Authorized Form of NameUniversity of Oxford; Christ Church
Corporate NameUniversity of Oxford
SubordinateChrist Church

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Bell 368, ff. 280-1LEMAN (Kathleen F.)1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/280-1
Bell 184, ff. 181-6, 193-4OXFORD, university of.1903-1904Bell/184-368/184/181-6, 193-4
Bell 187, ff. 1-6OXFORD, university of.[1914]Bell/184-368/187/1-6
Bell 342, ff. 50-118OXFORD, university of.1910-1914Bell/184-368/342-355/342/50-118
Bell 368, f. 291OLDHAM (James Basil), librarian of Shrewsbury School.1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/291
Bell 368, f. 279LAMB (Rev. Wilfrid Leslie Lamb)1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/279
Bell 185Correspondence of G.K.A. Bell mainly concerning Oxford1909-1914Bell/184-368/185
MS 1560 1-2vSummary of an appeal to the Visitor of Christ Church, Oxford, by [Thomas] Lamprey, removed by the Dean from his chaplaincy for marriage.1737MSS/1560/1-2v
MS 2166, ff.13v-14Christ Church, University of Oxfordc. 1870MSS/2166/13v-14
Bell 368, ff. 56-7CAROE (Sir Olaf Kirkpatrick)1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/56-7
Bell 246Oxford notebook: Includes notes on Bell's pupils1910-1914Bell/184-368/239-298/246
MS 1841 f. 78Request for leave of absence (veniam abeundi) at the end of term MSS/1838-1845/1841/70-92/78
Bell 185, ff. 1-6, 21, 26-7, 44, 54, 78, 122, 131-2, 142, 144-6Correspondence with Thomas Banks STRONG, bishop of Oxford.Bell/184-368/185/1-6, 21, 26-7, 44, 54, 78, 122, 131-2, 142, 144-6
Ramsey 232, ff.3-5McVeigh, Rev. P. M.1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/232/3-5
Bell 368, ff. 116-21MURRAY (John), principal of University College of the South West, Exeter.1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/116-21
Runcie/SPEECH/80CAMBAC17 Dec 1998Runcie/SPEECH/80
Bell 368, ff. 76-82GRAHAM (Sir Frederick Fergus), 5th bart1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/76-82
Bell 368, ff. 123-4OLDHAM (James Basil), librarian of Shrewsbury School1959Bell/184-368/367-368/368/123-4
MS 1638JENKINS PAPERS1932-[1957]MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1638
MS 2192HOWLEY PAPERS1805-1840MSS/2184-2213/2192
COMM V/4, p. 265Christ Church College Oxford.COMM/5/4/265
Bell 186Correspondence of G.K.A. Bell with and concerning undergraduates and friends at Oxford1911-1920Bell/184-368/186
Bell 240Prayers and intercessions1908-1914Bell/184-368/239-298/240
Runcie/MAIN/1980/5Archbishop's File I-O1979-1980Runcie/MAIN/1980/5
MS 1767 ff. 75-162Papers of Heneage Horsley (1776-1847), son of Bishop Horsley, Dean of Brechin. 1797-1847MSS/1767/75-162
MS 2184, f.201Letter from William Van Mildert, Regius Professor of Divinity at the Oxford, and (1826) Bishop of Durham, [to Howley], stating his inability to use his patronage for the appointment of a Student of Christ Church; thanks him for a charge, and mentions works by Revd. Thomas Hartwell Horne, biblical scholar, and John Milner 27 October 1818MSS/2184-2213/2184/201
MS 933Miscellaneous Papers1605-1714MSS/929-942/933
MS 4545, ff. 51-85Correspondence of Charles Thomas Longley whilst a tutor at Christ Church, Oxford. 1819-1828MSS/4545-4549/4545/51-85
COMM V/4, pp. 390, 415Christ Church College Oxford.COMM/5/4/390,415
COMM VIa/8 p.109Christ Church College Oxford.COMM/6A/8/109
Arches F 7 ff. 2-7HEADINGTON VICARAGE1526-1637Arches/F/7/2-7
Arches F 8 ff. 8,14-18,21OXFORD, BRASENOSE COLLEGE V MARTIN AND ATKINSON1545Arches/F/8/8,14-18,21
FP IXVOLUME IX: General Correspondence1703-1733FP/1-40/9
FP XXIIVOLUME XXII: Ordination Papers1749-1783FP/1-40/22
FP XXVIIIVOLUME XXVIII: Ordination Papers1755-1819FP/1-40/28
FP XXXIVOLUME XXXI: Ordination Papers1774-1819FP/1-40/31
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