Authorized Form of NameCrayford, Kent; ancient parish
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionCrayford, Kent
AdminStatusPeculiar jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury

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F. Temple 33, ff. 183-5CRAYFORD, Kent, St. Paulinus - Letters on the curacy1900F.Temple/33/183-5
VG 3/10a, ff.201-2CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1898V/G/3/10/a/201-2
Tait 248 f. 398CRAYFORD, Kent1879Tait/161-296/248/398
MS 1115/5CRAYFORD, Kent1717MSS/1115/5
VG 3/4a, ff.429-32CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1872V/G/3/4/a/429-32
VG 3/5a, ff.301-6CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1876V/G/3/5/a/301-6
VH 55/2a, ff.65-7CRAYFORD, Kent1807V/H/55/2/a/65-7
Tait 161 ff. 107-29CRAYFORD, Kent1869Tait/161-296/161/107-29
VG 3/3a, ff.189-90CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1864V/G/3/3/a/189-90
VG 3/6a, ff.291-2CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1880V/G/3/6/a/291-2
VH 55/1, pp.41-8CRAYFORD, Kent1788V/H/55/1/41-8
MS 1134A/5, ff.76-80CRAYFORD, Kent; 1758MSS/1134A/5-6/5/76-80
Benson 15 ff.174-5, 183-6PRAYERS for the dead1884Benson/15/174-5, 183-6
VG 3/7a, ff.233-4CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1885V/G/3/7/a/233-4
VG 3/8a, ff.236-7CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1889V/G/3/8/a/236-7
VG 3/9a, ff.223-4CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1893V/G/3/9/a/223-4
VG 3/11a, ff.197-8CRAYFORD, Kent; SLADE GREEN, Kent, St Augustine1902V/G/3/11/a/197-8
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
F. Temple 11, ff. 30-67 passimBELVEDERE, Kent, All Saints, w. St. Augustine; CRAYFORD, Kent, St. Paulinus; ERITH, Kent, Christ Church; ERITH, Kent, St. John the Baptist - Letters on and report of the commission of enquiry into the parishes1898F.Temple/11/30-67 passim
VHPeculiar JurisdictionV/H
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