Authorized Form of NameChurch Army; 1882-; Anglican evangelical organisation
Corporate NameChurch Army
EpithetAnglican evangelical organisation
ActivityFounded by the Reverend Wilson Carlile to take the good news of Jesus Christ to those people who would not normally have had contact with the Church'.

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Ramsey 93, ff. 240-2Correspondence and papers on the licensing of members of the CHURCH ARMY1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/93/240-2
Lang 124, ff. 253-5Licensing of CHURCH ARMY evangelists1934Lang/1-186/124/253-5
Fisher 133, ff. 53-4Supervision of clergy under discipline by the CHURCH ARMY1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/133/53-4
Fisher 238, ff. 47-77 passimCHURCH ARMY1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/238/47-77 passim
F. Temple 44, ff. 183-4CHURCH ARMY, Canterbury Diocesan Church Army Vans1900, 1901F.Temple/44/183-4
Davidson 113, ff.370-416Status of CHURCH ARMY mission nurses 1902-1906Davidson/27-217/113/370-416
Ramsey 157, ff.195-8Correspondence and papers on a hostel for drug users run by CHURCH ARMY.1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/157/195-8
F. Temple 41, ff. 399-400CHURCH ARMY1900F.Temple/41/399-400
F. Temple 10, ff. 127-30CHURCH ARMY.1897-1898F.Temple/10/127-30
Ramsey 16, ff. 343-59Correspondence and papers on the licensing of members of the CHURCH ARMY1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/16/343-59
Davidson 358, ff.335-50Opening of a home for servicemen's children by CHURCH ARMY1917Davidson/218-516/358/335-50
F. Temple 40, ff. 21-3CHURCH ARMY.1900F.Temple/40/21-3
Benson 94 ff.101-2CHURCH ARMY1891Benson/94/101-2
Davidson 125, ff.289-444Criticism of CHURCH ARMY1907-1908Davidson/27-217/125/289-444
Ramsey 155, ff.182-200CHURCH ARMY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/155/182-200
Benson 2 ff.107-12The battle-axe and letters on CHURCH ARMY1883Benson/2/107-12
Benson 95 ff.402Letter from the CHURCH ARMY on A. Elwin1891Benson/95/402
Benson 33 ff.388-402Letters and papers on the headquarters and training home of the CHURCH ARMY1886Benson/33/388-402
Benson 21 ff.94-100Letters and papers on the rules of CHURCH ARMY1885Benson/21/94-100
F. Temple 42, f. 131CHURCH ARMY.1900F.Temple/42/131
Benson 106 f.319Letter from the CHURCH ARMY on grants1892Benson/106/319
Davidson 254, ff.1-216Reorganisation of CHURCH ARMYDavidson/218-516/254/1-216
Benson 94 ff.87-100Letters and papers on the headquarters and training home of the CHURCH ARMY1891Benson/94/87-100
Benson 70 ff.1-71Correspondence on the evangelists of the CHURCH ARMY1889-1890Benson/70/1-71
F. Temple 28, ff. 338-42CHURCH ARMY.1898F.Temple/28/338-42
Davidson 140, ff.333-53Reorganisation of CHURCH ARMY1908Davidson/27-217/140/333-53
Davidson 254, ff.217-409WAR - Moral and spiritual welfare of British servicemen 1916-1918Davidson/218-516/254/217-409
Davidson 342, ff.304-28Military service for members of CHURCH ARMY1915-1916Davidson/218-516/342/304-28
Davidson 253Church Army1910-1911Davidson/218-516/253
Benson 99 f.156Letter from the CHURCH ARMY on the Rev. W.A. Parsons1891Benson/99/156
Runcie/MAIN/1987/19Patronage: Church Army 1986-1987Runcie/MAIN/1987/19
Runcie/MAIN/1981/177Patronage: Church Army1980-1981Runcie/MAIN/1981/177
FP Temple 31, ff. 192-204ST. MARYLEBONE, Middx.1893,1894FP/Temple/1-39/31/192-204
F. Temple 52, ff. 307-10CHURCH ARMY, Canterbury Diocesan Church Army Vans1902F.Temple/52/307-10
MS 1604 ff. 514-5CHURCH ARMY19th centuryMSS/1590-1679/1604/514-5
Tait 285 ff. 7-10Letters on the foundation of the CHURCH ARMY1882Tait/161-296/285/7-10
Davidson 133, ff.367-97 passimCHURCH ARMY - Probation work1907Davidson/27-217/133/367-97 passim
Coggan 65, ff.291-308Church Army16 Dec 1977-28 Nov 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/65/291-308
Ramsey 92, ff. 336-9CHURCH ARMY - correspondence and paper on evangelists preaching at Holy Communion; LAY READERS - correspondence on lay readers and evangelists preaching at Holy Communion1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/92/336-9
Coggan 78, ff.285-287Church Army10-17 Jul 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/78/285-287
Fisher 53, ff. 87-101CHURCH ARMY1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/53/87-101
W.Temple 12, ff. 9-31CHURCH ARMY26 Jan 1943-4 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/12/9-31
W.Temple 12, ff. 4-8CHURCH ARMY13-30 Apr 1943W.Temple/1-62/12/4-8
Ramsey 199, ff.293-300Church Army1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/199/293-300
Ramsey 222, ff.9-18Church Army 1971-1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/222/9-18
Runcie/MAIN/1982/176Patronage: Church Army 1981-1982Runcie/MAIN/1982/176
Lang 185, ff. 43-96Reorganisation of the CHURCH ARMY1940-1942Lang/1-186/185/43-96
Fisher 238, ff. 57-71 passim'The Nation-wide Call' organised by the CHURCH ARMY1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/238/57-71 passim
Fisher 120, f. 304Appointment of the archbishop of Canterbury's representative to the CHURCH ARMY1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/120/304
Ramsey 93, ff. 238-9, 243CHURCH ARMY1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/93/238-9, 243
Fisher 220, ff. 122-83CHURCH ARMY1954-1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/220/122-83
Benson 58 ff.369-73CHURCH ARMY1888Benson/58/369-73
Ramsey 155, ff.183, 197-200Correspondence and papers on the licensing of members of the CHURCH ARMY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/155/183, 197-200
Ramsey 157, ff.194-5CHURCH ARMY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/157/194-5
W.Temple 12, ff. 1-3CHURCH ARMYJan-Mar 1943W.Temple/1-62/12/1-3
Fisher 53, ff. 102-11CHURCH ARMY1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/53/102-11
Fisher 238, ff. 54-5Status of women officers of the CHURCH ARMY; MINISTRY OF WOMEN - position of lay women in the Church of England1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/238/54-5
Benson 83 ff.235-47BARRY (Douglas), Rector of Ightham, Kent.1890Benson/83/235-47
FP Temple 53, ff. 279-80,297-301CHURCH ARMY.FP/Temple/53/279-80, 297-301
Bell 348, ff. 40-4, 113-18, 239-48CHICHESTER CathedralBell/184-368/342-355/348/40-4, 113-18, 239-48
Runcie/PHOTO/62Church Army1981Runcie/PHOTO/62
Ellison O/1/1/31Church Army22 Nov 1972-16 Feb 1981Ellison/O/1/1/31
FP Temple 54, ff. 11-14, 21-2, 28-31, 60-1, 71-2, 86-7, 133-4, 185-6, 244-5, 264-7,272-5, 315,342-CHURCH ARMY.FP/Temple/54/11-14, 21-2, 28-31, 60-1, 71-2, 86-7, 133-4, 185-6, 244-5, 264-7, 272-5, 315,342-
Coggan 8, f.187-209Church Army Housing6 Mar-7 Nov 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/8/187-209
Coggan 50, ff.73-96Church Army16 Dec 1976-7 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/50/73-96
Carey/PHOTO/102Visit to Church Army HQ 19971997Carey/PHOTO/102
ACUPA/R/1/2/85Evidence from the Church Army 20 Aug 1984 ACUPA/R/1/2/85
Benson 106 ff.320-2Correspondence and papers, including a letter from the CHURCH ARMY, on proposed work in Tennyson Settlement, Cape Colony, SOUTH AFRICA1892Benson/106/320-2
BM 11/68-69Agenda18th June 1940BM/11/68-69
Runcie/MAIN/1983/80Church Army1983Runcie/MAIN/1983/80
FP Fisher 5Correspondence on War1939-1944FP/Fisher/5
CIO/PHO/NEG/354Church Army Headquarters: laying of foundation stone.7 Nov 1963CIO/5/NEG/354
BSR/IND/EXT/CAThe Church Army1986BSR/5/3/7/3
Runcie/MAIN/1986/13Patronage: Church Army1986Runcie/MAIN/1986/13
CIO/PHO/NEG/316aChurch Army: Girl Guides on a trekking camp1963CIO/5/NEG/316a
BMU/MISS/SEC/1Correspondenece re. Church Army Board1982-1986BMU/10/16/1/1
ACCM/CAND/EXT/2Correspondence with the Church Army1984-1988ACCM/2/1/14/2
ACCM/LM/EXT/CA/1Church Army1982ACCM/6/10/2
Runcie/MAIN/1985/252Patronage: Church Army 1985Runcie/MAIN/1985/252
ACUPA/R/2/1/15Church Organisations12 Jul 1983-30 Aug 1985ACUPA/R/2/1/15
ACCM/CTE/CAChurch Army1967-1975ACCM/2/13/6/8
ACCM/WP/EVAN/3Church Army publications and documents 1984ACCM/3/15/3
CIO/PHO/NEG/316bChurch Army: Girl Guides on a trekking camp1963CIO/5/NEG/316b
Ellison P/18/4Photographs1950-1955Ellison/P/18/4
Runcie/MAIN/1990/166Church Army1988-1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/166
CIO/PHO/NEG/313Church Army: Family Holidays1963CIO/5/NEG/313
Runcie/MAIN/1980/143Patronage: Chu-Cro1980Runcie/MAIN/1980/143
FP Creighton 3/163CHURCH ARMY, St. Marylebone, Middlesex, chaplaincy; ST. MARYLEBONE, Middlesex, St. Mary's Mission Chapel, formerly Brunswick Chapel, Upper Berkeley Street, Mayfair1900FP/Creighton/1-3/3/163
Benson 47 ff.209-320CHURCH ARMY - Correspondence on the appointment of lay readers1887-1888Benson/47/209-320
Fisher 330/204Church Army12 Apr 1950 Fisher/330/75-217/204
Coggan 29, ff.20-57Church Army7 Jul 1975-2 Dec 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/29/20-57
Ramsey 237, ff. 155-271Reunion: Methodists1971-1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/237/155-271
CIO/PHO/NEG/424Church Army: admission of evangelists by Archbishop of Canterbury1964CIO/5/NEG/424
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