Authorized Form of NameBloomer; Thomas (1894-1984); bishop of Carlisle
Epithetbishop of Carlisle
SourceWho was Who

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LC 190 no. 22Photograph of BLOOMER (Thomas), bishop of Carlisle.1948LC/1948/190/22
LC 193 ff. 325-6, 451-2, 455-6, 515, 687-8, 798BLOOMER (Thomas), bishop of Carlisle.1958LC/1958/193/325-6, 451-2, 455-6, 515, 687-8, 798
Fisher 329, f. 124Bloomer, Thomas, Bishop of CarlisleFisher/329/82-144/124
Ramsey 58, ff. 34-5Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/58/34-5
Ramsey 9, ff. 187, 189Letters to Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle, on the Licensing Bill (copy) 1961Ramsey/4-287/1961/9/187, 189
Ramsey 18, ff. 319, 321Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/18/319, 321
Ramsey 62, ff. 303-4Letter from Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle, on Christian morality1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/62/303-4
MS 4915/30Sydney Cyril Bulley, Bishop of Carlisle and Thomas Bloomer, Bishop of Carlisle MSS/4914-4920/4915/30
LC 178 f. 147Letter from BLOOMER (Thomas), bishop of Carlisle.1948LC/1948/178/147
LC 192 ff. 253-6BLOOMER (Thomas), bishop of Carlisle.1958LC/1958/192/253-6
MS 3446, ff.47, 137Bloomer (Thomas), Bishop of Carlisle.1962MSS/3444-3458/3446/47, 137
LC 172 ff. 361-2, 376-7BLOOMER (Thomas), bishop of Carlisle.1948LC/1948/172/361-2, 376-7
MS 3438, no.29Bloomer (Thomas), Bishop of Carlisle.20th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3438/29
Ramsey 106, f. 302Letter from Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle, on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Rome1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/106/302
Ramsey 57, ff. 189-91Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/57/189-91
Ramsey 286, ff.37-67Care of the Elderly1961Ramsey/4-287/MISC-286/37-67
MS 4931Scrapbook1963-1968MSS/4929-4935/4931
CFR CFR 19/1General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite1954-1970CFR/1/3/19-1
Fisher 13, ff. 38-107 passimBLOOMER (Thomas), Bishop of Carlisle1946Fisher/1-271/11-22/13/38-107 passim
CIO/PHO/NEG/113Bishop of Carlisle: Portrait1962CIO/5/NEG/113
W.Temple 44, ff. 152-264TASMANIA28 Apr 1943-29 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/44/152-264
Ramsey 42, ff. 357-60MARRIAGE - Correspondence and papers on the re-marriage of divorcees 1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/42/357-60
Ramsey 93, ff. 1-2Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle - Letters on his resignation1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/93/1-2
Ramsey 64, ff. 275-6Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/64/275-6
Ramsey 23, f. 306Letter to Thomas BLOOMER, bishop of Carlisle, on the Liturgical Commission; William Derrick Lindsay GREER, bishop of Manchester - correspondence and papers on liturgical revision; Arthur Stretton REEVE, bishop of Lichfield - correspondence and papers on liturgical reform1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/23/306
Ramsey 203, ff.141-229House of Lords1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/203/141-229
Ramsey 339/45/1Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: Birmingham-Coventry1964-1969Ramsey/339/45-1
LC 191/1-3Photographs1948LC/1948/191/1-3
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