Authorized Form of NameDarbyshire; John Russell (1880-1948); Archbishop of Cape Town
ForenamesJohn Russell
EpithetArchbishop of Cape Town
ActivityArchbishop of Cape Town, 1938-1948
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LCC 6 f. 133Correspondence with DARBYSHIRE (John Russell), archbishop of Cape Town.LC/LCC/6/133
Lang 158, ff. 48-70 passimJohn Russell DARBYSHIRE, Archbishop of Cape Town1938Lang/1-186/158/48-70 passim
LCC 5 ff. 379, 381-2Correspondence with DARBYSHIRE (John Russell), archbishop of Cape Town.LC/LCC/5/379, 381-2
W.Temple 12, ff. 238-313CHURCH ASSEMBLY17 Mar 1942-23 Nov 1944W.Temple/1-62/12/238-313
LC 178 ff. 20, 36Correspondence with DARBYSHIRE (John Russell), archbishop of Cape Town.LC/1948/178/20, 36
MS 3123, ff.52-60Darbyshire (John Russell), Archbishop of Capetown.1943-1947MSS/3121-3128/3123/52-60
W.Temple 32, ff. 131-43LAMBETH PALACE20 Sep 1941-9 Dec 1943W.Temple/1-62/32/131-43
CFR OC 31/2Anglican Relations General: Economic IntercommunionJune 1947-July 1967CFR/5/3/3/31-2
CFR OC 32/2Anglican Relations General: Economy And Relations With Anglican Communities, Africa 8 April 1937-27 August 1949CFR/5/3/3/32-2
CFR OC 266/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbian Orthodox Church In Exile: Great Britain 1945-1946CFR/5/3/28/266-1
W.Temple 29SOUTH INDIA1 Nov 1943-13 June 1944W.Temple/1-62/29
W.Temple 41, ff. 170-411SOUTH AFRICA10 Dec 1933-20 Oct 1944W.Temple/1-62/41/170-411
EV 2/1/2Episcopi Vagantes: African Orthodox Church24/07/1929 - 23/12/1946EV/2/1-2
SSJE/11/1/3/2St. Cuthbert's Mission - 1930s-1940s1930s-1960sSSJE/11/1/3/2
W.Temple 28SOUTH INDIA6 Jan 1942-30 Oct 1943W.Temple/1-62/28
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