Authorized Form of NameDiocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Corporate NameDiocese of London
SubordinateCathedral Church of St. Paul
OtherFormsOfNameSt Paul's Cathedral
DatesAndPlacesSelective list of references to St. Paul's Cathedral, mainly concerning fabric, in Library holdings:
Statutes of More's chantry, 1424-32 (MS.2018)
Estimate for repair to the roof, [1561] (MS.3152, f.84)
17th-18th century copies of statutes of St. Paul's (MSS.1515, 3362-3)
Building accounts for the old east end, 1639-40 (Fulham Papers 43)
Papers of Commissioners for rebuilding, 1674 (MS.2872, ff.44-9)
Thomas Bateman's account of the rebuilding of St. Paul's, 1700 (MS.670)
Letter from Abp. Tenison to William III on future opening of, [1697] (MS.930/201)
Use of white freestone mentioned, 1714 (MS.2723, f.18)
Fabric accounts, 1753-5, and report of Seeker as dean, 1752 (Fulham Papers: Sherlock 1, ff.212-20)
Papers of Robert Mylne, surveyor, 1764-1801 (MSS.1489, 2027, 2552-3)
Correspondence of Abp. Herring concerning the fabric and finance, including report of Seeker as dean, 1749-56 (Herring Papers 1, ff.149-255).
Estate accounts - Old Works, 1761-2 (Fulham Papers: Osbaldeston 1, ff.42-4)
Papers of Abp. Cornwallis concerning the fabric accounts, esp. painter's, 1776-8 (Cornwallis 3, ff.76-81)
Report on fabric accounts, 1778 (Fulham Papers: Lowth 1, ff.195-8).
Letters and papers on St. Paul's, 1814-28 (Fulham Papers: Howley 28, ff.249-66; 53/1,5,10)
Letters from Bishop Blomfield on St. Paul's, 1830-55 (Fulham Papers Blomfield 52, ff.129-30; 55, ff.448-9; 57, f.308; 58, ff.244-5v; 64, ff.1-15; 68, ff.29-30)
Correspondence of Bishop Tait on St. Paul's Cathedral Fund, 1858 (Tait Papers 109, ff.163a-b)
General correspondence on St. Paul's, late 19th-20th century (see Archbishops' Papers)
Photographs and postcards, 20th cent. (MS.1745, ff.2-3; MS.2161; MS.2950/113-20; MS.2638, f.90)
N.B. Passing references to decorations for specific services, e.g. Thanksgiving for recovery of George III in 1789 (Fulham Papers Porteus)
Arches case 5817
SourceChurch of England Yearbook

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Ramsey 179, ff.98-101Correspondence on the consecration of suffragan bishops in St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/179/98-101
LC 140 no. 97St. Paul's Cathedral, Orders of Conference services.1920LC/1920/140/97
LC 99 no. 46St. Paul's Cathedral, Orders of Conference services.1908LC/1908/99/46
LC 98 f. 41St. Paul's Cathedral, Orders of Conference services.1908LC/1908/98/41
LC 188 ff. 61-70St. Paul's Cathedral, Orders of Conference services.1948LC/1948/188/61-70
Lang 129, ff. 403-41St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1934Lang/1-186/129/403-41
LC 28 ff. 175-9St. Paul's Cathedral, Orders of Conference services.1888LC/1888/28/175-9
LC 61 no. 40St. Paul's Cathedral, Orders of Conference services. 1897LC/1897/61/40
Lang 130, ff. 1-12St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1934Lang/1-186/130/1-12
Lang 129, ff. 42-77 passimSt. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1934Lang/1-186/129/42-77 passim
Davidson 173, ff.325-50City of LONDON, St Paul's Cathedral.1911Davidson/27-217/173/325-50
Ramsey 66, ff. 52-7St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/66/52-7
FP Temple 41, ff. 220-50St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1886-1890FP/Temple/41/220-50
Fisher 254, ff. 63-77Consecration services in St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/254/63-77
Fisher 64, ff. 74-6St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/64/74-6
Fisher 77, ff. 187-90St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/77/187-90
Fisher 254, ff. 42-57St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/254/42-57
F. Temple 30, ff. 400-4LONDON, Cathedral Church of St. Paul.1899F.Temple/30/400-4
F. Temple 33, ff. 107-9LONDON, Cathedral Church of St. Paul.1899F.Temple/33/107-9
Tait 425 ff. 361-4LONDON, City ofTait/409-442/425-442/425/361-4
Ramsey 158, ff.137-140, 147-9, 156-66Correspondence on the memorial service for Mahatma Gandhi in St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/158/137-140, 147-9, 156-66
Arches G 92/16WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/G/92/16
Ramsey 25, ff. 7-79Correspondence and papers on services at St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/25/7-79
LC 167 ff. 160-8Order of service for the opening service at St. Paul's Cathedral (printed).6 July 1930 LC/1930/167/160-8
LC 140 no. 98Farewell address of Archbishop Davidson in St. Paul's Cathedral.8 Aug 1920LC/1920/140/98
LC 151 ff. 269-76Alexander (Sydney Arthur), canon of St. Paul's.1930LC/1930/151/269-76
Ramsey 7, ff. 300-3Papers on confirmation of the election of Archbishop Ramsey in St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1961Ramsey/4-287/1961/7/300-3
Davidson 517, ff.60-1Royal donation to St Paul's Cathedral, City of LONDON1898Davidson/517-523/517/60-1
Ramsey 163, ff.178-81, 185-6Papers on a canonry of St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/163/178-81, 185-6
F. Temple 46, ff. 379-82LONDON, Cathedral Church of St. Paul.1901F.Temple/46/379-82
Ramsey 188, ff.287-90St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/188/287-90
F. Temple 48, ff. 135-9, 150LONDON, Cathedral Church of St. Paul.1901F.Temple/48/135-9, 150
Ramsey 189, ff.129-36St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/189/129-36
Davidson 85, ff.368-87City of LONDON, St Paul's Cathedral.1903Davidson/27-217/85/368-87
Benson 87 f.449City of LONDON1890Benson/87/449
FP Temple 41, f. 213St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1889FP/Temple/41/213
Ramsey 195, ff.61-8St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/195/61-8
Davidson 10/23City of LONDON, St Paul's Cathedral.Davidson/1-26/10/23
Ramsey 167, ff.194-332 passimCorrespondence and papers on a service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1968-1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/167/194-332 passim
F I/A p. 227Muniment book1546F/1/2A/227
Tait 79 ff. 126-9, 136-7LONDON, City ofTait/76-104/79/126-9, 136-7
Tait 431 ff. 126-7SCHOOLS1853Tait/409-442/425-442/431/126-7
Lang 154, ff. 346-59 passimFrederic Arthur COCKIN, Bishop of Bristol (1946) - appointment as a canon of St. Paul's; St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - appointment of canons1937Lang/1-186/154/346-59 passim
Tait 183 ff. 41-54LONDON, City of1872Tait/161-296/183/41-54
Ramsey 179, ff.99-100Correspondence on the diocesan role of St. Paul's cathedral, LONDON1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/179/99-100
Benson 111 ff.313-32City of LONDON1892Benson/111/313-32
Davidson 10/47-55, 73-85 passimCity of LONDON, St Paul's Cathedral.Davidson/1-26/10/47-55, 73-85 passim
FP Temple 41, ff. 22-34St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1885, 1892FP/Temple/41/22-34
Tait 109 ff 163a-bLONDON, cathedral church of St. Paul in1858Tait/105-160/109/163a-b
Tait 429 f. 56LONDON, City of1859Tait/409-442/425-442/429/56
Lang 149, ff. 247-51 passimFrederic Arthur COCKIN, Bishop of Bristol (1946) - appointment as a canon of St. Paul's; St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - appointment of canons1937Lang/1-186/149/247-51 passim
Ramsey 153, f.282HEENAN (John Carmel), cardinal archbishop of Westminster1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/153/282
Fisher 254, ff. 58-62ANGLICAN COMMUNION - proposed roll of honour of modern Anglican martyrs in St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/254/58-62
W.Temple 39, ff. 207-18ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL, London13 Mar-18 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/39/207-18
Fisher 75, ff. 81-6St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - appointment of canons1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/75/81-6
Lang 127, f. 106St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - appointment of the dean1934Lang/1-186/127/106
Tait 83 ff. 112-13, 219-20MILMAN (Henry Hart), Dean of St. Paul'sTait/76-104/83/112-13, 219-20
MS 2027PAPERS OF ROBERT MYLNE18th centuryMSS/2027
Tait 143 ff 79-85LONDON, cathedral church of St. Paul in1865Tait/105-160/143/79-85
FP Porteus 12, f.155LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedral1805FP/Porteus/12/155
FP Temple 41, f. 26St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON[1885]FP/Temple/41/26
Benson 110 ff.98-106Letters and papers on the consecration of BISHOPS1892Benson/110/98-106
FP Porteus 14, ff.164-71LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedralFP/Porteus/14/164-71
Benson 60 ff.382-413City of LONDON1888Benson/60/382-413
MS 2237BLYTH PAPERS1905MSS/2227-2237/2237
Douglas 2, ff. 461-77Papers concerning the reopening ceremony of St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1930 Douglas/2/461-77
FP Temple 41, ff. 1-21St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1885-1891FP/Temple/41/1-21
FP Blomfield 68, ff. 29-30FAULKNER (Thomas), topographer1845FP/Blomfield/61-68/68/29-30
Douglas 2, ff. 173-83Papers concerning the Lambeth Conference celebration of Holy Communion at St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON1930Douglas/2/173-83
Douglas 2, ff. 17-79Papers concern the reopening ceremony of St. Paul's Cathedral, LONDON 1929-1930Douglas/2/1-147/1-79/17-79
FP Howley 28, ff. 249-66City of LONDON.1815-1828FP/Howley/24-46/28/249-66
FP Randolph 7, f.1LONDON.1811FP/Randolph/7/1
MS 1948 ff. 95-112Papers concerning the procession of witness to St. Paul's cathedral1949MSS/1948-1960/1948/95-112
MS 1727 ff. 86-93Miscellaneous papers. [1747-1860]MSS/1727/86-93
Ramsey 212, ff.162-164St. Paul's lectures 1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/212/162-164
Arches G 80/8ELSBURY V ABETT1711Arches/G/80/8
Arches G 80/11ELSBURY V ABETT1711Arches/G/80/11
DC 4Doctors' Commons v Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's (Chancery)1720DC/4
Ramsey 262, ff. 129-139St. Paul's Cathedral and Deanery of 1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/262/129-139
Runcie/SPEECH/480United Nations27 Oct 1985-14 May 1986Runcie/SPEECH/480
Ramsey 121, ff. 193-5John Francis HEWITT, civil servant; kt. (1971) - Correspondence on the appointment of deans 1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/121/193-5
Arches Aa 20/85PELLING V WHISTON1713Arches/Aa/20/85
F I/Vv f. 344rMuniment book1540F/1/1Vv/344r
MS 590 pag. 1Excerpta ex Annalibus Matthaei Westmonast. per Canonicum quendam Ecclesiae S. Pauli London auctis, et ad Annum 1341 continuatis. MSS/590/1
MS 4432Visitation acta, articles and injunctions relating to Gibson's visitation of St. Paul's Cathedral in 1724.1724MSS/4400-4433/4432
F I/A p. 106Muniment book1544-1545F/1/2A/106
F I/Vv f. 63vMuniment book1536F/1/1Vv/63v
Arches E 26/151WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/E/26/151
Arches J 5/75TRINDER V HEARNE1701Arches/J/5/75
Arches E 36/160DAY V DAVIS1743Arches/E/36/160
F I/A p. 30Muniment book1544F/1/2A/30
Arches J 10/53WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/J/10/53
Arches D 735COLESTONE V FEILD1687Arches/D/735
Arches E 36/159MURRAY V DAVIS1743Arches/E/36/159
Arches C 2 ff. 503-4STURGES V LAMBERT1692Arches/C/2/503-4
Arches G 93/32WARREN V BURGESS1722Arches/G/93/32
Arches H 5/1-4RANICAR V RANICAR1800Arches/H/5
Arches Aa 20/102PELLING V WHISTON1713Arches/Aa/20/102
DC 8Leases: Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's to Doctors' Commons, including mortgages1720-1770DC/8
LC 167 ff. 98-105Sermon preached by William Temple, Archbishop of York, at the opening service in St. Paul's Cathedral (copy).6 July 1930 LC/1930/167/98-105
DC 5Doctors' Commons v Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's and Trinity Hall, Cambridge (Chancery)1756DC/5
Fisher 330/8-12Sermon St. Paul's 1940Fisher/330/1-74/8-12
Arches J 10/3DODD V BENNET [recte BENNETT]1719Arches/J/10/3
Runcie/SPEECH/292Industry Year7 May 1986Runcie/SPEECH/292
Arches H 528/1-7MOORE V MOORE1836Arches/H/528
Arches C 3 f.246ELSBURY V ABETT1711Arches/C/3/246
Arches E 26/164WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/E/26/164
Arches G 100/48STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/G/100/48
Arches Aa 29/91WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/Aa/29/91
Arches Aa 31/27WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/Aa/31/27
Arches G 81/23PELLING V WHISTON1713Arches/G/81/23
Arches E 27/19WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/E/27/19
Arches E 2/56KING V ASHLEY1664Arches/E/2/56
Arches E 6/157LOMAX V WILSON1680Arches/E/6/157
Arches D 145BELCHER V BELCHER1835Arches/D/145
Davidson 483St. Paul's cathedral, city of LONDON1912-1930Davidson/218-516/483
Arches Aa 94/23RANICAR V RANICAR1800Arches/Aa/94/23
Arches D 2252WHITE V WHITE1722Arches/D/2252
Arches G 155/66,67YOUNG AND THISELTON V MENCE1795Arches/G/155/66,67
Arches E 2/95KING V ASHLEY1664Arches/E/2/95
MS 1952, ff.75-155vPapers concerning the School of Religion1952MSS/1948-1960/1952/75-155v
Arches E 14/18POLLET V MINICK [recte WORLICH]1702Arches/E/14/18
Arches D 999TRINDER V HEARNE1701Arches/D/999
Arches J 11/7STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/J/11/7
Arches Aa 95/7RANICAR V RANICAR1800Arches/Aa/95/7
Arches J 5/88POLLET V MINICK [recte WORLICH]1702Arches/J/5/88
Arches H 525A/1-10BELCHER V BELCHER1835Arches/H/525A
Arches H 70/1-8BENTHAM V RUSSELL1806Arches/H/70
Arches C 4 f.159DODD V BENNET [recte BENNETT]1719Arches/C/4/159
Arches G 132/30DAY V DENNE1758Arches/G/132/30
Arches Aa 20/40PELLING V WHISTON1713Arches/Aa/20/40
Arches Aa 96/6QUIN V EXON1801Arches/Aa/96/6
Arches J 3/30STURGES V LAMBERT1692Arches/J/3/30
Arches D 2345MOORE V MOORE1836Arches/D/2345
Arches A 15LOMAX V WILSON1680Arches/A/15/195
FP Porteus 14, ff.162-3LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedral[1750]FP/Porteus/14/162-3
Arches H 714/1-8TORCKLER V TORCKLER1847Arches/H/714
Arches B 12/53STURGES V LAMBERT1692Arches/B/12/53
FP Howley 53/1, 5, 10City of LONDON.1814, 1817FP/Howley/53/1, 5, 10
FP Porteus 14, ff.172-88LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedral1796-1808FP/Porteus/14/172-88
FP Temple 42, ff. 204-5DIOCESE OF LONDON, St. Paul's cathedralFP/Temple/42/204-5
Arches Aa 30/66WARREN V BURGESS1722Arches/Aa/30/66
Arches A 23TRINDER V HEARNE1701Arches/A/23/190
Arches G 94/5,6BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/G/94/5,6
Arches G 92/55BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/G/92/55
Arches E 28/16BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/E/28/16
Arches B 15/63STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/B/15/63
Arches A 23WILLIS V FULLER1701Arches/A/23/207
Arches D 2006STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/D/2006
Arches A 26CLARKE V FEARS1711Arches/A/26/81
Arches A 31DAY V DAVIS1743Arches/A/31/42
Arches A 16SWANSON V TOWERSON1684Arches/A/16/271
Arches C 6/177RANICAR V RANICAR1800Arches/C/6/177
Arches A 17HUTCHINS AND JERMAN V LEAVER1684Arches/A/17/102
Arches A 20STURGES V LAMBERT1692Arches/A/20/269
Arches C 2 f.86YARWOOD (YEARWOOD) V TURBETT1677Arches/C/2/86
Arches A 26ELSBURY V ABETT1711Arches/A/26/132
Arches Aa 29/73WARREN V BURGESS1722Arches/Aa/29/73
Arches C 6/157YOUNG AND THISELTON V MENCE1795Arches/C/6/157
Arches A 26HILL V HILL1711Arches/A/26/186
Arches D 1032HILL V CALVERT [& HARWOOD]1729Arches/D/1032
Arches Aa 28/121STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/121
Arches A 31MURRAY V DAVIS1743Arches/A/31/116
Arches B 13/131POLLET V MINICK [recte WORLICH]1702Arches/B/13/131
Arches D 317WARREN V BURGESS1722Arches/D/317
Arches G 1, f. 552YARWOOD (YEARWOOD) V TURBETT1677Arches/G/1/552
Arches D 2084TORCKLER V TORCKLER1847Arches/D/2084
Arches B 15/29BLOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/B/15/29B
Arches Aaa 45MOORE V MOORE1836Arches/Aaa/45/a72
Arches Aaa 36QUIN V EXON1801Arches/Aaa/36/a62
Arches G 91/5,6LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/G/91/5,6
Arches G 93/18BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/G/93/18
Arches D 1651POLLET V MINICK [recte WORLICH]1702Arches/D/1651
MS 589Collectiones Similes de Decanis Ecclesiarum Cathedralium Angliae ad Annum 1540, viz.MSS/589/7
Arches A 12YARWOOD (YEARWOOD) V TURBETT1677Arches/A/12/300
Arches Aa 27/152HAMOND V GRAY [recte GREY]1720Arches/Aa/27/152
Arches Aa 27/194HAMOND V GRAY [recte GREY]1720Arches/Aa/27/194
Arches Aa 28/4HAMOND V GRAY [recte GREY]1720Arches/Aa/28/4
Arches G 93/36BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/G/93/36
Arches G 93/39,40BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/G/93/39,40
Arches C 3 f.51POLLET V MINICK [recte WORLICH]1702Arches/C/3/51
Arches D 608DODD V BENNET [recte BENNETT]1719Arches/D/608
Arches Aaa 36RANICAR V RANICAR1800Arches/Aaa/36/a64
Fisher 329, ff. 47-50The Women's Junior Air Corps and the Girls' Training CorpsFeb 1943Fisher/329/47-79/47-50
Arches C 4 f.219BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/C/4/219
Fisher 67, ff. 185-9St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - services for the American memorial chapel; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - foundation of the American memorial chapel, St Paul's cathedral, London 1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/67/185-9
Benson 75 ff.372-8City of LONDON: Correspondence and papers on St. Paul's cathedral1889Benson/75/372-8
Arches D 1591PENKHURST [recte PENCKHURST] V FOWLER1685Arches/D/1591
Davidson 101, ff.374-80Memorial to CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London, in St Paul's Cathedral, city of London1905Davidson/27-217/101/374-80
LC 62 no. 20Sermon preached by Archbishop Temple at the closing service in St. Paul's Cathedral2 August 1897LC/1897/62/20
Fisher 49, ff. 130-3Lewis John COLLINS, Canon of St Paul's - appointment as canon; St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - appointment of canons1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/49/130-3
Fisher 199, ff. 12-31St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON - services for the American memorial chapel; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - foundation of the American memorial chapel, St Paul's cathedral, London1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/199/12-31
Ramsey 121, ff. 190-2Correspondence on the holding of official services at St Paul's Cathedral, LONDON, and WESTMINSTER ABBEY1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/121/190-2
Ramsey 202, ff.303-340'Hair'1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/202/303-340
Tait 175 ff. 366-81RANDOLPH (Thomas), Prebendary of St. Paul's1871Tait/161-296/175/366-81
Tait 167 ff. 291-5LONDON, City of1870Tait/161-296/167/291-5
Arches A 14LOMAX V WILSON1680Arches/A/14/190
Coggan 100, ff.132-135Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen7 Jun 1977Coggan/4-220/99-101/100/132-135
Arches E 45/97YOUNG AND THISELTON V MENCE1795Arches/E/45/97
Arches B 9/100YARWOOD [recte YEARWOOD] V TURBET1683Arches/B/9/100
Arches C 1 ff. 431-2LOMAX V WILSON1680Arches/C/1/431-2
Arches Aa 29/81LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/Aa/29/81
Arches E 26/76HAMOND V GRAY [recte GREY]1720Arches/E/26/76
Arches Bbb 1120,1121BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Bbb/1120,1121
Arches A 18COLESTONE V FEILD1687Arches/A/18/62
Arches G 90/8GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/G/90/8
Arches A 22REYNOLDS V DIXON1699Arches/A/22/185
Arches A 12YARWOOD V WILLIAMS1677Arches/A/12/301
Arches Aaa 45BELCHER V BELCHER1835Arches/Aaa/45/a8
Arches Aaa 47TORCKLER V TORCKLER1847Arches/Aaa/47/a94
Runcie/SPEECH/479Tyndale, William6 Oct 1994Runcie/SPEECH/479
Runcie/SPEECH/437St. Paul's Cathedral21 Oct 1981-26 Jan 1988Runcie/SPEECH/437
Runcie/SPEECH/455Stationers' and Newspaper Makers' Company[8 Feb] 1989Runcie/SPEECH/455
Runcie/SPEECH/443Salvation Army13 Oct 1984Runcie/SPEECH/443
Arches E 41/72KENDALL V WELLS AND BARTLETT1769Arches/E/41/72
Arches J 20/12KENDALL V WELLS AND BARTLETT1769Arches/J/20/12
Tait 89 ff. 161-2, 245-6, 249-50, 253-7, 263-71LONDON, City of1871Tait/76-104/89/161-2, 245-6, 249-50, 253-7, 263-71
FP Porteus 34/9LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedral1803FP/Porteus/34/9
Runcie/SPEECH/69B.B.C. 60th Anniversary12 Jul 1982Runcie/SPEECH/69
Arches Ee 9/57HAMOND V GRAY [recte GREY]1720Arches/Ee/9/57
Arches Ee 9/92WHITE V WHITE1723Arches/Ee/9/92
MS 4932Scrapbook1969-1972MSS/4929-4935/4932
FP Jackson 13Surnames Cass - Clay1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/13
FP Blomfield 55, ff. 448-9SOAMES (Henry), Chancellor of St. Paul'sFP/Blomfield/1-60/55/448-9
FP Porteus 18, ff.3-4LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedral - correspondence on the residence of the canons1805FP/Porteus/18/3-4
FP Blomfield 57, f. 308LONDON, City of1855FP/Blomfield/1-60/57/308
FP Porteus 17, ff.173-95LONDON, city of, St. Paul's cathedral1789FP/Porteus/17/173-95
LC 28 ff. 23-8The Litany for use in St. Paul's Cathedral, set to music by John Stainer and William Russell.1888LC/1888/28/23-8
MS 3152 (f. 84)Estimate[1561]MSS/3152/84
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Arches A 18 ff.233,234,300LONDON, ST. PAULS V BUCK, ETC.1687Arches/A/18/233,234,300
Arches E 25/20-22GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON AND BURFORD1720-1721Arches/E/25/20-22
Arches Aa 27/184GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/Aa/27/184
Arches Aa 28/18GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/Aa/28/18
Arches Aa 28/22GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/Aa/28/22
Arches Aa 28/88GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/Aa/28/88
Arches Ee 9/77,83bSTRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721-1723.Arches/Ee/9/77,83b
Arches D 929HAMOND V GRAY [recte GREY]1720Arches/D/929
Arches F 10 f. 66BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1725Arches/F/10/66
Arches Eee 12/129-137,145-152aGASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721-1722Arches/Eee/12/129-137,145-152a
Arches F 10 ff. 89,91LOMAX V ROSE1721-1731Arches/F/10/89,91
Arches A 27BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/A/27/15
Arches Aa 30/141BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/30/141
Arches Aa 31/18BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/31/18
Arches Aa 31/63,64BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/31/63,64
Arches Aa 31/76BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/31/76
Arches Aa 31/107BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/31/107
Arches Aa 32/12BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/32/12
Arches Aa 32/16BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/32/16
Arches Aa 32/24BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/32/24
Arches Aa 35/22BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/35/22
Arches Aa 35/43BENNETT V GOODALE AND OTHERS1727Arches/Aa/35/43
Arches E 26/140LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/E/26/140
Arches E 31/34LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/E/31/34
Arches A 27STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/A/27/193
Arches Aa 28/137STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/137
Arches Aa 28/156STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/156
Arches Aa 28/162STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/162
Arches Aa 28/168STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/168
Arches Aa 28/182STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/182
Arches Aa 28/185STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/28/185
Arches Aa 29/6STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/6
Arches Aa 29/8STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/8
Arches Aa 29/18STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/18
Arches Aa 29/23STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/23
Arches Aa 29/28,29STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/28,29
Arches Aa 29/35STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/35
Arches Aa 29/51STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/51
Arches Aa 29/58STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/58
Arches Aa 29/63STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/63
Arches Aa 29/66STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/66
Arches Aa 29/75STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/75
Arches Aa 29/85STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/85
Arches Aa 29/88STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/88
Arches Aa 29/94STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/94
Arches Aa 29/98STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/98
Arches Aa 29/113,114STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/113,114
Arches Aa 29/120STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/120
Arches Aa 29/126STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/126
Arches Aa 29/132STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/132
Arches Aa 29/137STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/137
Arches Aa 29/140STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/140
Arches Aa 29/142STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/142
Arches Aa 29/152STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/29/152
Arches Aa 31/106STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1721Arches/Aa/31/106
Arches D 1305LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/D/1305
Arches D 2338YARWOOD [recte YEARWOOD] V TURBET1683Arches/D/2338
Arches A 35 ff. 46,47,53,56,64,69,72,74,77,78,81KENDALL V WELLS AND BARTLETT1769Arches/A/35/46,47,53,56,64,69,72,74,77,78,81
FP Jackson 25Surnames Killger - Limpus1867-1884FP/Jackson/D/25
Arches G 91/37LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/G/91/37
Arches A 28LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/A/28/118
Arches Aa 29/36LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/Aa/29/36
Arches Aa 30/52LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/Aa/30/52
Arches Aa 31/12LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/Aa/31/12
Arches Aa 34/79LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/Aa/34/79
Arches G 100/52LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/G/100/52
Arches C 4 f.187GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/C/4/187
Runcie/SPEECH/239Falklands5 Apr-7 Jul 1982Runcie/SPEECH/239
Arches A 4 ff. 10,24,58,70KING V ASHLEY1664-1665Arches/A/4/10,24,58,70
Arches E 6/65YARWOOD V WILLIAMS1677Arches/E/6/65
Arches E 6/35YARWOOD (YEARWOOD) V TURBETT1677Arches/E/6/35
Arches A 13 ff. 8,23,26,39,48,68,128,184YARWOOD (YEARWOOD) V TURBETT1677Arches/A/13/8,23,26,39,48,68,128,184
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
MS 1106FLORES HISTORIARUM ETC. (Annales Paulini)Late 13th century-14th centuryMSS/1106
MS 2552-2553ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL1767-1801MSS/2552-2553
MS 3741-3750Sheppard, Hugh Richard Lawrie (1880-1937)1880-1937MSS/3741-3750
MS 3534Miscellaneous papers1782-1967MSS/3534
MS 3548Sermons1916-1941MSS/3545-3554/3548
MS 3298Collins Papers1948-1975MSS/3287-3319/3298
MS 3308Collins Papers1932-1960MSS/3287-3319/3308
MS 3362Statuta Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli[18th century]MSS/3362
MS 3363Statuta Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli[18th century]MSS/3363
MS 3414Old Catholic Church1932-1934MSS/3414
MS 2872 ff. 44-49Papers of the Commissioners for Rebuilding St. Paul's Cathedral1674-1675MSS/2872/44-49
Arches D 1184KENDALL V WELLS AND BARTLETT1769Arches/D/1184
COMM XIIa/15VOLUME 151647-1650COMM/12A/15
Arches A 16YARWOOD [recte YEARWOOD] V TURBET1683Arches/A/16/314
Arches B 10/145YARWOOD [recte YEARWOOD] V TURBET1683Arches/B/10/145
Arches Aaa 35aYOUNG AND THISELTON V MENCE1795Arches/Aaa/35a/a75
Arches Aaa 37BENTHAM V RUSSELL1806Arches/Aaa/37/a8
Arches Eee 7 ff. 399-409,413-420,426-428,429-432,446-475,481-484,485-493,493-496,509-510,519-520,529-530,535CATCHPOOLE V CATCHPOOLE1692-1693Arches/Eee/7/399-409,413-420,426-428,429-432,446-475,481484,485-493,493-496,509-510,519-520,529-530,535
Arches Eee 12/138-144,150b-167b,196-211STRUDWICK V STRUDWICK1722-1723Arches/Eee/12/138-144,150b-167b,196-211
Arches D 1373GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/D/1373
Arches J 10/40GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/J/10/40
Arches Aa 20/57PELLING V WHISTON1713Arches/Aa/20/57
Arches D 2337YARWOOD (YEARWOOD) V TURBETT1677Arches/D/2337
Arches E 10/47-9CATCHPOOLE V CATCHPOOLE1692Arches/E/10/47-9
Arches B 12/62CATCHPOOLE V CATCHPOOLE1692Arches/B/12/62
Arches A 21PINFOLD V GARDNER AND UNWIN1695Arches/A/21/189
Arches Ee 10/107BIRD V BIRD1753Arches/Ee/10/107
Arches J 18/61BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/J/18/61
Arches Eee 15/50-62BIRD V BIRD1753-1754Arches/Eee/15/50-62
Arches A 32BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/A/32/17
Arches A 33BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/A/33/16
Arches E 37/142BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/E/37/142
Arches E 42/1BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/E/42/1
Arches G 126/5BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/G/126/5
Arches G 126/21BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/G/126/21
Arches G 126/25,26BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/G/126/25,26
Arches G 129/4BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/G/129/4
Arches J 18/73BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/J/18/73
Arches Bb 104/12, 13, 17, 21, 22COOPER AND CROOK V THOMPSON AND SANDEFORD1797Arches/Bb/104/12, 13, 17, 21, 22
Arches Aa 92/15,21COOPER AND CROOK V THOMPSON AND SANDEFORD1797Arches/Aa/92/15,21
Arches Aa 93/20,21COOPER AND CROOK V THOMPSON AND SANDEFORD1797Arches/Aa/93/20,21
Arches Bb 105/18, 24, 25COOPER AND CROOK V THOMPSON AND SANDEFORD1797Arches/Bb/105/18, 24, 25
Arches G 155/89,94COOPER AND CROOK V THOMPSON AND SANDEFORD1797Arches/G/155/89,94
Arches B 15/60GASCOIGNE [recte GASCOYNE] AND GOODWIN V MAWSON 1721Arches/B/15/60
Arches B 16/245,246BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/B/16/245,246
Arches B 19/2BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/B/19/2
Arches C 2 f.497CATCHPOOLE V CATCHPOOLE1692Arches/C/2/497
Arches C 4 f.197LOMAX V ROSE1719Arches/C/4/197
Arches C 5 f.170BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/C/5/170
Arches D 176BIRD V BIRD1752Arches/D/176
Arches F 8 f. 212LONDON, ST. PAULS V BUCK, ETC.1687Arches/F/8/212
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