Authorized Form of NameAnglican and Eastern Churches Association; 1914-
Corporate NameAnglican and Eastern Churches Association
OtherFormsOfNameAnglican and Eastern Association; AECA; A.E.C.A.
RelationshipsFormed 1914 from the amalgamation of the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Union, and the Eastern Church Association.
SourceLambeth Palace Library printed books catalogue

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Fisher 165, ff. 29-33Arrangements for the annual service of the ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/165/29-33
Douglas 9, ff. 1-247fANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION. 1916-1953Douglas/9/1-164/1-247f
MS 2634 f. 137Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1929MSS/2615-2650/2634/137
Douglas 9, ff. 165-83Papers concerning the Irish branch of the ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION, including a paper on Anglican and Orthodox relations for the Anglican-Orthodox Conference at Dublin1947Douglas/9/165-83
Carey/EOC/1991/1General: Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1990-1991Carey/EOC/1991/1
Douglas 60, f. 1ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION. 1923Douglas/60/1-15/1
MS 2636 ff. 197-198vAnglican and Eastern Churches Association1938MSS/2615-2650/2636/153-296/197-198v
Douglas 9Papers of J.A. Douglas concerning the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association and Church Unity Octave1916-1953Douglas/9
Douglas 82, ff. 101-3ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION, Irish Branch. 1946Douglas/82/101-3
Douglas 49, ff. 1-4PAPAKONSTANTINOU, Rev. Theophylaktos, of Athens. [1912] Douglas/49/1-195/1-4
Douglas 9, ff. 134-44FRENCH, Rev. Reginald Michael, general secretary of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1943Douglas/9/1-164/134-44
Davidson 190, ff.22-33Formation of ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION1914Davidson/27-217/190/22-33
Douglas 40, ff. 46-53ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION. 1925Douglas/40/33-53/46-53
Runcie/MAIN/1981/168Patronage: Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1981Runcie/MAIN/1981/168
Runcie/MAIN/1981/52Constantinople lecture1981Runcie/MAIN/1981/52
LC 134 ff. 158-62Memorial from the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association welcoming closer relations with the Eastern Orthodox Church (copy).July 1920LC/1920/134/158-62
CFR OC PHOTO GEN 3 Photographs20 June 1964CFR/5/4/GEN/3
Coggan 4, ff.211-214Anglican and Eastern Churches Association18-25 Feb 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/4/211-214
LC 152 ff. 323-9Papers from the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association, on relations with the Eastern Orthodox Church.1930LC/1930/152/323-9
MS 3905Correspondence and papers of Henry Julian White as a member of the Committee of the Anglican and Eastern Association, some undated1916-1924MSS/3901-3912/3905
MS 4294 ff. 68-87I.R. Young, 'Memorandum prepared on the request of … the Anglican and Eastern Association … 1943 … concerning the proposed scheme of church union in South India'1944MSS/4284-4296/4294/68-87
Douglas 33, ff. 14-6, 23-7, 66-70, 93-6ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION. 1922-1927Douglas/33/1-184/14-6, 23-7, 66-70, 93-6
Douglas 31, ff. 239-40BOROUGH, Roland Frederick, Chaplain of the Crimean Memorial Church, Constantinople. Douglas/31/45-351/239-40
Douglas 30, f. 209Correspondence between Randall Thomas DAVIDSON, Archbishop of Canterbury and MELETIOS METAXAKIS, Oecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, N. POLITIS, Greek Prime Minister, 1920sDouglas/30/181-364/209
Bell 79Yugoslavia1942 - 1956Bell/65-117/79
W.Temple 1, ff. 266-91ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION23 Nov 1943-9 May 1944W.Temple/1-62/1/266-91
Douglas 1, ff. 420-1DOUGLAS, John Albert, Hon. Canon of Southwark (1924 ); Rector of St. Michael Paternoster Royal and honorary general secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations (1933) 1920Douglas/1/102-483/420-1
MS 2637 ff. 137-231Miscellaneous papers concerning Faith and Order.1939-1947MSS/2615-2650/2637/137-231
Lang 175, ff. 32-58ANGLICAN AND EASTERN CHURCHES ASSOCIATION - criticism of Stephen Graham's Newsletter [News Letter] published by the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association; persecution of the Churches in GERMANY1940Lang/1-186/175/32-58
MS 4840-4856Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Association Slides relating to Russia and Russian Orthodoxyc. 1910MSS/4840-4856
Runcie/EOC/1988/32Russia: visits from1987-1988Runcie/EOC/1988/32
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