Authorized Form of NameCranbrook, Kent; ancient parish
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionCranbrook, Kent
SourceGuide to the Local Administrative Units of England, Frederick A. Youngs jnr, 1980

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VG 3/4a, ff.415-19CRANBROOK, Kent1872V/G/3/4/a/415-19
VG 3/11a, ff.184-5CRANBROOK, Kent1902V/G/3/11/a/184-5
VG 3/6a, ff.281-2CRANBROOK, Kent1880V/G/3/6/a/281-2
VG 3/13a, ff.252-5CRANBROOK, Kent1912V/G/3/13/a/252-5
F. Temple 12, ff. 256-7CRANBROOK, Kent, St. Dunstan.1898F.Temple/12/256-7
VG 3/7a, ff.222-3CRANBROOK, Kent1885V/G/3/7/a/222-3
VG 3/5a, ff.290-1CRANBROOK, Kent1876V/G/3/5/a/290-1
MS 1134A/1, ff.283-8CRANBROOK, Kent1758MSS/1134A/1-4/1/283-8
VG 3/2a, ff.190-2CRANBROOK, Kent1806V/G/3/2/a/190-2
VG 3/3a, ff.185-6CRANBROOK, Kent1864V/G/3/3/a/185-6
Lang 176, ft. 37-46HOLY COMMUNION - reservation of the sacrament1940Lang/1-186/176/37-46
COMM V/7, p. 39Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/5/7/39
COMM VIa/5 p.162Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/6A/5/162
CM XII/43Indenture of grant, King Henry VIII and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. 2 March 1539-40.2 March 1540CM/12/43
COMM IV/10, p. 25Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/4/10/25b
COMM V/6, p. 220Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/5/6/220
COMM XIa/5, p. 60Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/11A/5/60e
CM XII/11Royal letters patent of exchange between King Henry VIII and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer28 April 1540CM/12/11
Davidson 184, ff.319-35HOLY COMMUNION - Celebration in buildings other than churches 1912-1913Davidson/27-217/184/319-35
Tait 210 ff. 357-66PODMORE (Richard Hillman), Vicar of Rockbeare, Devon1875Tait/161-296/210/357-66
COMM III/3, p. 239Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/3/3/3-1/239
COMM VIa/1 p.187Cranbrook, Kent; Lynsted, Kent1650COMM/6A/1/187
COMM VIa/10 pp.225, 297Cranbrook, Kent.COMM/6A/10/225,297
Arches Hh 51TOOTH, ETC. V CRANBROOK1905Arches/Hh/51
VG 3/8a, ff.226-7CRANBROOK, Kent1889V/G/3/8/a/226-7
VG 3/9a, ff.213-14CRANBROOK, Kent1893V/G/3/9/a/213-14
VG 3/10a, ff.189-90CRANBROOK, Kent1898V/G/3/10/a/189-90
VG 3/14b, ff.171-2CRANBROOK, Kent1935V/G/3/14/b/171-2
VG 3/1a, pp.497-504CRANBROOK, Kent1786V/G/3/1/a/497-504
VG 3/12a, ff.304-7CRANBROOK, Kent1907V/G/3/12/a/304-7
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