Authorized Form of NameCarpenter-Garnier; Mark Rodolph (1881-1969); bishop of Colombo
ForenamesMark Rodolph
Epithetbishop of Colombo
ActivityCurate of St Thomas, Portman Square, 1905–1908; All Saints’, Margaret Street, 1908–1920; temp. Chaplain to the Forces, 1918–1919; Librarian of Pusey House, Oxford, 1921–1924; Bishop of Colombo, 1924–1938; Principal of St Boniface Missionary College, Warminster, 1938–1942; Canon of Salisbury, 1938–1944; Chaplain of the Diocesan Training College, 1942–1944

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MS 4702/16Mark Rudolph Carpenter-Garnier, Bishop of ColomboMSS/4700-4702/4702/16
LC 170 no. 216Photograph of CARPENTER-GARNIER (Mark Rodolph), bishop of Colombo.1930LC/1930/170/216
MS 3424, f.193Carpenter-Garnier (Mark Rodolph), Bishop of Colombo (Ceylon).1946MSS/3421-3427/3424/193
MS 2638 f. 332Carpenter-Garnier (Mark Rodolph), Bishop of Colombo, and Hall (George Noel Lankester), Bishop of Chota Nagpur1938MSS/2615-2650/2638/287-380/329-38/332
CFR AC 1A/1Anglicanism: "Bulletin Anglican" editorial correspondence A-I1954-1960CFR/1/5/1A-1
MS 4985-5027Mark Carpenter-Garnier (1881-1969), Bishop of Colombo 1905-1966MSS/4985-5027
LC 146 ff. 54-8CARPENTER-GARNIER (Mark Rodolph), bishop of Colombo.1930LC/1930/146/54-8
LC 149 ff. 130-2CARPENTER-GARNIER (Mark Rodolph), bishop of Colombo..1930LC/1930/149/130-2
LC 147 ff. 220-1CARPENTER-GARNIER (Mark Rodolph), bishop of Colombo.1930LC/1930/147/220-1
Lang 124, ff. 363-73 Mark Rudolph CARPENTER-GARNIER, Bishop of Colombo - resignation as bishop; City of OXFORD - appointment of the principal of Pusey House1934Lang/1-186/124/363-73
Lang 159, ff. 1-17Mark Rudolph CARPENTER-GARNIER, Bishop of Colombo1938Lang/1-186/159/1-17
W.Temple 11, ff. 186-9CHISWICK, Middlesex31 Dec 1943-7 Jan 1944W.Temple/1-62/11/186-9
MS 2791 ff. 17-18Carpenter-Garnier (Mark Rodolph), Bishop of Colombo1930MSS/2791/17-18
MS 2977 f. 217Carpenter-Garnier (Mark Rodolph), Bishop of Colombo, and Hall (George Noel Lankester), Bishop of Chota Nagpur1938MSS/2965-3015/2975-2977/2977/217
SSF/4/2/1Carbon copy of transcript of meeting held in Pusey House, Oxford, on the need to create a group of Franciscan friars23 Feb 1924SSF/4/2/1
Lang 161, ff. 310-11Mark Rudolph CARPENTER-GARNIER, Bishop of Colombo - resignation as bishop; appointment of the Bishop of COLOMBO; Charles John Godfrey SAUNDERS, Bishop of Lucknow - resignation as bishop 1938Lang/1-186/161/310-11
LCC 2 ff. 181-7CARPENTER-GARNIER (Mark Rodolph), bishop of Colombo, and HALL (George Noel Lankester), bishop of Chota Nagpur.1938LC/LCC/2/181-7
LCC 5 ff. 260-7Church of India, Burma, and Ceylon. Address of the episcopal synod to the Central Consultative Committee on reunion.1938LC/LCC/5/260-7
MU/OS/5/22/19General file for the Diocese of Colombo1932-1969MU/1/OS/5/22/19
MS 4803Correspondence of Michael Bruce and various correspondents (1943 - August 1947)1943-August 1947MSS/4803-4806/4803
MS 2977 f. 146Carpenter-Garnier (Mark Rodolph), Bishop of Colombo1932MSS/2965-3015/2975-2977/2977/146
MS 2977 ff. 154-8Protest at church union in South India[1932]MSS/2965-3015/2975-2977/2977/154-8
MS 2980 f. 471r-vLetter from Henry Leighton Goudge, Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford, and other Oxford theologians to Mark Rodolph Carpenter-Garnier, Bishop of Colombo, on communion from ministers not episcopally ordained1932 MSS/2965-3015/2980/471r-v
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