Authorized Form of NameRamsbotham; John Alexander (1906-1989); bishop of Wakefield
ForenamesJohn Alexander
Epithetbishop of Wakefield
SourceWho was Who

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MS 3446, f.156Ramsbotham (John Alexander), Bishop of Wakefield.1962MSS/3444-3458/3446/156
Ramsey 179, ff.18, 32RAMSBOTHAM (John Alexander), former bishop of Wakefield1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/179/18, 32
Ramsey 16, ff. 316-17John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/16/316-17
Ramsey 110, ff. 85, 90John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/110/85, 90
Ramsey 71, ff. 304-6John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/71/304-6
Ramsey 98, ff. 17, 20-1, 231, 237, 245John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/98/17, 20-1, 231, 237, 245
Bell 367, f. 177RAMSBOTHAM (John Alexander), bishop of Wakefield.1958Bell/184-368/367-368/367/177
Fisher 329, f. 139Ramsbotham, John Alexander, Bishop of WakefieldFisher/329/82-144/139
LC 193 ff. 322-4, 787RAMSBOTHAM (John Alexander), bishop of Wakefield.1958LC/1958/193/322-4, 787
Ramsey 78, ff. 12, 165John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/78/12, 165
Ramsey 109, ff. 22-3John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/109/22-3
Ramsey 103, ff. 177, 191John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/103/177, 191
Ramsey 114, ff. 306, 309, 311, 318, 336John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/114/306, 309, 311, 318, 336
Ramsey 120, ff. 247-8John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/120/247-8
Ramsey 57, ff. 308-10John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/57/308-10
Ramsey 115, f. 244John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/115/244
Ramsey 65, ff. 82, 87John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/65/82, 87
Ramsey 34, f. 29John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/34/29
Ramsey 97, ff. 76, 79, 83, 120-2John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/97/76, 79, 83, 120-2
CIO/PHO/NEG/47Bishop of Wakefield: Portrait1961CIO/5/NEG/47
Coggan 106, ff.36-106Appointment as Archbishop of York1961Coggan/106/36-106
Ramsey 84, ff. 179, 181Correspondence and papers on parliamentary debates1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/84/179, 181
Ramsey 91, f. 186Correspondence of parliamentary debates1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/91/186
Ramsey 93, ff. 207-9CHURCH ASSEMBLY, BOARD OF EDUCATION - correspondence on the chairman of the Children's Council; John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM, bishop of Wakefield - correspondence on his reappointment as chairman of the Children's Council of the Board of Education1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/93/207-9
Ramsey 203, ff.141-229House of Lords1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/203/141-229
SSF/4/10/6Letter from John Ramsbotham to Brother John Charles regarding the formation of the Fellowship of the Way29 May 1971SSF/4/10/6
Runcie/MAIN/1989/458Ramsbotham, Bishop J.1989Runcie/MAIN/1989/458
LC 202/4-6Two group photographs and key1958LC/1958/202/4-6
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