Authorized Form of NameSt. Sepulchre's Priory; c1100-1536; Benedictine religious house
Corporate NameSt. Sepulchre's Priory
EpithetBenedictine religious house
DatesAndPlacesFounded c. 1100; dissolved in 1536
SourceDavid Knowles and R. Neville Hadcock, Medieval Religious Houses: England and Wales (1953), p. 211.

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CM 52/6St Sepulchre, Canterbury25 Nov 1533CM/52/3-14/6
CM XII/23aLetters patent of grant between Henry VIII and Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 31 July 1538. 31 July 1538CM/12/23a
ED 2054Accounts of various ministers for various places1541-1542ED/1/B/8/2054
ED 2055Accounts of various ministers for various places1542-1543ED/1/B/8/2055
CM XII/56Commission by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer to Richard Gwent, Official of the Court of Canterbury, Keeper of the Prerogative, and Commissary, to visit the houses of Faversham, St. Gregory, St. Sepulchre, St. James and Wingham College and the deaneries of Canterbury, Westbury and Sandwich.9 Dec. 1533CM/12/56
CM XIII/20Copy of an exchange between Henry VIII and Archbishop Cranmer. 31 July 1538CM/13/20
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