Authorized Form of NameColonial Bishoprics Fund; 1841-1959
Corporate NameColonial Bishoprics Fund
RelationshipsSucceeded by the Overseas Bishoprics Fund
SourceLambeth Palace Library printed books catalogue. Records at Church of England Record Centre.

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F. Temple 51, ff. 24-30COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: Africa.1901-1902F.Temple/51/24-30
F. Temple 59, ff. 194-202 passimCOLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: Canada.1902F.Temple/59/194-202 passim
F. Temple 41, f. 141COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: Canada.1900F.Temple/41/141
F. Temple 59, ff. 194-202COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND.1902F.Temple/59/194-202
Longley 3 ff. 419-424Extracts from the journal of the Council of the Colonial Bishoprics Fund concerning the diocese of Natal, certified by the Revd. E. Hawkins, 1853-5821 March 1864Longley/3/419-424
F. Temple 51, f. 431COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: Africa.1901F.Temple/51/431
Benson 8 ff.390-1COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND1883Benson/8/390-1
Tait 195 f. 166COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Mauritius1873Tait/161-296/195/166
Tait 170 ff. 384-385COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Mauritius1868Tait/161-296/170/384-385
F. Temple 7, ff. 297-8COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND.1897F.Temple/7/297-8
F. Temple 41, ff. 24, 29COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: China1900F.Temple/41/24, 29
Benson 148 f.216Letter from COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: India, on the bishopric of Tinnevelly1896Benson/148/216
Benson 109 ff.120, 129Letters from COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: India, on the diocese of Lucknow1892Benson/109/120, 129
Benson 90 f.280Letter from on diocesan finances in COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: South Africa1890Benson/90/280
Tait 185 ff. 180-182COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Hong Kong1872Tait/161-296/185/180-182
Benson 160 f.188Notice of a special meeting of COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND1883Benson/160/188
Benson 52 ff.249-250Letter from COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Hong Kong on St. Paul's College1887Benson/52/249-50
Benson 94 ff.204-34COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND1891Benson/94/204-34
Davidson 126, ff.292-9COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND.1907Davidson/27-217/126/292-9
Tait 117 f 245COLONIAL BISHOPRICS COUNCIL AND FUND OF Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1860Tait/105-160/117/245
Benson 113 f.243Letter from COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Africa on the foundation of the bishopric of Nyasaland1892Benson/113/243
Longley 1 ff. 292-293Note about appeal fund for colonial bishopricsJuly 1845Longley/1/292-293
Tait 214 ff. 209-210COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Hong Kong1875Tait/161-296/214/209-210
Tait 194 f. 155COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Gibraltar1873Tait/161-296/194/155
Benson 145 f.384Letter from COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND on the appointment of missionary bishops1896Benson/145/384
Davidson 114, ff.29-31COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND.1906Davidson/27-217/114/29-31
Tait 170 ff. 70-79COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Australia1869Tait/161-296/170/70-79
F. Temple 7, f. 198COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: Africa.1897F.Temple/7/198
F. Temple 32, f. 32SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS: Missionary work: Australia; COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: Australia.1899F.Temple/32/32
F. Temple 59, ff. 198-200MONTGOMERY (Henry Hutchinson), Bishop of Tasmania (1889-1901); Secretary of S.P.G. (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) 1902F.Temple/59/198-200
Benson 79 ff.406-7COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: India1889Benson/79/406-7
Benson 141 f.302COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND; Hong Kong1874Benson/141/302
MS 2231, f.331Letter to the Colonial Bishoprics Fund (copy)1911MSS/2227-2237/2231/236-400/331
Benson 53 ff.91-4, 397-408COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: South Africa1884-1885Benson/53/91-4, 397-408
Tait 82 ff. 43-4Letters on the COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND1865Tait/76-104/82/43-4
F. Temple 41, ff. 380-2COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: South Africa1900F.Temple/41/380-2
Benson 161 ff.250-1, 345-7COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: South Africa1887Benson/161/250-1, 345-7
F. Temple 32, ff. 275-8, 284-5, 295-6 passimCOLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: South Africa1899F.Temple/32/275-8, 284-5, 295-6 passim.
Benson 163 ff.415-25 passim, 443-5COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: South Africa1887Benson/163/415-25 passim, 443-5
Benson 160 ff.30-1, 148-70COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: South Africa1887Benson/160/30-1, 148-70
Tait 170 ff. 76-77COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Borneo1868Tait/161-296/170/76-77
OBFOverseas Bishoprics' Fund1841-1976OBF
Benson 125 ff.312-13Letter to COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: Palestine from the bishop in Jerusalem on proposed buildings in Palestine.1893Benson/125/312-13
F. Temple 44, ff. 192-4NASSAU, Bahamas, Bishopric of - Letters on the election of the bishop1901F.Temple/44/192-4
F. Temple 59, f. 198MONTGOMERY (Henry Hutchinson), Bishop of Tasmania (1889-1901); Secretary of S.P.G. (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) 1902F.Temple/59/198
Tait 159 ff 66-9COLONIAL BISHOPRICS COUNCIL AND FUND OF Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1869Tait/105-160/159/66-9
CFS F/5Letters and papers1842-1929CFS/F/5
Benson 94 ff.228-9, 233-4Letters from BOWEN (Sir George Ferguson) , colonial governor on the Colonial Bishoprics Fund anniversary meeting1891Benson/94/228-9, 233-4
Benson 164 ff.14-24, 56, 71-3, 78, 140, 158, 160-2COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND: South Africa1887Benson/164/14-24, 56, 71-3, 78, 140, 158, 160-2
F. Temple 33, ff. 173-4COLONIAL BISHOPRICS' FUND: West Indies - Memorandum to the Fund on the diocese of the Windward Islands. 1899F.Temple/33/173-4
F. Temple 56, f. 126MONTGOMERY (Henry Hutchinson), Bishop of Tasmania (1889-1901); Secretary of S.P.G. (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) 1902F.Temple/56/126
W.Temple 14, ff. 227-70COLONIAL BISHOPRICS FUND10 June 1942-3 Nov 1944W.Temple/1-62/14/227-70
Tait 124 ff 81-2HAWKINS (Ernest), prebendary of St. Paul's cathedral, London, minister of Curzon chapel, Westminster and secretary to Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1861Tait/105-160/124/81-2
Tait 169 ff. 25-26BURDETT-COUTTS (Angela Georgina), Baroness Burdett-Coutts1868Tait/161-296/169/25-26
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