Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Portsmouth; 1927-
Corporate NameDiocese of Portsmouth
DatesAndPlacesCreated in 1927 from Winchester diocese. Primarily Hampshire and Isle of Wight.
RelationshipsChurch of England
SourceFrederick A. Youngs, Jr., Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England (Royal Historical Society, 1979), volume I: Southern England (Royal Historical Society, 1979)

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Ramsey 167, ff.52-3, 56-9, 66Correspondence on Anglican-Methodist joint initiatives in diocese of PORTSMOUTH1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/167/52-3, 56-9, 66
Ramsey 167, ff.57-9Diocese of PORTSMOUTH1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/167/57-9
Ramsey 187, ff.36, 125-6PRIOR (Christopher), archdeacon of Portsmouth1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/36, 125-6
Ramsey 183, ff.17-18Correspondence on the future structure and organisation of diocese of PORTSMOUTH1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/183/17-18
Coggan 57, ff.137-155Portsmouth, Bishop and Diocese of17 Dec 1975-23 May 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/57/137-155
Ramsey 182, ff.135-7, 148, 204PHILLIPS (John Henry Lawrence), bishop of Portsmouth1969-1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/135-7, 148, 204
CU 95Parochial Returns1954CU/E/95
ICBS DIOC 35Diocese of Portsmouth1928-1979ICBS/DIOC/35
Lang 172, ff. 392-4Appointment of assistant bishops in Diocese of PORTSMOUTH1939Lang/1-186/172/392-4
MS 3453Replies1962MSS/3444-3458/3449-3455/3453
W.T.A./GEN/5/6W.T.A. Development Campaign Dioceses O-R1972-1974WTA/GEN/5/6
Ramsey 339/45/5Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: Portsmouth-Worcester1972-1974Ramsey/339/45-5
BSR/SPC/DIO/C/29Diocese of Portsmouth1956-1984BSR/4/5/29
ICBS 11256 ff 35-37Church name: COPNOR, St. Cuthbert1935-1937ICBS/FILE/11256ff35-37
ICBS 11979 f 50Church name: SHALFLEET, Parish Church1953ICBS/FILE/11979ff50
ICBS 8514 ff 35-39Church name: HAMBLEDON, All Saints, Denmead1959ICBS/FILE/08514ff35-39
ICBS 12111 ff 15-24Church name: MOTTISTONE, St. Peter & St. Paul1977ICBS/FILE/12111ff15-24
ICBS 10103 ff 161-170Church name: EASTNEY, St. Margaret1963-1965ICBS/FILE/10103ff161-170
ICBS 10103 ff 141-160Church name: EASTNEY, St. Margaret1936-1938ICBS/FILE/10103ff141-160
ICBS 12472Church name: PETERSFIELD, St. Peter1938ICBS/FILE/12472
ICBS 11256 ff 40-53Church name: COPNOR, St. Cuthbert1972-1974ICBS/FILE/11256ff40-53
ICBS 11256 ff 54-66Church name: COPNOR, St. Cuthbert1980-1981ICBS/FILE/11256ff54-66
ICBS 15000Church name: RYDE, All Saints1974-1975ICBS/FILE/15000
ICBS 11979 f 39Church name: SHALFLEET, Parish Church1964ICBS/FILE/11979f39
ICBS 11256 ff 38-39Church name: COPNOR, St. Cuthbert1949ICBS/FILE/11256ff38-39
ICBS 11747 ff 22-24Church name: PORTSMOUTH, All Saints, Landport1951ICBS/FILE/11747ff22-24
ICBS 12698 ff 12-25Church name: EMPSHOTT, Holy Rood1962-1963ICBS/FILE/12698ff12-25
ICBS M1538Church name: PORTSDOWN, Crookhorn Church Centre1976-1979ICBS/FILE/M1538
ICBS 11979 ff 40-49Church name: SHALFLEET, Parish Church1969ICBS/FILE/11979ff40-49
ICBS 11747 ff 26-34Church name: PORTSMOUTH, All Saints, Landport1966-1968ICBS/FILE/11747ff26-34
ICBS 11994 ff 10-26Church name: SHEDFIELD, St. John the Baptist1957-1959ICBS/FILE/11994ff10-26
ICBS 11979 ff 1-19Church name: SHALFLEET, Parish Church1930-1933ICBS/FILE/11979ff1-19
ICBS 11870Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Stephen, Buckland1928ICBS/FILE/11870
ICBS 11979 ff 20-38Church name: SHALFLEET, Parish Church1950-1953ICBS/FILE/11979ff20-38
ICBS 11892Church name: PORTCHESTER, St. Mary1929ICBS/FILE/11892
ICBS 11994 ff 1-9Church name: SHEDFIELD, St. John the Baptist1930-1932ICBS/FILE/11994ff1-9
ICBS 12111 ff 1-14Church name: MOTTISTONE, St. Peter & St. Paul1932-1934ICBS/FILE/12111ff1-14
ICBS 12125Church name: GOSPORT, St. Matthew1931-1933ICBS/FILE/12125
ICBS 12646Church name: STEEP, All Saints1947ICBS/FILE/12646
ICBS 12332Church name: CROFTON, Holy Rood, Old Crofton1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12332
ICBS 12418Church name: WARNFORD, St. Mary the Virgin1937ICBS/FILE/12418
ICBS M1515Church name: LIPHOOK, Mission Church1968-1970ICBS/FILE/M1515
ICBS 12727Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Peter, Southsea1949ICBS/FILE/12727
ICBS 14545Church name: WATERLOO, St. George, Waterlooville1968-1970ICBS/FILE/14545
ICBS 12836Church name: RYDE, Holy Trinity1950ICBS/FILE/12836
ICBS 12870Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. James the Great, Milton1950ICBS/FILE/12870
ICBS 12837Church name: ARRETON, St. George1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12837
ICBS 12863Church name: BRIGHSTONE, St. Mary1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12863
ICBS 13118Church name: HAYLING, NORTH, St. Peter1953-1956ICBS/FILE/13118
ICBS 13277Church name: BEMBRIDGE, Holy Trinity1954-1955ICBS/FILE/13277
ICBS 13874 ff 22-23Church name: DROXFORD, St. Mary & All Saints1971ICBS/FILE/13874ff22-23
ICBS 13448Church name: LOCKS HEATH, St. John the Baptist1956-1958ICBS/FILE/13448
ICBS 13411Church name: NEWCHURCH, All Saints1956-1962ICBS/FILE/13411
ICBS 13671Church name: GREATHAM, St. John the Baptist1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13671
ICBS 14005Church name: HAMBLEDON, All Saints, Denmead1962ICBS/FILE/14005
ICBS 14389Church name: PAULS GROVE, St. Michael1966-1968ICBS/FILE/14389
ICBS 14573Church name: RYDE, St. James1968-1970ICBS/FILE/14573
ICBS 14937Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mary, Portsea1974ICBS/FILE/14937
ICBS 14917Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. George, Portsea1973-1975ICBS/FILE/14917
ICBS 15321Church name: SHORWELL, St. Peter1978-1979ICBS/FILE/15321
ICBS 4661 ff 24-35Church name: HAVANT, St. John the Baptist, Redhill1928-1930ICBS/FILE/04661ff24-35
ICBS 12048Church name: LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT, St. Faith1930-1933ICBS/FILE/12048
ICBS 12718Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Jude, Southsea1948-1949ICBS/FILE/12718
ICBS 12698 ff 1-11Church name: EMPSHOTT, Holy Rood1948-1950ICBS/FILE/12698ff1-11
ICBS 13874 ff 1-21Church name: DROXFORD, St. Mary & All Saints1961-1968ICBS/FILE/13874ff1-21
ICBS M1518Church name: LEIGH PARK, St. Clare, Warren Park1968-1975ICBS/FILE/M1518
ICBS M1398Church name: ALVERSTOKE, Mission Church, Bridgmary1929ICBS/FILE/M1398
ACCM/CAND/SEL/11/29Diocese of Portsmouth1959-1980ACCM/2/1/13/10/29
Ramsey 339/45/3Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: Hereford-St.Albans1964-1968Ramsey/339/45-3
MS 3445, ff.86-8Portsmouth, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3445/86-88
MS 3446, ff.113-14, 183-4Portsmouth, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3446/113-114, 183-184
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