Authorized Form of NameInskip; Sir; Thomas Walker Hobart (1876-1947); 1st Viscount Caldecote; Lord Chancellor
ForenamesThomas Walker Hobart
Title1st Viscount Caldecote
EpithetLord Chancellor
ActivityLord Chief Justice of England, 1940-1946
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LC 176 f. 82Letter from INSKIP (Sir Thomas Walker Hobart), 1st Viscount Caldecote.1939LC/1948/176/82
W.Temple 30, ff. 105-8Thomas Walker Hobart INSKIP, 1st Viscount Caldecote30 July, 3 Aug 1942W.Temple/1-62/30/105-8
MS 5149Letter from Sir Thomas Inskip to Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham7 Jan 1928MSS/5149/45
MS 2971 f. 152Palmer (Roundell Cecil), 3rd Earl of Selborne (1942)1923MSS/2965-3015/2971/152
W.Temple 49, ff. 324-89PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA26 May 1943-15 Mar 1944W.Temple/1-62/49/324-89
Bell 128Church and State Commission1931Bell/118-183/125-131/128
Bell 125Church and State Commission1930 - 1934Bell/118-183/125-131/125
Bell 130Church and State Commission1932 - 1933Bell/118-183/125-131/130
MS 5149Letter from Sir Thomas Inskip to Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham17 May 1927MSS/5149/17
MS 5149Draft letter from Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham to Sir Thomas Inskip[May 1927]MSS/5149/18
MS 5149Letter from Sir Thomas Inskip to Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham10 May 1928MSS/5149/59
MS 5149Memo from Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th Earl of Shaftesbury, Sir Thomas Inskip and Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham8 Jun 1928MSS/5149/62
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