Authorized Form of NamePercival; John (1834-1918); Headmaster of Rugby; Bishop of Hereford
EpithetHeadmaster of Rugby; Bishop of Hereford
ActivityPresident of Trinity College, Oxford; Bishop of Hereford (1895-1918)

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LC 41 ff. 206-7PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/41/206-7
LC 104 no. 96Photograph of PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1908LC/1908/104/96
LC 46 ff. 137-8Letter from PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/46/137-8
LC 66 ff. 4-10PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1908LC/1908/66/4-10
LC 38 ff. 376-81PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/38/376-81
F. Temple 54, ff. 85-6PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1901F.Temple/54/85-6
F. Temple 50, ff. 22-3PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1901F.Temple/50/22-3
F. Temple 46, ff. 346-7PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1901F.Temple/46/346-7
F. Temple 57, ff. 196-7PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1901F.Temple/57/196-7
F. Temple 29, ff. 7-9PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1899F.Temple/29/7-9
LC 39 ff. 149-60PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/39/149-60
F. Temple 49, ff. 10-11PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1901F.Temple/49/10-11
F. Temple 51, f. 378PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1900F.Temple/51/378
F. Temple 26, ff. 176-8PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1899F.Temple/26/176-8
Benson 136 ff.316-17 passimLetter on the consecration sermon of PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford1895Benson/136/316-17 passim
Benson 140 f.378PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford1895Benson/140/378
Benson 150 ff.314, 329, 345PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford1896Benson/150/314, 329, 345
MS 2330, f.151Letter from John Percival, Bishop of Hereford1896MSS/2327-2340/2330/145-161v/151
LCC 4 ff. 238-9Letter from PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1915LC/LCC/4/238-9
MS 2345 f. 24Percival (John), Bishop of Hereford1903MSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2345/24
Benson 147 ff.203-4, 207-8PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford1895Benson/147/203-4, 207-8
F. Temple 31, ff. 172-94KENNAWAY (Sir John Henry), 3rd Baronet; PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1899F.Temple/31/172-94
MS 4517 ff. 223-224Letter from J. Percival [Headmaster of Rugby] to Frederick Temple re William Temple10 Jun 1894MSS/4514-4534/4517/223-224
LC 40 ff. 238-44, 154-6, 249PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/40/238-44, 154-6, 249
MS 3440, no.41Percival (John), Bishop of Hereford.19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3440/41
F. Temple 48, f. 151PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford.1901F.Temple/48/151
Davidson 233, ff.103-66PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford - Dispute with the bishop of Zanzibar1915Davidson/218-516/233/103-66
F. Temple 26, f. 31ROBERTSON (J.E.), ? father of the Rev. Donald Elphinston Robertson.1899F.Temple/26/31
Tait 98 ff. 147-8PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford (1895)1878Tait/76-104/98/147-8
Davidson 523, ff.3-4PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1878Davidson/517-523/523/3-4
W.Temple 46, ff. 19-23William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury9 Nov 1916-10 Mar 1917W.Temple/1-62/46/19-23
MS 2158, ff.14, 18v, 28vPhotographs of John Percival, Bishop of Hereford19th-20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2158/14, 18v, 28v
MS 5062 ff. 105r-109vPhotographs: WorcesterMSS/5062/105r-109v
MS 1812 ff. 122-130Letters from Prime Ministers offering episcopal appointments:1867-1896MSS/1812/122-130
MS 5062 ff. 55r-58vPhotographs: HerefordMSS/5062/55r-58v
LC 42 ff. 12, 42, 99-100, 111-18 passim, 122PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/42/12, 42, 99-100, 111-18 passim, 122
LC 43 ff. 10-13, 24-6, 81, 129, 161-2, 181-3PERCIVAL (John), bishop of Hereford.1897LC/1897/43/10-13, 24-6, 81, 129, 161-2, 181-3
F. Temple 45, ff. 392-3PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford - Letter from on St. Alban's, Fulham, Middx. on a grant from Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the conduct of services1901F.Temple/45/392-3
MS 3219 (ff. 57-83)Letters from Archbishop Frederick Temple1857-1900MSS/3219/57-83
RCED/5Episcopal Correspondence1904-1905RCED/5
MS 1772PHOTOGRAPHS of Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England. c. 1905MSS/1772
FP Temple 43, ff. 83-4PERCIVAL (John) president of Trinity College, Oxford, and (1895) bishop of Hereford.1886FP/Temple/43/83-4
Benson 173 ff.108-16, 137-8, 166, 206, 283PERCIVAL (John), Bishop of Hereford1895Benson/173/108-16, 137-8, 166, 206, 283
F. Temple 46, ff. 360-3SOUTHWARK, Surrey, Diocese of, 1905 - Letters and papers on the proposals for a diocese, and the Bishopric of Southwark Bill 1901F.Temple/46/360-3
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