Authorized Form of NameArchbishop of Canterbury
Corporate NameArchbishop of Canterbury
ParallelFormsOfNamePrimate of All England
ActivityThe archbishops of Canterbury possess diocesan, provincial and (in some periods) primatial jurisdiction
AdminStatusOn the Archbishops' household, see chapter in F R H du Boulay, 'The Lordship of Canterbury' (1966). On his officials, see Irene Churchill, 'Canterbury Administration' volume 2, including a list of officials.

The Archbishop's revenues passed in 1836 to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners (except for a fixed salary of £15,000 for the Archbishop). After 1862 (when an Act of 1860 came into force on the death of Archbishop Sumner) the Archbishops' estates, including Lambeth Palace, were maintained on his behalf by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners (succeeded in 1948 by the Church Commissioners).

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