Authorized Form of NameAnson; Adelbert John Robert (1840-1909); bishop of Qu'Appelle
ForenamesAdelbert John Robert
Epithetbishop of Qu'Appelle

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LC 104 no. 34Photograph of Anson (Adelbert John Robert), bishop of Qu' Appelle1908LC/1908/104/34
LC 46 ff. 73-4, 78-9Correspondence with the Hon. Adelbert John Robert Anson, formerly Bishop of Qu'Appelle, on the admission of retired bishops to the Conference.January-March 1897LC/1897/46/73-4, 78-9
Benson 18 ff.188Letter from ANSON (Adelbert John Robert), Bishop of Qu'Appelle on the diocese of Qu'Appelle1883Benson/18/188
LC 25 ff, 105-10Anson (Adelbert John Robert), bishop of Qu'Appelle.6 October 1886, 11 February 1887LC/1888/25/105-10
Benson 9 ff.9-48ANSON (Adelbert John Robert), Bishop of Qu'Appelle .1883Benson/9/9-48
Benson 124 ff.184-8, 205-6ANSON (Adelbert John Robert), Bishop of Qu'Appelle - Correspondence on his recommendation as bishop of British Columbia.1892Benson/124/184-8, 205-6
MS 5069/94Photograph of Adelbert John Robert Anson, Bishop of Qu'Appelle, Canada and Master of St John's Hospital, LichfieldMSS/5069/94
Davidson 152, ff.138-43ANSON (Adelbert John Robert), bishop of Qu'Appelle1909Davidson/27-217/152/138-43
MS 2159, ff.1-2Photographs of Adelbert John Robert Anson, Bishop of Qu' Appelle (1884)19th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2159/1-2
Benson 176Newspaper cuttings1882-1888Benson/176
Benson 105 ff.151-3ANSON (Adelbert John Robert), Bishop of Qu'Appelle .1892Benson/105/151-3
Benson 113 ff.251-86ANSON (Adelbert John Robert), Bishop of Qu'Appelle.1892Benson/113/251-86
Benson 131 ff.392-404SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS.1894Benson/131/392-404
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