Authorized Form of NameIngle; George Ernest (1895-1964); suffragan bishop of Willesden
ForenamesGeorge Ernest
Epithetsuffragan bishop of Willesden
Activitydeacon 1922; priest 1923; Principal Chaplain, Control Commission for Germany, and Dean of the British Zone of Germany, 1947-1949; Bishop of Fulham, 1949-1955; Bishop Suffragan of Willesden, 1956-1964
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LC 195 f. 61Letter to INGLE (George Ernest), suffragan bishop of Willesden.1958LC/1958/195/61
MS 3423, f.192Ingle (George Ernest), Suffragan Bishop of Willesden.MSS/3421-3427/3423/192
Ramsey 61, f. 144Letter from George Ernest INGLE, suffragan bishop of Willesden, on London airport1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/61/144
Fisher 57, ff. 134-46George Ernest INGLE, Suffragan Bishop of Fulham, and (1955) of Willesden1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/57/134-46
Fisher 126, ff. 75-80George Ernest INGLE, Suffragan Bishop of Fulham, and (1955) of Willesden1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/126/75-80
Bell 88Scandinavia1929 - 1958Bell/65-117/88
LC 197 f. 314Report by INGLE (George Ernest), suffragan bishop of Willesden (copy), on Anglican services in the Netherlands.1958LC/1958/197/314
Ellison P/20/6/5, ff. 4-10Formal Eventc. 1964Ellison/P/20/6/5/4-10
CFR AC 4/1Anglican Chaplaincies Abroad: general1951-1954CFR/1/5/4-1
CFR AC 5Anglican Chaplaincies Abroad: function in Europe1955-1958CFR/1/5/5
CFR CFC 41Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: General CorrespondenceJan 1948-Feb 1974CFR/3/3/2/41
Fisher 164, ff. 246-50George Ernest INGLE, Suffragan Bishop of Fulham, and (1955) of Willesden1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/164/246-50
CFR CFC 13/1Old Catholic Church: general: Interconsecrations and the Anglican Succession: Consecrations passing on the Old Catholic Succession (I-Z)1932-1960CFR/3/3/1/13-1
CFR LRC 101/2Netherlands: Contacts: Rev D H Van Daalen24 Feb 1952-14 Jul 1953CFR/4/3/18/101-2
CFR LRC 18/1Denmark: Contacts: Bishop Fuglsang-Damgaard18 Feb 1937-25 Nov 1960 CFR/4/3/6/18-1
CFR LRC 28/1Finland: Contacts: Archbishop Aleksi Lehtonen30 Dec 1944-11 Jun 1951CFR/4/3/8/28-1
CFR LRC 28/3Finland: Contacts: Archbishop Martti Simojoki 4 Sep 1951-20 Jun 1978CFR/4/3/8/28-3
CFR LRC 55/2Germany: Religious Affairs Branch of the British Army of the Rhine [BAOR] 1950CFR/4/3/10/55-2
CFR LRC 78/1Germany: Anglican visits: Archbishop Fisher24 Apr 1948-14 Jan 1949CFR/4/3/10/78-1
Ellison P/18/4Photographs1950-1955Ellison/P/18/4
CFR LRC 134/5Switzerland: Contacts: Communaute Evangelique de Grandchamp25 Apr 1946-19 Jan 1970CFR/4/3/26/134-5
CFR LRC 130/10Sweden: Contacts: Dr Helge Ljungberg - Bishop of Stockholm25 Aug 1954-27 Oct 1958CFR/4/3/25/130-10
EV 2/120Episcopi Vagantes: Charles Boltwood07/09/1951 - 21/08/1986EV/2/120
EV 2/254Episcopi Vagantes: Église Catholique de France06/01/1951 - 12/01/1955EV/2/254
MS 3424, ff.12-14Ingle (George Ernest), Suffragan Bishop of Willesden.MSS/3421-3427/3424/12-14
MS 3427, f.220Ingle (George Ernest), Suffragan Bishop of Willesden.MSS/3421-3427/3427/220
CFR CFC 14aOld Catholic register for interconsecration[1943]CFR/3/3/1/14a
EV 2/287Episcopi Vagantes: Gaston Ferrier1950 - 06/01/1951EV/2/287
Fisher 74, ff. 162-5George Ernest INGLE, Suffragan Bishop of Fulham, and (1955) of Willesden1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/74/162-5
Fisher 101, ff. 94-5Visits by British churchmen to the UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/101/94-5
Fisher 156, ff. 63-4George Ernest INGLE, Suffragan Bishop of Fulham, and (1955) of Willesden1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/156/63-4
CFR AC 36/4Lambeth Conference, 1958: preparations for1958CFR/1/5/36-4
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