Authorized Form of NameUniversal Christian Council for Life and Work; 1920-
Corporate NameUniversal Christian Council for Life and Work
OtherFormsOfNameFormerly Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work
ActivityTo promote Christian ecumenism. Preliminary conference held 1920 in Geneva. Held conferences at Stockholm, 1925, and Oxford, 1937.
RelationshipsAfter the Oxford conference it was incorporated into the preliminary founding stages of the World Council of Churches (founded 1948).
SourceLambeth Palace Library printed books catalogue.

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Davidson 269, ff.119-389Formation of UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE ON LIFE AND WORK.Davidson/218-516/269/119-389
Davidson 498, ff.159-64Formation of UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE ON LIFE AND WORK.Davidson/218-516/498/159-64
Davidson 523, ff.383-6Formation of UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE ON LIFE AND WORK.Davidson/517-523/523/383-6
Douglas 7, f. 112Memo. by Douglas on merger of Faith and Order with LIFE AND WORK in a World council of Churches 1937[1954]Douglas/7/112-362/112
Douglas 8, ff. 1-151Correspondence concerning the Stockholm Conference of the Universal Christian Council for LIFE AND WORK, including printed addresses (ff. 68-139) and newspaper cuttings (ff. 140-51) 1925Douglas/8/1-151
Douglas 8, ff. 194-5Universal Christian Council for LIFE AND WORK1936Douglas/8/152-95/194-5
Douglas 7, f. 20LANG, Cosmo Gordon, Archbishop of York; Canterbury (1928)1937Douglas/7/1-111/20
Bell 257DiaryFebruary 1923-July 1926Bell/184-368/239-298/257
Bell 23Life and Work MovementMay - June 1941Bell/1-64/23
Douglas 7, ff. 20-1Universal Christian Council for LIFE AND WORK1937Douglas/7/1-111/20-1
Bell 261Diary and commonplace book1925-1927Bell/184-368/239-298/261
Bell 20Life and WorkJune 1935 - May 1939Bell/1-64/20
Bell 19Life and WorkNovember 1933 - May 1935Bell/1-64/19
Bell 17Life and WorkMay 1932 - August 1938Bell/1-64/17
Bell 166Christian Social Council1932 - 1937Bell/118-183/166
Bell 101Assyrian Christians1924 - 1933Bell/65-117/101-102/101
Lang 76, ff. 1-349UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN COUNCIL FOR LIFE AND WORKLang/1-186/76/1-349
Bell 22Life and Work MovementApril 1946 - November 1957Bell/1-64/22
Bell 21Life and WorkJune 1939 - March 1946Bell/1-64/21
CFR LRC 40/1Germany: General situation7 Jun 1933-[c.1935]CFR/4/3/10/40-1
Bell 12German Church StruggleApril 1933 - October 1934Bell/1-64/12
Lang 112, ff. 51-64UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN COUNCIL FOR LIFE AND WORK1932Lang/1-186/112/51-64
Bell 4German Church StruggleMarch 1933 - November 1933Bell/1-64/4
Bell 18Life and WorkAugust 1924 - December 1933Bell/1-64/18
Bell 262Diary November 1927-December 1928Bell/184-368/239-298/262
Bell 259Diary1924, 1936Bell/184-368/239-298/259
Douglas 8, ff. 152-95Papers concerning the Continuation Committee Universal Christian Council for LIFE AND WORK, and about the conference to be held in Oxford in 1937 (ff. 152-95)1925-1933Douglas/8/152-95
Douglas 8, ff. 192-3Letters from Ralph W. BROWN, General Secretary of the World Conference on Faith and Order to George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester, concerning the Universal Christian Council for LIFE AND WORK1933Douglas/8/152-95/192-3
Bell 1Life and Work ConferencesAugust 1925- September 1935Bell/1-64/1
Bell 269Notes and memoranda1935-1948Bell/184-368/239-298/269
Lang 161, ff. 354-66 passimAdmission of members of other Churches, including FREE CHURCHES, to Anglican HOLY COMMUNION; UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN COUNCIL FOR LIFE AND WORK - arrangements for the 1937 Oxford conference on Church, Community and State1938Lang/1-186/161/354-66 passim
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