Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Southwark; Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour and St Mary Overie
Corporate NameDiocese of Southwark
SubordinateCathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour and St Mary Overie

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Lang 127, ff. 218-24Anglo-Catholic practices at SOUTHWARK Cathedral1934Lang/1-186/127/218-24
Davidson 5/44Restoration of SOUTHWARK cathedral.Davidson/1-26/5/44
Davidson 32, ff.328-53 passimRestoration of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1892Davidson/27-217/32/328-53 passim
Davidson 42, ff.183-284Restoration of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1895Davidson/27-217/42/183-284
Davidson 48, ff.52-3Restoration of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1897Davidson/27-217/48/52-3
Davidson 39, ff.33-110 passimStatus of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1894Davidson/27-217/39/33-110 passim
Davidson 46, ff.292-3Status of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1896Davidson/27-217/46/292-3
Runcie/SPEECH/272Guild of Vergers25 Sep 1989Runcie/SPEECH/272
Ramsey 28, ff. 302-3John Arthur Thomas ROBINSON, suffragan bishop of Woolwich 1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/28/302-3
Ramsey 252, ff. 69-114Europe '73 1972-1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/252/69-114
Davidson 36, ff.1-99, 463-4Restoration of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1893Davidson/27-217/36/1-99, 463-4
Ramsey 199, ff.293-300Church Army1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/199/293-300
Ramsey 222, ff.9-18Church Army 1971-1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/222/9-18
Davidson 150, ff.196-202Reduction in the size of the choir at SOUTHWARK cathedral.1908Davidson/27-217/150/196-202
Runcie/SPEECH/338Marchioness Memorial Service18 Sep 1999Runcie/SPEECH/338
Runcie/SPEECH/456Stockwood, Mervyn8 Mar 1995Runcie/SPEECH/456
Davidson 39, ff.25-130 passim, 451-2Restoration of SOUTHWARK cathedral.1894Davidson/27-217/39/25-130 passim, 451-2
Runcie/MAIN/1985/108Deans and Provosts, tea for1985Runcie/MAIN/1985/108
Fisher 193, ff. 101-10 passimSOUTHWARK Cathedral - appointment of the provost; George Edmund REINDORP, Bishop of Salisbury (1973) - appointment as provost of Southwark1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/193/101-10 passim
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