Authorized Form of NameRidding; George (1828-1904); Head Master of Winchester and Bishop of Southwell
EpithetHead Master of Winchester and Bishop of Southwell
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LC 37 no. 132Photograph of RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1888LC/1888/37/132
LC 26 ff. 224-5Letter from RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1888LC/1888/26/224-5
LC 41 ff. 101-3RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1897LC/1897/41/101-3
MS 3437, no.65Ridding (George), Bishop of Southwell.19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3437/65
F. Temple 41, ff. 309-19RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1900F.Temple/41/309-19
F. Temple 16, ff. 391-2RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1898F.Temple/16/391-2
Benson 107 ff.161-2RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1892Benson/107/161-2
F. Temple 38, ff. 196-8RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1899F.Temple/38/196-8
F. Temple 14, ff. 123, 128-9RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1898F.Temple/14/123, 128-9
F. Temple 22, ff. 263-4RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1899F.Temple/22/263-4
F. Temple 56, ff. 227-8RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1902F.Temple/56/227-8
F. Temple 31, ff. 354-5RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1899F.Temple/31/354-5
F. Temple 7, ff. 108-9RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1897F.Temple/7/108-9
F. Temple 45, ff. 410-11RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1901F.Temple/45/410-11
Benson 27 ff.382-3RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1885Benson/27/382-3
Benson 153 ff.198-201, 217-18RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1892Benson/153/198-201, 217-18
Benson 150 ff.312, 345.RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1896Benson/150/312, 345.
Benson 59 ff.185-6RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1888Benson/59/185-6
Benson 142 ff.219-58 passimRIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1894Benson/142/219-58 passim
Benson 17 ff.105-9RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1884Benson/17/105-9
Benson 122 ff.106-7, 185RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1894Benson/122/106-7, 185
F. Temple 58, ff. 199, 223, 337-41RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1902F.Temple/58/199, 223, 337-41
Benson 51 ff.39-42, 51RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1887Benson/51/39-42, 51
F. Temple 2, ff. 71-2RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1897F.Temple/2/71-2
MS 2028, p. 115Autograph of George Ridding, Bishop of Southwell19th cent.MSS/2028-2029/2028/115
Benson 36 ff.25-6RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1886Benson/36/25-6
Benson 100 ff.356-7, 364-7RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1891Benson/100/356-7, 364-7
Davidson 135, ff.16-37Publication of the biography of RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1907-1908Davidson/27-217/135/16-37
Benson 41 ff.20-31, 172-7RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1886Benson/41/20-31, 172-7
Benson 129 f.87RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1894Benson/129/87
Benson 145 ff.169-70, 178-83RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1895-1896Benson/145/169-70, 178-83
Benson 62 ff.175-85RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1888Benson/62/175-85
FP Temple 14, ff. 59-60RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell1892FP/Temple/1-39/14/59-60
Benson 17 ff.125-6RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1884Benson/17/125-6
MS 2146, f.385Letter from George Ridding, Bishop of Southwell1884MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2146/385
MS 1879, f. 258Letter from RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell, to Roundell PalmerMSS/1861-1906/1879/258
FP Temple 55, ff. 267-8STRETTON-EN-LE-FIELD, Leics.1885FP/Temple/55/267-8
Benson 87 ff.429-30RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1890Benson/87/429-30
LC 140 no. 58George Ridding, Bishop of Southwell, A Litany of Remembrance compiled for retreats and quiet days for the clergy.1916LC/1920/140/58
MS 1812 ff. 131-174Correspondence of George Ridding, Bishop of Southwell, about the work of the Association for the Furtherance of Christianity in Egypt.1898-1899MSS/1812/131-174
LC 40 ff. 160-1, 166, 284-5RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1897LC/1897/40/160-1, 166, 284-5
LC 42 ff. 5, 66-9, 239RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1897LC/1897/42/5, 66-9, 239
LC 43 ff. 6-10, 123, 176RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1897LC/1897/43/6-10, 123, 176
MS 3010 f. 13Ridding (George), Bishop of Southwell1900MSS/2965-3015/3010/13
MS 3440, no.61Ridding (George), Bishop of Southwell.19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3440/61
F. Temple 57, ff. 168-9RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell1902F.Temple/57/168-9
Davidson 108, ff.411-12RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1905Davidson/27-217/108/411-12
MS 1869, f. 29Letter from RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell, to Roundell PalmerMSS/1861-1906/1861-1871/1869/29
MS 1868, f. 255Letter from RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell, to Roundell PalmerMSS/1861-1906/1861-1871/1868/255
MS 2499 f. 129Ridding (George), Bishop of Southwell1891MSS/2452-2502/2499/74-141/129
MU/EDUC/7/9'A Litany of Remembrance'1970MU/1/EDUC/7/9
Benson 167 ff.255-6, 267-8RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1894Benson/167/255-6, 267-8
Benson 152 ff.407-11RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1890Benson/152/407-11
Davidson 98, ff.48-55, 59-60, 74RIDDING (George), bishop of Southwell.1904Davidson/27-217/98/48-55, 59-60, 74
MS 4514 ff. 162-163Letter from G. [George] Ridding to Frederick Temple 12 Oct [1869]MSS/4514-4534/4514/138-241/162-163
MS 1868, f. 253Letter from GLADSTONE (William Ewart), statesman, to RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell (copy)1884MSS/1861-1906/1861-1871/1868/253
Benson 176Newspaper cuttings1882-1888Benson/176
Benson 70 ff.108, 315-50RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1889Benson/70/108, 315-50
Benson 76 ff.255-66LEWIS (Richard), Bishop of Llandaff1889Benson/76/255-66
Benson 77 ff.191-2RIDDING (George), Bishop of Southwell.1889Benson/77/191-2
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