Authorized Form of NameTrollope; Edward (1817-1893); Bishop of Nottingham and antiquary
EpithetBishop of Nottingham and antiquary
ActivitySuffragan Bishop of Nottingham 1877
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)

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LC 37 no. 101Photograph of TROLLOPE (Edward), suffragan bishop of Nottingham.1888LC/1888/37/101
Tait 251 ff. 307-8TROLLOPE (Edward), Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham1879Tait/161-296/251/307-8
Tait 239 ff. 294-5TROLLOPE (Edward), Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham1878Tait/161-296/239/294-5
LC 12 ff. 49-50, 63-4Correspondence with Trollope (Edward), suffragan bishop of Nottingham. LC/1878/12/49-50, 63-4
LC 26 ff. 26-7, 32-3, 202Correspondence with Correspondence with Trollope (Edward), suffragan bishop of Nottingham. LC/1888/26/26-7, 32-3, 202
Benson 35 ff.246-8, 251Letters from TROLLOPE (Edward), suffragan Bishop of Nottingham on the Rev. F.H. Deane.1886Benson/35/246-8, 251
Tait 253 ff. 298-9TROLLOPE (Edward), Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham1879Tait/161-296/253/298-9
Benson 100 ff.356-67SOUTHWELL, Diocese of.1890-1891Benson/100/356-67
MS 3437, no.83Trollope (Edward), Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham.19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3437/83
Benson 21 ff.411-16, 437-8Letters from TROLLOPE (Edward), suffragan Bishop of Nottingham on the Rev. F.H. Deane.1886Benson/21/411-16, 437-8
Tait 289 ff. 238-9TROLLOPE (Edward), Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham1873Tait/161-296/289/238-9
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