Authorized Form of NameHenry VIII (1491-1547); King of England and Ireland
SurnameHenry VIII
TitleKing of England and Ireland

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MS 4265'Fair transcripts of the exchanges of lands between King Henry VIIIth and Archbishop Cranmer'1777MSS/4254-4265/4265
CM XII/31Letters patent of grant and exchange, King Henry VIII to Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.24 April 1542CM/12/31
F I/A p. 57Muniment book1544F/1/2A/57
F I/A p. 175Muniment book1546F/1/2A/175
CM XII/50Inspeximus by King Henry VIII of a papal indult for incompatible benefices, held by John Wyssett, rector of North Fambridge, London diocese. Signature of A. Huse.24 Sep 1537CM/12/50
MS 1356 pp. 1-54Statuta drawn up, but not confirmed, by Henry VIII. [8 April 1541]MSS/1356/1-54
F I/A p. 120Muniment book1545F/1/2A/120
F I/A p. 230Muniment book1546F/1/2A/230
F I/Vv f. 180rMuniment book1538F/1/1Vv/180r
MS 594 pag. 127The Oath of a Bishop elect to the King, A°. 1534. MSS/594/84
MS 590 pag. 109 Ex Notitiâ quâdam accuratâ valores omnium Possessionum Ecclesiasticarum in Diocesi Exon. compositâ à Delegatis Regis, anno 27 H. VIII. MSS/590/41
CM VIII/38Copy of a decree of King Henry VIII ordering the payment of tithe from London parishes at 2s. 9d. the pound and 16 1/2 pence the half pound. 2 April 1533CM/8/38
F I/Vv f. 115vMuniment book1536-1537F/1/1Vv/115v
F I/Vv f. 177rMuniment book1538F/1/1Vv/177r
F I/A p. 134Muniment book1545F/1/2A/134
F I/Vv f. 341vMuniment book1540F/1/1Vv/341v
F I/Vv f. 279vMuniment book1539F/1/1Vv/279v
F I/Vv f. 78rMuniment book1536F/1/1Vv/78r
F I/A p. 252Muniment book1547F/1/2A/252
F I/A p. 206Muniment book1546F/1/2A/206
F I/A p. 51Muniment book1543-1544F/1/2A/51
F I/A p. 177Muniment book1546F/1/2A/177
F I/A p. 209Muniment book1546F/1/2A/209
F I/A p. 156Muniment book1545F/1/2A/156
F I/Vv f. 293rMuniment book1539F/1/1Vv/293r
F I/Vv f. 352rMuniment book1540F/1/1Vv/352r
F I/A p. 205Muniment book1546F/1/2A/205
F I/A p. 289Muniment book1547F/1/2A/289
F I/Vv f. 347rMuniment book1540F/1/1Vv/347r
F I/Vv f. 295rMuniment book1539F/1/1Vv/295r
F I/A pp. 19-20Muniment book1544F/1/2A/19-20
F I/A p. 16Muniment book1543-1544 F/1/2A/16
F I/A p. 34Muniment book1544F/1/2A/34
F I/A p. 4Muniment book1543F/1/2A/4
F I/A p. 15Muniment book1544F/1/2A/15
F I/Vv f. 262vMuniment book1538-1539F/1/1Vv/262v
F I/A p. 82Muniment book1544F/1/2A/82
F I/A p. 203Muniment book1546F/1/2A/203
F I/A p. 255Muniment book1547F/1/2A/255
F I/A p. 193Muniment book1546F/1/2A/193
F I/Vv f. 308vMuniment book1539-1540F/1/1Vv/308v
F I/A p. 18Muniment book1544F/1/2A/18
F I/A p. 232Muniment book1546F/1/2A/232
F I/A p. 253Muniment book1547F/1/2A/253
F I/A p. 29Muniment book1544F/1/2A/29
F I/A p. 25Muniment book1543-1544F/1/2A/25
F I/A p. 159Muniment book1545F/1/2A/159
F I/A p. 138Muniment book1545F/1/2A/138
F I/A p. 151Muniment book1545F/1/2A/151
F I/A p. 114Muniment book1545F/1/2A/114
F I/A pp. 139-40Muniment book1545F/1/2A/139-40
MS 577 pag. 91Letter from K. Hen. VIII. [Henry VIII] to Wolsey, 1527. MSS/577/51
F I/A p. 27Muniment book1543-1544F/1/2A/27
F I/A p. 185Muniment book1546F/1/2A/185
MS 577 pag. 76Processus et Decretum Henrici VIII. Regis adversus memoriam Thomae Becket, Pseudo-Sancti. MSS/577/42
F I/A p. 216Muniment book1546F/1/2A/216
F I/A p. 316Muniment book1548F/1/2A/316
F I/A p. 186Muniment book1546F/1/2A/186
MS 577 pag. 73Commission granted by Henry VIII. for taking down saint Richard's Shrine at Chichester, 1538. MSS/577/39
F I/A p. 247Muniment book1547F/1/2A/247
F I/Vv f. 159rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/159r
F I/Vv f. 142vMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/142v
F I/A p. 49Muniment book1544F/1/2A/49
F I/Vv f. 342vMuniment book1540F/1/1Vv/342v
F I/Vv f. 140rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/140r
F I/Vv f. 179rMuniment book1538F/1/1Vv/179r
F I/A p. 183Muniment book1546F/1/2A/183
F I/A p. 53Muniment book1544F/1/2A/53
F I/A p. 189Muniment book1546F/1/2A/189
F I/A p. 234Muniment book1546F/1/2A/234
F I/A p. 194Muniment book1546F/1/2A/194
F I/Vv f. 52rMuniment book1535-1536F/1/1Vv/52r
MS 4300Confirmation of Marriage Licence 9 Apr 1535MSS/4300
MS 4874 ff. 186r-191v[in another hand] Letter 'Ad Barones Angliae' [to the Council of Henry VIII].n.d. [16 Feb. 1537]MSS/4874/1-191/186r-191v
Davidson 150, ff.219-225Alleged sixteenth century plot to burn the body of HENRY VIII, king of England.1908Davidson/27-217/150/219-225
F I/Vv f. 118rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/118r
F I/A p. 11Muniment book1544F/1/2A/11
F I/A p. 169Muniment book1545F/1/2A/169
F I/A p. 165Muniment book1545F/1/2A/165
F I/A p. 265Muniment book1547F/1/2A/265
CM XIII/19Incomplete copy of an exchange between Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, and King Henry VIII (Slindon and Aldwick Hundred, co. Sussex, Harrow and Stanmore, St. Gregory Canterbury, Dover). No date. CM/13/19
F I/A p. 191Muniment book1546F/1/2A/191
F I/A p. 263Muniment book1547F/1/2A/263
F I/A p. 213Muniment book1546F/1/2A/213
F I/Vv f. 161vMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/161v
F I/Vv f. 36vMuniment book1534-1535F/1/1Vv/36v
CM XII/43Indenture of grant, King Henry VIII and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. 2 March 1539-40.2 March 1540CM/12/43
CM XII/54Inspeximus by King Henry VIII of a papal indult for incompatible benefices, granted to John Lloyd, rector of Ylston in Gower, in St. David's diocese. Signature of A. Huse18 Sep 1537CM/12/54
CM XII/53Inspeximus and confirmation by Queen Elizabeth I of privileges (unspecified) granted by King Henry VIII to Richard Bancroft, clerk. 3 Oct. 1584CM/12/53
CM XII/13Indenture of exchange between King Henry VIII and Archbishop Cranmer. The Archbishop exchanges the manor of East Cheam, with lands in Ewell, Maldon and Southwark, for Chislett Park, Kent. 30 June 1538CM/12/13
CM XII/34Inspeximus of earlier charters to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury as in CM XI/1-6 by King Henry VIII (elaborate initial). 24 Feb. 1510CM/12/34
CM XII/23Copy of an indenture of grant30 Nov. 1537CM/12/23
F I/Vv f. 153vMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/153v
F I/A p. 128Muniment book1545F/1/2A/128
CM XII/12Royal letters patent recording a grant by Archbishop Cranmer to the King7 June 1542CM/12/12
F I/Vv f. 146rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/146r
F I/A p. 291Muniment book1547?-1548F/1/2A/291
F I/A p. 14Muniment book1543-1544F/1/2A/14
F I/A p. 86Muniment book1544F/1/2A/86
F I/Vv f. 250vMuniment book1539F/1/1Vv/250v
F I/Vv f. 300vMuniment book1539F/1/1Vv/300v
F I/A p. 188Muniment book1546F/1/2A/188
F I/Vv f. 182vMuniment book1538F/1/1Vv/182v
F I/Vv f. 147rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/147r
F I/A p. 251Muniment book1547F/1/2A/251
MS 577 pag. 20Bulla Julii II. Papae ad eundem [Archbishop William Warham] de Roseâ aureâ ad Henricum VIII. Regem missa, Aº. 1510. MSS/577/10
MS 703Shrewsbury Papers1526-1690MSS/694-710/703
Ramsey 337 f. 27Photograph of a letter from Henry VIII to Pope Clement VII1966Ramsey/337/23
Ramsey 337 f. 25Photograph of signatories to the appeal to annul the marriage of Henry VIII1966Ramsey/337/21
Ramsey 337 f. 24Photograph of an appeal to Pope Clement VII1966Ramsey/337/20
MS 3205Talbot Papers1506-1612MSS/3192-3206/3205
F I/Vv f. 7vMuniment book1534F/1/1Vv/7v
F I/Vv f. 9vMuniment book1534F/1/1Vv/9v
F I/Vv f. 103rMuniment book1536F/1/1Vv/103r
F I/Vv f. 176vMuniment book1538F/1/1Vv/176v
CM XI/77Contemporary copy of King Henry VIII's patent to Richard Grafton and Edward Whytchurche, citizens of London, to print the mass book, gradual and other service books, suitably altered, for a period of seven years, n.d.16th centuryCM/11/77
MS 2014Miscellaneous Papers15th century - 16th centuryMSS/2000-2019/2014
F I/A pp. 219-20Muniment book1546F/1/2A/219-20
CM XII/11Royal letters patent of exchange between King Henry VIII and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer28 April 1540CM/12/11
CM VIII/1Contemporary copy of a royal grant by King Henry VIII to the Lord Mayor [Henry Huberthorn] and citizens of London 13 Jan. 1547CM/8/1
CM XI/83Copy of a letter from King Henry VIII to William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning the Archbishop's case about probate of wills against the Bishops of Winchester, London, Lincoln, Exeter and ChichesterJan. 1513CM/11/83
MS 577 pag. 89Three Letters of Cardinal Wolsey to K. Hen. VIII. [Henry VIII] concerning his election to the Papal see, 1523. MSS/577/50
MS 585 pagg. 61-112Notae de Codicibus MSS. Historicis aliisque magis insignibus in Bibliotheca Collegii Corporis Christi Cantabrig.MSS/585/35
MS 585 pag. 489Letter from Ch. Batteley to Henry Wharton on the subject of the next article [pensions assigned to abbots by Henry VIII after the Dissolution].MSS/585/172
MS 585 pag. 489Indiculus Pensionum per H. VIII. Regem assignatarum Abbatibus &c. Coenobiorum dissolutorum, ex Archivis Regiis in Curiâ Augmentationis. MSS/585/173
F I/Vv f. 25rMuniment book1535F/1/1Vv/25r
F I/Vv f. 117rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/117r
F I/Vv f. 192rMuniment book1538F/1/1Vv/192r
MS 695Shrewsbury Papers1471-1598MSS/694-710/695
MS 933Miscellaneous Papers1605-1714MSS/929-942/933
MS 4202 item 1Warrant from Henry VIII to Sir William Coffyn and Henry Crowche to secure the surrender of Hitchin Priory17 October 1538MSS/4202/1
MS 4240Pole, Reginald (1500-1558)1539MSS/4240
MS 4299Exchange of Monastic Property30 September 1538MSS/4299
MS 4434GAMBARA LETTER BOOK15 March 1526 - 26 July 1527MSS/4434
MS 3192Talbot Papers1334-1557MSS/3192-3206/3192
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
MSManuscripts9th century-20th centuryMSS
FP XVIVOLUME XVI: General Correspondence1731-undatedFP/1-40/16
CM IV/8Confirmation by King Henry VIII 27 Feb. 1525, 7 Sep. 1537CM/4/8
CM 51/115Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon8 June 1509CM/51/30-205/115
Reg. Warham 1Register of William Warham1503-1530V/A/14Warham1
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
MS 285ENGLISH ROYAL AFFAIRS AND CEREMONIALlate 16th century-early 17th centuryMSS/285
MS 681PRECEDENT BOOK16th century-17th centuryMSS/681
MS 3206Talbot Papers1499-1580MSS/3192-3206/3206
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