Authorized Form of NameColenso; John William (1814-1883); Bishop of Natal
ForenamesJohn William
EpithetBishop of Natal
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 1386 f. 372COLENSO, John William; Bishop of Natal1872MSS/1374-1388/1386/300-377/372
MS 3064 no. 116AColenso (John William), Bishop of NatalMSS/3064/116A
Longley 3 f. 459Statement by John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal, stating that he has no intention of resigning[1863]Longley/3/459
Longley 3 f. 448Newspaper cutting1 May 1863Longley/3/448
MS 3064 no. 62Colenso (John William), Bishop of NatalMSS/3064/62
Tait 97 ff. 6-8a, 16-17Letters on recognition of COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1877Tait/76-104/97/6-8a, 16-17
Tait 84 ff. 31-37COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1868Tait/76-104/84/31-37
Longley 3 ff. 394-395Longley to the Bishop of Natal8 February 1866Longley/3/394-395
Longley 3 ff. 99-102vA. Martineau23 January 1866Longley/3/99-102v
Longley 3 ff. 186-191v"Excommunication of the Bishop of Natal. The Bishop of Capetown's Letter to the Clergy and Laity"[1865]Longley/3/186-191v
Tait 397 ff. 118-19Letters and papers on biblical criticism by COLENSO (John William), Bishop of NatalTait/397-398/397/118-19
Tait 289 ff. 1-38, 68-69COLENSO (John William), Bishop of NatalTait/161-296/289/1-38, 68-69
Tait 243 ff. 3-4COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1878Tait/161-296/243/3-4
Tait 213 ff. 182-192Letters on recognition of COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1875Tait/161-296/213/182-192
Tait 80 ff. 202-4, 216-17, 223-4Letters and papers on biblical criticism by COLENSO (John William), Bishop of NatalTait/76-104/80/202-4, 216-17, 223-4
Longley 3 f. 214Note disputing the Bishop of Capetown's jurisdiction over Colensoc. 1867Longley/3/214
Tait 81 ff. 1-16, 19-54, 60-2bLetters and papers on biblical criticism by COLENSO (John William), Bishop of NatalTait/76-104/81/1-16, 19-54, 60-2b
Benson 163 ff.158-83COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1883Benson/163/158-83
Tait 198 ff. 258-60COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1874Tait/161-296/198/258-60
Tait 132 ff 276-7MILLS (Henry), vicar of Pillerton Hersey, Worcestershire1863Tait/105-160/132/276-7
Tait 84 ff. 1-184 passimCOLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1868Tait/76-104/84/1-184 passim
Tait 171 ff. 23-56COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1870Tait/161-296/171/23-56
Tait 197 ff. 387-390Letters on recognition of COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1874Tait/161-296/197/387-390
Tait 185 f. 33COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1866-1867Tait/161-296/185/33
Tait 423 f. 124COLENSO (John William), Bishop of NatalTait/409-442/409-424/423/124
MS 2028, p. 155Autograph of John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal1864MSS/2028-2029/2028/155
VB 1/17/206Colenso, John William1853V/B/1/17/206-a2
MS 1380 f. 100Newspaper cutting about John William COLENSO, Bishop of Natal[1866]MSS/1374-1388/1380/100
Tait 171 f. 5COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1870Tait/161-296/171/5
MS 4936/12Photograph of John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal[19th century]MSS/4936/12
Longley 3 ff. 348-363vOffprint from the Cape Argus of Bishop Gray's judgement on Colenso16 December 1863Longley/3/348-363v
Longley 3 ff. 196, 385Sentence of excommunication pronounced by the Bishop of Capetown on the Bishop of Natal16 December 1865Longley/3/196, 385
Longley 3 f. 285Letter of support to the Bishop of Natal, from members of the cathedral congregation at Pietermaritzburg7 November 1866Longley/3/285
Longley 3 f. 338Protest by John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal, against the legality of the proceedings against him and the validity of the judgement16 December 1863Longley/3/338
Longley 3 ff. 231-283"Statement relating to ... the Consecration, Trial, and Excommunication of the Right Rev. Dr. Colenso", by the Bishop of Capetown1867Longley/3/231-283
Longley 3 f. 384Robert Gray, Bishop of Capetown [to the Bishop of Natal]13 December 1865Longley/3/384
Benson 160,. ff.2-4, 5-8, 16-17, 23Letters and papers on the death of COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1883Benson/160/2-4, 5-8, 16-17, 23
Tait 165 ff. 163-168SKINNER (James), Vicar of Newland, Worcs.1869Tait/161-296/165/163-168
Tait 289 ff. 97-105, 115, 138-139, 182-185, 246-249COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1872-1873Tait/161-296/289/97-105, 115, 138-139, 182-185, 246-249
FP Jackson 52Anglican churches and chapels in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland1866-1884FP/Jackson/F/52
Tait 84 ff. 54-54aCOLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1864Tait/76-104/84/54-54a
MS 1865, ff. 180, 186Memorandum about COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal, AFRICA1872MSS/1861-1906/1861-1871/1865/180, 186
MS 2797 ff. 50-51Letter from Robert Gray, Bishop of Capetown, to Henry John Chitty Harper, Bishop of Christ Church, on the need for a National Synod; comments on the Colenso case 23 February 1866MSS/2797/50-51
Tait 81 f. 57COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1863Tait/76-104/81/57
SSJE/6/1/2/38Letter from John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal2 Sep 1854SSJE/6/1/2/38
SSJE/6/1/2/7/14Letter from Fr. Benson to Br. Beale8 Jan 1880SSJE/6/1/2/7/14
FP Jackson 24Surnames Isaacson - Kernahan1869-1883FP/Jackson/D/24
MS 5077/12Photograph of John William Colenso, Bishop of NatalMSS/5077/12
MS 5054Manuscript 'Narrative of Dr Tait's Children 1856' post 1856MSS/5053-5056/5054
Longley 3 ff. 194-195v, 197-198vResolutions of a meeting at St. John, Pinetown, Natal, supporting the deprivation of Colenso and requesting the appointment of a successor31 May 1865Longley/3/194-195v, 197-198v
Longley 3 ff. 441-442, 447Charles Septimus Grubbe, Archdeacon of Maritzburg, to the Revd. W.H.C. Lloyd22 May 1863Longley/3/441-442, 447
Tait 158Official Letters: London: Natal1860 - 1868Tait/105-160/158
Tait 165 ff. 93-7LONGLEY (Charles Thomas), Archbishop of Canterbury: Correspondence on the Anglican Church in South Africa1869Tait/161-296/165/93-7
Tait 234 ff. 163-6MERRIMAN (Nathaniel James), Bishop of Grahamstown1877Tait/161-296/234/163-6
MS 4186Pellegrini, Carlo (1839-1889)1869-1875MSS/4186
MS 2144, ff.61, 81, 348Letters from John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal1849-1853MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2144/61, 81, 348
MS 1751 ff. 49-142Letters and papers of Piers Calverley Claughton, Bishop of St. Helena (1859-62) and of Colombo (1862-70).[1859-1870]MSS/1751/49-142
VB 1/17/201-5Colenso, John William1853V/B/1/17/201-5
Tait 159Official Letters: London: Natal1866 - 1869Tait/105-160/159
FP Jackson 20Surnames Galloway - Gregory1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/20
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
Benson 160 ff.131-9COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal - Letter and papers on his consecration as bishop.1883Benson/160/131-9
Benson 164 ff.220-51COLENSO (Hariette E.), daughter of COLENSO (John William), Bishop of Natal1894Benson/164/220-51
Tait 93 ff. 142-3STANLEY (Arthur Penrhyn), Dean of Westminster1874Tait/76-104/93/142-3
Tait 159 ff 212-18, 250-9COLENSO (J.W.) bishop of Natal, 1853, deposed 1863, died 18831867Tait/105-160/159/212-18, 250-9
Tait 206 ff. 238-40WILKINSON (Thomas Edward), Bishop of Zululand, and (1886) Bishop for North and Central Europe - Correspondence on the legal status of the bishop of Natal1875Tait/161-296/206/238-40
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