Authorized Form of NameHorsley; Samuel (1733-1806); Bishop of St Asaph; mathematician
EpithetBishop of St Asaph; mathematician
SourceNational Register of Archives; Oxford DNB

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MS 2810PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810
MS 2811PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2811
MS 2802PALMER PAPERS1815MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2802
MS 2813PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2813
MS 1767 f. 34Letters to Bishop Horsleyn.d.MSS/1767/34
MS 2028, p. 76Letter from Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's, and (1802) St. Asaph, to ---1799MSS/2028-2029/2028/76a
MS 2028, p. 88Engraving of Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. Asaph, 18131806, 1813MSS/2028-2029/2028/88a
MS 2810, pp. 241-251Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. AsaphMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/241-251
MS 2810, pp. 189-238Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. Asaph26 February 1801 MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/189-238
MS 1890, ff. 95-8vCorrespondence between HORSLEY (George), son of the Rev. J. Horsley, and HORSLEY (Samuel), Bishop of St. Asaph (1802) (copy)1769-1770MSS/1861-1906/1890/95-8v
MS 2810, pp. 279-291Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. Asaphc. 1810MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/279-291
MS 2812PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2812
MS 2803PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2803
MS 2810, pp. 93-108Letter from Horsley to the Revd. --- Wrighte, concerning the latter's remarks on Genesis 3-5 31 December 1789MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/93-108
MS 2806PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2806
MS 2805PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2805
MS 2807PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2807
MS 2810 ff. 1-16Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. AsaphMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/1-90/1-16
MS 2810 ff. 19-90Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. AsaphMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/1-90/19-90
MS 2808PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2808
MS 2028, p. 103Letter from Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's, and (1802) St. Asaph, to ---, concerning his patronage as Dean of Westminster 23 September 1793MSS/2028-2029/2028/103
F I/T f 29HORSLEY Samuel29 Nov 1793F/1/20T/29-a
F II/134/60Horsley (Samuel)F/2/134/60
MS 2804PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2804
F I/V f 17vHORSLEY Samuel22 Jul 1802F/1/22V/17v-a
VB 1/12/88Horsley, Samuel (Ch. Ch. Oxf.)1788V/B/1/12/88-a4
MS 2810, pp. 169-184Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. Asaph1801MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/169-184
MS 2810, pp. 153-163Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. Asaph[1799]MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/153-163
MS 2810, pp. 257-275Horsley (Samuel), Bishop of St. Asaph20 November 1801MSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2810/257-275
MS 2801PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2801-2808/2801
Arches Aa 89/12ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Aa/89/12
Arches Eee 17/39-44ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Eee/17/39-44
Arches Ee 11/82,83ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Ee/11/82,83
Arches F 12 p. 78HORSLEY V LUKIN AND WELLES1788Arches/F/12/78
Arches F 12 p. 184ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/F/12/184
Arches E 48/15,16ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/E/48/15,16
Arches G 153/74,75ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/74,75
Arches G 153/66,67ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/66,67
MS 4321Miscellaneous Palmer papersc. 1801-1946MSS/4302-4321/4321
MS 2809PALMER PAPERS18th centuryMSS/2800-2857/2801-2813/2809
Arches Aaa 35aROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Aaa/35a/a57
VB 1/13/127Horsley, Samuel (Ch. Ch. Oxf.)1802V/B/1/13/127-a3
F I/R f 179HORSLEY Samuel2 May 1788F/1/18R/179-a
Arches Aa 89/25ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Aa/89/25
Arches Aa 89/27ROCHESTER V THOMAS1794Arches/Aa/89/27
Arches Aa 89/33ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Aa/89/33
Arches Aa 90/9,10ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Aa/90/9,10
Arches Bb 102/14ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Bb/102/14
Arches Bb 102/11ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Bb/102/11
Arches G 153/67ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/66,67/67
Arches G 153/79-81ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/79-81
Arches G 153/70,71ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/G/153/70,71
F II/129/50Horsley (Samuel)F/2/129/50
Arches Bbb 1584ROCHESTER V THOMAS1795Arches/Bbb/1584
VB 1/12/87Horsley, Samuel (Ch. Ch. Oxf.)1788V/B/1/12/87-a2
VB 1/12/300, 303Horsley, Samuel (Ch. Ch. Oxf.)1793V/B/1/12/300, 303-a2
VB 1/12/300Horsley, Samuel (Ch. Ch. Oxf.)1793V/B/1/12/300-a2
VB 1/13/126Horsley, Samuel (Ch. Ch. Oxf.)1802V/B/1/13/126-a2
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