Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Rochester; Bishop
Corporate NameDiocese of Rochester

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Davidson 35, ff.387-8Bishop of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/35/387-8
Fisher 253, ff. 82-94Appointment of the Bishop of ROCHESTER1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/253/82-94
Davidson 41, ff.167-71Expenses of Bishop of ROCHESTER.1894-1895Davidson/27-217/41/167-71
Lang 102, ff. 270-90Appointment of the Bishop of ROCHESTER1930Lang/1-186/102/270-90
Davidson 30, ff.202-6Bishop of ROCHESTER.1892Davidson/27-217/30/202-6
Davidson 29, ff.120-5Bishop of ROCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/29/120-5
Tait 96 ff. 171-3, 287-8UTTERTON (John Sutton), Suffragan Bishop of Guildford1876Tait/76-104/96/171-3, 287-8
Fisher 154, ff. 55-8Bishop of ROCHESTER1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/154/55-8
Arches Jj 7/4SPACKMAN V DASTON1730Arches/Jj/7/4
Arches Aa 31/131,132ASPLIN AND DORLING V NORMAN1724Arches/Aa/31/131,132
Arches G 101/28SPACKMAN V DASTON1730Arches/G/101/28
Bell 224, ff. 294-305GARDINER (Thory Gage), canon of Canterbury.c. 1931Bell/184-368/221-237/224/294-305
Lang 169, ff. 246-61 passimAppointment of the Bishop of ROCHESTER1939Lang/1-186/169/246-61 passim
MS 3166Lives of the Bishops of Rochesterc.1907MSS/3166
Tait 97 ff. 136-7, 150-2THOROLD (Anthony Wilson), Bishop of Rochester, and (1891) of Winchester1877Tait/76-104/97/136-7, 150-2
Arches G 93/23ASPLIN AND DORLING V NORMAN1724Arches/G/93/23
Arches A 28SPACKMAN V DASTON1730Arches/A/28/193
Arches A 27SPACKMAN V DASTON1730Arches/A/27/186
Arches E 29/139SPACKMAN V DASTON1730Arches/E/29/139
Fisher 257, ff. 334-44Appointment of the Bishop of ROCHESTER; Richard David SAY, Bishop of Rochester - appointment as bishop1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/257/334-44
Arches Aa 89/12ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Aa/89/12
MS 580 Section 2Epistolae, Diplomata, Aliaque Instrumenta Integra SequentiaMSS/580/2
Arches Eee 17/39-44ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Eee/17/39-44
Reg. IslipRegister of Simon Islip1349-1366V/A/4Islip
Arches Bbb 1214SPACKMAN V DASTON1730Arches/Bbb/1214
Arches Ee 11/82,83ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Ee/11/82,83
Arches F 12 p. 184ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/F/12/184
Arches E 48/15,16ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/E/48/15,16
Arches G 153/74,75ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/74,75
Arches G 153/66,67ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/66,67
COMM XIIa/14VOLUME 141649-1652COMM/12A/14
MS 2028AUTOGRAPHS17th century - 19th centuryMSS/2028-2029/2028
Arches Aaa 35aROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Aaa/35a/a57
Arches Aa 89/25ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Aa/89/25
Arches Aa 89/27ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Aa/89/27
Arches Aa 89/33ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Aa/89/33
Arches Aa 90/9,10ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Aa/90/9,10
Arches Bb 102/14ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Bb/102/14
Arches Bb 102/11ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Bb/102/11
Arches G 153/67ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/66,67/67
Arches G 153/79-81ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/79-81
Arches G 153/70,71ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/70,71
FP XIXVOLUME XIX: General Correspondence1681-1749FP/1-40/19
Davidson 108, ff.426-35Appointment of the bishop of ROCHESTER. 1905Davidson/27-217/108/426-35
Arches Bbb 1584ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Bbb/1584
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