Authorized Form of NameLewis; Richard (1821-1905); bishop of Llandaff
Epithetbishop of Llandaff
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LC 37 no. 69Photograph of LEWIS (Richard), bishop of Llandaff.1888LC/1888/37/69
LC 26 ff. 186-7Letter from LEWIS (Richard), bishop of Llandaff.1887LC/1888/26/186-7
MS 3437, no.44Lewis (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff.20th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3437/44
Davidson 19/69LEWIS (Richard), bishop of Llandaff.1883Davidson/1-26/19/69
F. Temple 20, ff. 297-8LEWIS (Richard) , Bishop of Llandaff1899F.Temple/20/297-8
Benson 39 ff.191-214 passimLEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1886Benson/39/191-214 passim
Benson 135 ff.366-9LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1895Benson/135/366-9
Benson 78 ff.376-7LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1889Benson/78/376-7
F. Temple 50, f. 129LEWIS (Richard) , Bishop of Llandaff1901F.Temple/50/129
F. Temple 48, f. 107LEWIS (Richard) , Bishop of Llandaff1901F.Temple/48/107
Benson 70 ff.72-101 passimLEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1889Benson/70/72-101 passim
Benson 60 ff.235-6LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1888Benson/60/235-6
F. Temple 22, ff. 269-70LEWIS (Richard) , Bishop of Llandaff1899F.Temple/22/269-70
Benson 37 ff.117-40LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1882, 1886Benson/37/117-40
Benson 122 ff.86, 92-3, 137-9LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1893Benson/122/86, 92-3, 137-9
Benson 150 ff.314, 324, 345LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1896Benson/150/314, 324, 345
MS 1727 f. 156Letter to Richard LEWIS; Bishop of Llandaff1884MSS/1727/105-184/156
Benson 67 ff.21-2LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1884Benson/67/21-2
Benson 170 ff.179-80LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1888Benson/170/179-80
Benson 134 ff.280-1, 284-6LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1895Benson/134/280-1, 284-6
Benson 121 ff.219, 346, 406LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1893Benson/121/219, 346, 406
Benson 78 ff.387-8LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1889Benson/78/387-8
Davidson 95, ff.354-6, 363, 442-3Death of LEWIS (Richard), bishop of Llandaff.1905Davidson/27-217/95/354-6, 363, 442-3
Benson 102 ff.67-9LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1890Benson/102/67-9
Benson 120 ff.100-6LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1893Benson/120/100-6
Benson 42 f.169LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1886Benson/42/169
MS 2158, f.35vPhotographs of Richard Lewis, Bishop of Llandaff19th-20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2158/35v
MS 5069/135Photograph of Richard Lewis, Bishop of LlandaffMSS/5069/135
Benson 2 ff.326-32LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1883Benson/2/326-32
MS 2028, p. 14Autographs of Richard Lewis, Bishop of Llandaff1883MSS/2028-2029/2028/14
MS 3439, no.71Lewis (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff.20th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3439/71
FP Temple 26, f. 149LEWIS (Richard), bishop of Llandaff1892FP/Temple/1-39/26/149
Benson 3 ff.112-21, 124LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1883Benson/3/112-21, 124
MS 5062 ff. 68r-69vPhotographs: LlandaffMSS/5062/68r-69v
F. Temple 36, ff. 218-26JONES (David Walter), Rector of St John the Evangelist w. st John the Baptist, Kilybebyll, Glams; LEWIS (Richard) , Bishop of Llandaff1898F.Temple/36/218-26
F. Temple 12, f. 404LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1896F.Temple/12/404
Benson 176Newspaper cuttings1882-1888Benson/176
Benson 51 ff.193-4LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff - Correspondence on the Church in Wales 1887Benson/51/193-4
Benson 58 ff.211-12GOSSE (Robert Wilkes), Rector of Bratton St. Maurice, Somt. - Papers on the refusal to institute to Goytre rectory, Mons.1888Benson/58/211-12
Benson 76 ff.255-66LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1889Benson/76/255-66
VB 1/17/142Lewis, Richard1852V/B/1/17/142-a3
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