Authorized Form of NameThe Churchman
Corporate NameThe Churchman

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LC 75 f. 254The Churchman: article by the bishop of Montreal. October 1910LC/1908/75/254
LC 75 ff. 202-3Article: 'New lights on the Lambeth Conference', (The Churchman)1909LC/1908/75/202-3
LC 74 ff. 204-5MACDONALD (William), professor of American History, Brown University, U.S.A, NICHOLS (William Ford), bishop of California.1909LC/1908/75/204-5
LC 142 no. 15An Opinion by the Bishop of Vermont on the 'Proposals for an approach towards unity', reprinted from The Churchman.5 April 1919LC/1920/142/15
MS 2145, f.379Letter to 'The Churchman' (copy)19th cent.MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2145/379
LC 75 ff. 194, 202-5, 220-5The Churchman: articles on the American attitude to the Central Consultative Body. July- November 1909LC/1908/75/194, 202-5, 220-5
Coggan 9, ff.61-64Churchman, The13 Nov-16 Dec 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/9/61-64
LC 75 ff. 252-4Letter from John Cragg Farthing, Bishop of Montreal, on the Central Consultative Body, enclosing a copy of his address to the Halifax Congress entitled Our Relations with the Church of the Motherland published in The Churchman, 1 October 1910. 9 November 1910 LC/1908/75/252-4
LC 134 ff. 326-33Letter from William Thomas MANNING, bishop of New York (1921) (f. 326), relating to proposals regarding unity between the Protestant Episcopal Church, United States of America, and the Congregationalists14 Apr 1920LC/1920/134/326-33
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