Authorized Form of NameStoke Newington, Middlesex; St Matthias; 1849-1951; ecclesiastical parish
Corporate NameSt Matthias
Epithetecclesiastical parish
JurisdictionStoke Newington, Middlesex

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FP Jackson 2/410STOKE NEWINGTON, Middlesex, St. Matthias1883FP/Jackson/A/2/410
FP Blomfield 59, ff. 289v-90vSTOKE NEWINGTON, Middx., St. Matthias1849FP/Blomfield/1-60/59/289v-90v
FP Jackson 13Surnames Cass - Clay1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/13
FP Blomfield 55, ff. 102-3STOKE NEWINGTON, Middx., St. Matthias1854FP/Blomfield/1-60/55/102-3
FP Jackson 46Churches in the rural deanery of Hackney1864-1883FP/Jackson/E/46
Benson 68 ff.282-3BENHAM (William), Rector of St Edmund the King w. St. Nicholas Aconsbury [Acons], London 1886Benson/68/282-3
Tait 440/298STOKE NEWINGTON, Middlesex, St. Matthias1858Tait/409-442/425-442/440/298
Tait 441/389STOKE NEWINGTON, Middlesex, St. Matthias1862Tait/409-442/425-442/441/389
FP Creighton 1/75STOKE NEWINGTON, Middlesex, St. Matthias1900FP/Creighton/1-3/1/75
FP Temple 11Correspondence and papers on parishes in the diocese of London1885-1893FP/Temple/1-39/11
MS 4781 ff. 1-66Transcripts, in the hand of A.G.Lough, of manuscripts and printed items relating to Neale.1842-1865MSS/4781-4782/4781/1-66
FP Blomfield 50, ff. 279, 297Letters to POPE (Thomas Alder), Perpetual Curate of St. Matthias, Stoke Newington, Middx., on ritual at STOKE NEWINGTON, Middx., St. MatthiasFP/Blomfield/1-60/50/279, 297
FP Blomfield 54, ff. 391-2, 473Letters to POPE (Thomas Alder), Perpetual Curate of St. Matthias, Stoke Newington, Middx. on ritual at STOKE NEWINGTON, Middx., St. MaryFP/Blomfield/1-60/54/391-2, 473
FP Jackson 30Surnames Philpott - Rooke1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/30
Tait 149 ff 148-9SHEPHARD (John), deputy registrar, then joint registrar of diocese of London1867Tait/105-160/149/148-9
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