Authorized Form of NameDoane; William Croswell (1832-1913); Bishop of Albany
ForenamesWilliam Croswell
EpithetBishop of Albany

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LC 46 ff. 8-12, 230-1Correspondence with DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/46/8-12, 230-1
LC 18 f. 259DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1888LC/1888/18/259
LC 104 no. 18Photograph of DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/104/18
LC 70 ff. 80, 179-80DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/70/80, 179-80
LC 67 ff. 41-5, 245DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/67/41-5, 245
Tait 287 ff. 362-8DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany1882Tait/161-296/287/362-8
LC 37 no. 6Photograph of DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1888LC/1888/37/6
F. Temple 32, ff. 47-51DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.1899F.Temple/32/47-51
F. Temple 46, f. 383DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.1901F.Temple/46/383
LC 38 ff. 50-3, 243, 324-33DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/38/50-3, 243, 324-33
LC 28 ff. 270-82Account of the Conference by William Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany, in an address to his diocese of Albany (printed).December 1888LC/1888/28/270-82
LC 40 ff. 79-81, 166-7, 275-8DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/40/79-81, 166-7, 275-8
LC 43 ff. 49-55, 127, 175-6DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/43/49-55, 127, 175-6
LC 65 ff. 98-103, 141-5, 181DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/65/98-103, 141-5, 181
Tait 278 ff. 289-290DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany1880Tait/161-296/278/289-290
F. Temple 60, ff. 101-15, 134-6DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.F.Temple/60/101-15, 134-6
LC 25 ff. 187-8Letter from William Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany, accepting the invitation and suggesting the discussion of unity, the Nicene Creed, relations with the Free Churches, the oversight of Anglican chaplaincies in Europe, the jurisdiction of English and American missionary bishops and Holy Communion services.8 December 1886LC/1888/25/187-8
Benson 79 ff.265Letter from DOANE (William Croswell) , Bishop of Albany, on the Rev. J.F.B. Baker1889Benson/79/265
Davidson 123, ff.169-74DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1907Davidson/27-217/123/169-74
LC 9 ff. 123-5DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1878LC/1878/9/123-5
F. Temple 38, ff. 365-3, 400-1DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.1900F.Temple/38/365-3, 400-1
LC 7 ff. 86-7DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1878LC/1878/7/86-7
MS 1480 ff. 50-62William Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany, (ff. 50-62). 1878-1881 MSS/1472-1482/1480/50-62
LC 8 ff. 120, 245-8, 250DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1878LC/1878/8/120, 245-8, 250
LC 27 ff. 143-4Correspondence with DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1888LC/1888/27/143-4
LC 17 ff. 224-30DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1888LC/1888/17/224-30
LC 66 f. 235DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/66/235
LC 58 ff. 5-6DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany and WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.30 June 1897LC/1897/58/5-6
LC 74 ff. 185-6, 235-6, 348-9Correspondence with DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.LC/1908/74/185-6, 235-6, 348-9
F. Temple 2, ff. 245-50UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Protestant Episcopal Church in.1897F.Temple/2/245-50
LC 42 ff. 111, 114, 119, 147-87 passim, 244-5, 249-50DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/42/111, 114, 119, 147-87 passim, 244-5, 249-50
LC 11 ff. 126-9Letter from William Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany, approving a conference on certain conditions and expecting the discussion of the Eastern and the Old Catholic Churches, the Nicene Creed, missionary jurisdictions and the growth of autonomous Churches. 11 May 1876LC/1878/11/126-9
F. Temple 18, ff. 201-5, 210, 216-18, 221-2; 60,DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.1898F.Temple/18/201-5, 210, 216-18, 221-2; 60,
LC 75 ff. 249-51, 255Correspondence with DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany, concerning the attitude of the American Bishops to the Lambeth Conference and to the Central Consultative Body.October 1908 - April 1911LC/1908/75/249-51, 255
LC 68 ff. 233, 335-9DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/68/233, 335-9
LC 12 ff. 228-31Correspondence with DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1878LC/1878/12/228-31
LC 47 ff. 167-8, 216-19, 236-7Correspondence with DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/47/167-8, 216-19, 236-7
LC 69 ff. 8-10DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1908LC/1908/69/8-10
LC 39 ff. 244-7DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/39/244-7
F. Temple 7, ff. 484, 496-8, 523-8DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.1897-1898F.Temple/7/484, 496-8, 523-8
LC 41 ff. 21-2, 146-8, 154, 159-61DOANE (William Croswell), bishop of Albany.1897LC/1897/41/21-2, 146-8, 154, 159-61
LC 45 ff. 18-19Letter from William Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany, accepting the invitation and suggesting the discussion of religious communities. 22 September 1895 LC/1897/45/18-19
Tait 251 ff. 195-196DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany1879Tait/161-296/251/195-196
F. Temple 48, ff. 100-4DOANE (William Croswell), Bishop of Albany, U.S.A.1901F.Temple/48/100-4
Benson 15 ff.74-6Letter from DOANE (William Croswell) , Bishop of Albany, on a plague in Lambeth Palace Chapel1879Benson/15/74-6
Benson 111 ff.250-6DOANE (William Croswell) , Bishop of Albany1892Benson/111/250-6
SSJE/6/1/2/8/10Letter from Fr. Benson to Fr. Page2 Sep 1892SSJE/6/1/2/8/10
Benson 20 ff.16-17, 31-5Letters from DOANE (William Croswell) , Bishop of Albany on the centenary of Bishop S. Seabury1884Benson/20/16-17, 31-5
Benson 64 ff.237-50VIVISECTION: correspondence and papers on a complaint by anti-vivisectionists against DOANE (William Croswell) , Bishop of Albany1888Benson/64/237-50
Benson 117 ff.89-92BIBLE - Correspondence on proposed marginal readings in the Authorised Version 1893Benson/117/89-92
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