Authorized Form of NameParry; Oswald Hutton (1868-1936); bishop of Guiana
ForenamesOswald Hutton
Epithetbishop of Guiana
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LC 170 no. 177Photograph of PARRY (Oswald Hutton), bishop of Guiana.1930LC/1930/170/177
MS 4700/27Oswald Hutton Parry, Bishop of Guiana.MSS/4700-4702/4700/27
MS 1619 f. 140PARRY, Oswald Hutton; Vicar of All Hallows, East India Docks, Lodnon; Bishop of Guiana (1921)1911MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1619/140
MS 3350, ff.243, 245v-247Parry (Oswald Hutton), Bishop of Guiana.1912MSS/3350/243, 245v-247
Davidson 138, ff.100-6PARRY (Oswald Hutton), bishop of Guiana (1921).1908Davidson/27-217/138/100-6
LC 148 ff. 31-2PARRY (Oswald Hutton), bishop of Guiana.1930LC/1930/148/31-2
MS 3350, ff.68, 137Parry (Oswald Hutton), Bishop of Guiana.1909MSS/3350/68, 137
MS 3128, ff.167-76Parry (Oswald Hutton), Bishop of Guiana.1933-1936MSS/3121-3128/3128/167-176
MS 4702/68Oswald Hutton Parry, Bishop of GuianaMSS/4700-4702/4702/68
CFS F/5Letters and papers1842-1929CFS/F/5
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