Authorized Form of NameLuxton; George Nasmith (1901-1970); Bishop of Huron
ForenamesGeorge Nasmith
EpithetBishop of Huron
ActivityBishop of Huron 1948-1970
SourceWho's Who at Lambeth '68 (1968)

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Ramsey 178, ff.56-69LUXTON (George Nasmyth), bishop of Huron1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/178/56-69
LC 203/1, ff. 24-5, 30, 60-1, 85, 122-3, 155-6LUXTON (George Nasmith), bishop of Huron1968LC/1968/203/1/24-5,30,60-1,85,122-3,155-6
Ramsey 207, ff.217-221Luxton, bishop1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/207/217-221
LC 203/3, ff. 500, 525-6LUXTON (George Nasmith), bishop of Huron1968LC/1968/203/3/500, 525-6
LC 203/2, ff. 271-4, 371-2LUXTON (George Nasmith), bishop of Huron1968LC/1968/203/2/271-4,371-2
Ramsey 31, ff. 131, 134-5, 158-60, 167-8George Nasmith LUXTON, bishop of Huron1961Ramsey/4-287/1963/31/131, 134-5, 158-60, 167-8
Ramsey 107, ff. 1-9George Nasmith LUXTON, bishop of Huron1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/107/1-9
CFR RC 46Relations with the Vatican: Subjects of Discussion and Controversy: Validity of Anglican Orders 1949-1967CFR/6/3/1/46
CFR CFR 14/3General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams1959-1971CFR/1/3/14-3
LC 216Lambeth Conference 1968: Conference planning and business: Section III: Unity 1967-1969LC/1968/205-218/216
LC 206Lambeth Conference 1968: Conference planning and business: Agenda Committees: membership1966-1968LC/1968/205-218/206
LC 202/4-6Two group photographs and key1958LC/1958/202/4-6
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