34/a58
Arches Ee 5 ff. 101,126-129FROME V PEIRCE AND LAMBERT1684Arches/Ee/5/101,126-129
Arches E 28/48BALSTON V CROAD1724Arches/E/28/48
CM VI/55Collation. 29 Oct. 1538CM/6/55
Arches Bb 92/25NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/Bb/92/25
Arches Ee 6 f. 180STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/Ee/6/180
Arches A 6 ff. 109COOPER V BUTLER1669Arches/A/6/109
Arches Eee 14 ff. 413-418aSAGER V WYNN1742Arches/Eee/14/413-418a
Arches A 17POWELL V LAMBERT1685Arches/A/17/153
Arches A 7 ff. 17,25,63,72,89,101 etcBOWDEN V BUTLER1669-1670Arches/A/7/17,25,63,72,89,101 etc
Arches A 9 ff. 138-139,142SOPER V CRANE1672Arches/A/9/138-139,142
Davidson 11/15-17Appointment of bishop of BRADFORD; Appointment of bishop of LINCOLN; Appointment of bishop of ST. ALBANS; SALISBURY cathedral - Appointment of the dean; WINCHESTER cathedral - Appointment of the dean1919Davidson/1-26/11/15-17
Arches A 12 ff. 171-172FISHLAKE V FROME1677Arches/A/12/171-172
Arches A 30SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/A/30/166
Arches A 31SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/A/31/146
Arches D 1818SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/D/1818
Arches G 152/78,79RUSSELL V COSENS1785Arches/G/152/78,79
Arches Aaa 34NOTLEY V COSENS1785Arches/Aaa/34/a85
Arches E 7/91FROME V PEIRCE AND LAMBERT1683Arches/E/7/91
Arches A 4 f. 102PAGE V STRICKLAND1665Arches/A/4/102
MS 3362Statuta Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli[18th century]MSS/3362
MS 2146, ff.397-8Report on the Church Defence Board of Salisbury Cathedral by Bishop Wordsworth (printed)1894MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2146/397-8
Arches C 1 ff. 486-7MAYNARD V BLUCKE, ETC.1681Arches/C/1/486-7
COMM XIIa/15VOLUME 151647-1650COMM/12A/15
COMM Add 5Survey with warrant to sell1650COMM/add/5
Arches B 10/57MAYNARD V BLUCKE, ETC.1681Arches/B/10/57
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 17Byde, William1 Nov 1369V/A/6Whittlesey/17
Arches Aaa 34DARBY V COSENS1785Arches/Aaa/34/a40
Arches B 7/79BRIDEOAKE V BAYLIE1668Arches/B/7/79
Arches D 1670POWELL V LAMBERT1685Arches/D/1670
Arches J 16/36SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/J/16/36
Arches J 16/39SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/J/16/39
Arches J 17/19,20SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/J/17/19,20
Arches Aa 20/2STAPLE V BENTLY1713Arches/Aa/20/2
Arches B 8/39BLAND V REELY1669Arches/B/8/39
Arches B 8/101WESTE V WETHERINGTON1670Arches/B/8/101
Arches B 10/213POWELL V LAMBERT1685Arches/B/10/213
Arches B 11/128STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/B/11/128
Arches A 19STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/A/19/253
Arches J 2/29STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/J/2/29
Arches G 1a/110, 129LEE V JOHNSON1693Arches/G/1a/110, 129
Arches A 16FROME V PEIRCE AND LAMBERT1683Arches/A/16/103
Arches B 16/176SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/B/16/176
Arches D 1535PAGE V STRICKLAND1665Arches/D/1535
Arches D 753FLAMBERT V COSENS1785Arches/D/753
Arches B 17/124SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/B/17/124
Arches C 2 f.110FROME V PEIRCE AND LAMBERT1683Arches/C/2/110
Arches C 2 f.374STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/C/2/374
Arches C 5 ff. 47-8SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/C/5/47-8
Arches D 2003STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/D/2003
Arches A 5 ff. 224,264BRIDEOAKE V BAYLIE1668Arches/A/5/224,264
Arches F 11 ff. 18-24SAGER V WYNN1739-1742Arches/F/11/18-24
Runcie/SPEECH/223Easter 19961996Runcie/SPEECH/223
Reg. Sancroft 2Register of William Sancroft1678-1691V/A/25Sancroft2
Arches E 35/10SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/E/35/10
Arches E 35/12SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/E/35/12
Arches E 36/88SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/E/36/88
Arches G 1a/183STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/G/1a/183
Arches G 116/54SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/G/116/54
Arches G 116/56SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/G/116/56
Arches G 116/105SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/G/116/105
F. Temple 49, ff. 12-13SALISBURY, Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Deanery of.1901F.Temple/49/12-13
Davidson 520, ff.227-8Appointment of bishop of NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE; SALISBURY cathedral - Appointment of the deanDavidson/517-523/520/227-8
Fisher 107, ff. 371-8SALISBURY Cathedral - appointment of the dean; Robert Hamilton MOBERLY, Suffragan Bishop of Stepney - appointment as dean of Salisbury1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/107/371-8
Fisher 254, ff. 103-4SALISBURY Cathedral - appointment of the dean1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/254/103-4
Ramsey 133, ff.162-3CRAGG (Albert Kenneth), warden of St. Augustine's College Canterbury; FISON (Joseph Edward), bishop of Salisbury1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/133/162-3
Ramsey 188, ff.314-16HEWITT (John Francis), civil servant; (1971) kt. - Correspondence on the appointment of dean of SALISBURY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/188/314-16
Arches Bbb 699STREET V WINTER AND WOOD1688Arches/Bbb/699
Arches Bbb 587FROME V PEIRCE AND LAMBERT1683Arches/Bbb/587
Arches Bbb 1346SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/Bbb/1346
Arches Bbb 1353SAGER V WYNN1740Arches/Bbb/1353
Arches A 9 ff. 18,31,36,41,46,51,57,66FITZJAMES V DAGGLE1671-1672Arches/A/9/18,31,36,41,46,51,57,66
Arches A 7 ff. 8,34,39,44,73,91 etcBLAND V REELY1669-1670Arches/A/7/8,34,39,44,73,91 etc
Arches A 8 ff. 31,47,54,61,70,77,89,93,100,108,137,140WESTE V WETHERINGTON1670-1671Arches/A/8/31,47,54,61,70,77,89,93,100,108,137,140
Arches G 1, f. 287FITZJAMES V DAGGLE1671Arches/G/1/287
Arches A 9 ff. 14,23,36,51,67,86,117WESTE V WETHERINGTON1671-1672Arches/A/9/14,23,36,51,67,86,117
Arches A 10 ff. 74,99,113,120WESTE V WETHERINGTON1673Arches/A/10/74,99,113,120
Arches A 10 f. 148EXTON V HARWOOD AND LAMBERT1673Arches/A/10/148
Arches D 713EXTON V HARWOOD AND LAMBERT1673Arches/D/713
Arches G 1a/338FISHLAKE V FROME1677Arches/G/1a/338
Arches Bbb 419FISHLAKE V FROME1677Arches/Bbb/419
Arches A 13 ff. 25,35,68,79,121,129,139,149,162,181,191WATERIDGE V MILLS1677-1678Arches/A/13/25,35,68,79,121,129,139,149,162,181,191
Arches A 13 ff. 8-9,17,25,32,41,70,94,150,179,188FISHLAKE V FROME1677-1678Arches/A/13/8-9,17,25,32,41,70,94,150,179,188
Arches A 14WATERIDGE V MILLS1678-1679Arches/A/14/32,49
Arches C 1 ff. 406-7HARRIS AND CLOADE V ALFORD1679Arches/C/1/406-7
Arches A 15HARRIS AND CLOADE V ALFORD1679Arches/A/15/139
Arches Bbb 469HARRIS AND CLOADE V ALFORD1679Arches/Bbb/469
Arches D 955HARRIS AND CLOADE V ALFORD1679Arches/D/955
Arches A 14HARRIS AND CLOADE V ALFORD1679Arches/A/14/145-146,172-173
Arches A 14SMITH V MUNDY1679Arches/A/14/159-160,171,177
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