Authorized Form of NameMaclagan; William Dalrymple (1826-1910); Archbishop of York
ForenamesWilliam Dalrymple
EpithetArchbishop of York
ActivityBishop of Lichfield 1878-1891; Archbishop of York 1891-1908
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 4510 f. 165Letter from William Dalrymple MacLagan, Archbishop of York (1826-1910)1895MSS/4510/165
LC 27 ff. 150-1Maclagan (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.LC/1888/27/150-1
MS 3437, nos.51-2Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.MSS/3437-3440/3437/51-52
MS 3120, f.202Creighton (Mandell), Bishop of Peterborough (later Bishop of London).1896MSS/3120/168-247v/202
LC 58 ff. 116-17Questions submitted by William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York. 9 July 1897 LC/1897/58/116-17
F. Temple 34, f. 345MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1900F.Temple/34/345
F. Temple 52, ff. 206-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/52/206-9
LC 26 ff. 179-80Maclagan (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.LC/1888/26/179-80
F. Temple 35, f. 327MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1900F.Temple/35/327
F. Temple 43, ff. 14-15MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/43/14-15
F. Temple 34, f. 425MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/34/425
F. Temple 48, ff. 122-5MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/48/122-5
LC 47 ff. 147-8, 151Maclagan (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.LC/1897/47/147-8, 151
Davidson 4/130MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.Davidson/1-26/4/130
F. Temple 23, ff. 302-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/23/302-3
F. Temple 21, ff. 359-65MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898-1899F.Temple/21/359-65
F. Temple 48, f. 381MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/48/381
F. Temple 21, ff. 408-18MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/21/408-18
Benson 149 ff.185-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/149/185-8
F. Temple 43, ff. 225-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/43/225-6
F. Temple 18, f. 116MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/18/116
F. Temple 32, f. 141MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/32/141
MS 3406, f.70Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1901MSS/3406/70
F. Temple 8, ff. 420-2MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/8/420-2
F. Temple 31, f. 304MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/31/304
F. Temple 55, f. 90MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/55/90
F. Temple 44, ff. 378-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/44/378-9
Benson 47 ff.42, 70MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1886Benson/47/42, 70
F. Temple 18, ff. 212-13MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/18/212-13
F. Temple 44, f. 395MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/44/395
F. Temple 43, f. 108MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/43/108
F. Temple 58, f. 54-5, 134-5Letters on the crowning of Queen Alexandra by William Dalrymple MACLAGAN, Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/58/54-5, 134-5
Benson 25 ff.222-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1885Benson/25/222-3
LC 34 ff. 246-9Letter from William Dalrymple Maclagan, Bishop of Lichfield.29 June 1888 LC/1888/34/246-9
Benson 49 ff.203-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1887Benson/49/203-4
F. Temple 58, ff. 171, 219MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/58/171, 219
F. Temple 58, ff. 44-5, 82MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901-1902F.Temple/58/44-5, 82
FP Temple 21, f. 256MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York1892FP/Temple/1-39/21/256
Benson 108 ff.370-1MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1892Benson/108/370-1
Benson 122 ff.106-7, 123MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/122/106-7, 123
Benson 60 ff.43-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1889Benson/60/43-4
F. Temple 19, ff. 80-1MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/19/80-1
Benson 126 ff.287, 297-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1894Benson/126/287, 297-8
Benson 143 ff.344-69 passimMACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896Benson/143/344-69 passim
Benson 94 ff.414-19MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1891Benson/94/414-19
Benson 98 ff.301-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1891Benson/98/301-4
F. Temple 28, ff. 337-8, 359MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/28/337-8, 359
Benson 84 ff.298-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1890Benson/84/298-9
Benson 148 f.156MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896Benson/148/156
Davidson 171, ff.160-91Biography of MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.1911Davidson/27-217/171/160-91
Benson 107 ff.248-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1892Benson/107/248-9
Benson 173 f.277MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/173/277
F. Temple 54, ff. 307-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/54/307-8
Benson 154 ff.154-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/154/154-6
Benson 157 ff.83-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1894Benson/157/83-4
MS 4702/58William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York, holding the coronation order of service1902MSS/4700-4702/4702/58
F. Temple 44, ff. 85-7, 99-100MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/44/85-7, 99-100
F. Temple 14, ff. 432-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/14/432-3
F. Temple 49, ff. 17-18, 57, 101-2MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/49/17-18, 57, 101-2
F. Temple 32, ff. 349-57MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/32/349-57
Davidson 520, ff.231-6 passimMACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.1908Davidson/517-523/520/231-6 passim
Benson 140 ff.162, 231, 245-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/140/162, 231, 245-6
Benson 120 ff.182-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/120/182-3
Benson 141 ff.397, 399-400MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896Benson/141/397, 399-400
Benson 45 ff.289-90MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1887Benson/45/289-90
Benson 50 ff.358-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1887Benson/50/358-9
Tait 97 ff. 140-1MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1878Tait/76-104/97/140-1
MS 1976, f.104Letter from William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York1896MSS/1974-1976/1976/104
Benson 130 ff.193-7MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1894Benson/130/193-7
Benson 106 f.51MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1892Benson/106/51
FP Temple 30, ff. 43-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York1886FP/Temple/1-39/30/43-4
Benson 165 f.337MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/165/337
Benson 121 ff.300-1MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/121/300-1
Tait 104 ff. 89-90MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1886Tait/76-104/104/89-90
Benson 149 ff.408-9, 422-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of YorkBenson/149/408-9, 422-6
Tait 254 ff. 447-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1879Tait/161-296/254/447-8
Davidson 171, ff.160-81Biography of Archbishop Maclagan by HOW (Frederick Douglas), former vicar of St James, Edgbaston. Warws.1911Davidson/27-217/171/160-81
Tait 255 ff. 86-8, 141-5MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1878Tait/161-296/255/86-8, 141-5
Benson 102 ff.316-49MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1891Benson/102/316-49
Benson 7 ff.194-5MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1883Benson/7/194-5
MS 1480 f. 243Also included is a letter from William Dalrymple Maclagan to the Revd. W. H. Fremantle1880MSS/1472-1482/1480/243
Benson 17 ff.46-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1884Benson/17/46-9
Tait 98 f. 86MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York10 June 1878Tait/76-104/98/86
Benson 147 ff.284, 303-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896Benson/147/284, 303-4
F. Temple 41, ff. 275-7MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1900F.Temple/41/275-7
F. Temple 27, ff. 26-7, 32MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/27/26-7, 32
F. Temple 16, ff. 267-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/16/267-9
Tait 96 ff. 109, 117-18MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1876Tait/76-104/96/109, 117-18
Benson 122 ff.76-7, 338-41, 402-3, 414, 422-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/122/76-7, 338-41, 402-3, 414, 422-3
Benson 126 ff.237-9, 245-6Memorials to MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York from the Additional Curates Society1894Benson/126/237-9, 245-6
Benson 153 ff.24-6, 44-5, 227-8, 249, 326-7MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1891Benson/153/24-6, 44-5, 227-8, 249, 326-7
Benson 143 ff.440-1, 443-4, 447-8, 450-3, 458-9, 464-5MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896 Benson/143/440-1, 443-4, 447-8, 450-3, 458-9, 464-5
MS 1480 ff. 231-242William Dalrymple Maclagan, Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York, member of the French committee of the Anglo-Continental Society, 1878-80MSS/1472-1482/1480/231-242
Benson 113 f.488MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1892Benson/113/488
MS 2157, ff.6v-7vPhotographs of William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of YorkMSS/2156-2163/2157/6v-7v
MS 2343 ff. 104-6, 171Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of YorkMSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2343/104-6, 171
MS 2329, f.148Letter from Theodore Edward Dowling, Archdeacon in Syria, to William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York1899MSS/2327-2340/2329/146-158/148
F. Temple 9, ff. 138-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/9/138-9
MS 2797 f. 113Stubbs (William), Bishop of Oxford1897MSS/2797/82-138/113
MS 2335 f. 18Letter from William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York1896MSS/2327-2340/2335/1-104/18
MS 2961 ff. 162, 166-70Bickersteth (Edward Henry), Bishop of Exeter1893MSS/2961/135-200/162, 166-70
F. Temple 22, f. 222MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/22/222
MS 3120, ff.216-225vWordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1896MSS/3120/168-247v/216-225v
MS 2913 f. 260Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of YorkMSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/260
MS 2029, p. 183Autographs of William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York1878, 1880MSS/2028-2029/2029/183
MS 2797 ff. 89, 105Wood (Charles Lindley), 2nd Viscount Halifax1896-1897MSS/2797/82-138/89, 105
MS 2797 f. 98Bright (Revd. William), Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford1896MSS/2797/82-138/98
MS 2154, f.36Photographs of William John Knox-Little, Canon of Worcester, and William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York1877MSS/2154/36
Birkbeck 1/9/1Letters to his wife1897Birkbeck/1/9/1
Benson 15 ff.77-9LANE (William Edward), Curate of St. Peter, Walsall, Staffs., and (1886) of Belton, Suffolk - Letters from and on the revocation of his licence1884Benson/15/77-9
F. Temple 42, ff. 134-5MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1900F.Temple/42/134-5
LC 9 ff. 180-2, 237MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1878LC/1878/9/180-2, 237
LC 18 ff. 49-51, 213, 222-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1888LC/1888/18/49-51, 213, 222-4
F. Temple 40, ff. 90-141, 231-2, 314-53, 362-9, 385MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1900F.Temple/40/90-141, 231-2, 314-53, 362-9, 385
F. Temple 6, ff. 80-5, 88, 92-3, 139, 155-6, 163-4, 185, 192MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1897-1898F.Temple/6/80-5, 88, 92-3, 139, 155-6, 163-4, 185, 192
Davidson 171, ff.135-59MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.1911Davidson/27-217/171/135-59
Benson 127 ff.190-7MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1894Benson/127/190-7
Benson 158 ff.16-19Correspondence and papers on reunion and the validity of ANGLICAN ORDERS1894Benson/158/16-19
F. Temple 3, ff. 82-97MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York; TEMPLE (Frederick), Archbishop of Canterbury1897F.Temple/3/82-97
F. Temple 14, ff. 155-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898, 1900F.Temple/14/155-6
F. Temple 48, f. 127MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/48/127
F. Temple 48, f. 88MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/48/88
MS 2344 ff. 24, 29, 53, 59Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of YorkMSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2344/24, 29, 53, 59
FP Temple 32, ff. 197-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York1889FP/Temple/1-39/32/197-8
MS 3216Photographs19th century - 20th centuryMSS/3216
Birkbeck 1/9/3Visit to Russia with Archbishop of York: notes and press cuttings1897Birkbeck/1/9/3
LC 19 ff. 118-19MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1888LC/1888/19/118-19
LC 104 no. 2Photograph of MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) archbishop of York.1908LC/1908/104/2
MS 3120, ff.174, 198-201vWood (Charles Lindley), 2nd Viscount Halifax.1896MSS/3120/168-247v/174, 198-201v
MS 3120 (ff. 168-247v)Relations with other Churches.1896-1901MSS/3120/168-247v
MS 3120, ff.194-197vGladstone (William Ewart), statesman.1896MSS/3120/168-247v/194-197v
MS 3440, no.4Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.MSS/3437-3440/3440/4
LC 46 ff. 139-40Maclagan (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.LC/1897/46/139-40
LC 43 ff. 2-6 passim, 82, 88, 90, 95, 121, 124, 137-8, 147-9, 152MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1897LC/1897/43/2-6 passim, 82, 88, 90, 95, 121, 124, 137-8, 147-9, 152
LC 62 no. 2Sermon preached by William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York, at the opening service in Westminster Abbey.30 June 1897LC/1897/62/2
LC 37 no. 65Photograph of MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1888LC/1888/37/65
LC 17 ff. 58-9, 114-20MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1888LC/1888/17/58-9, 114-20
F. Temple 12, ff. 418-19MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/12/418-19
F. Temple 37, ff. 373-4, 379-80MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/37/373-4, 379-80
F. Temple 10, ff. 147-8, 150MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1898F.Temple/10/147-8, 150
F. Temple 19, ff. 47-8, 59-60, 69-70MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/19/47-8, 59-60, 69-70
F. Temple 46, ff. 289-90MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/46/289-90
F. Temple 32, ff. 76-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/32/76-8
F. Temple 50, ff. 246-7MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/50/246-7
F. Temple 41, ff. 302-5MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/41/302-5
F. Temple 42, ff. 22-3, 43-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1900F.Temple/42/22-3, 43-4
F. Temple 21, ff. 215-16MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/21/215-16
F. Temple 49, f. 17MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/49/17
F. Temple 43, ff. 74-5Letters and papers on the ATHANASIAN CREED.1901F.Temple/43/74-5
F. Temple 59, ff. 379, 382, 393MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1902F.Temple/59/379, 382, 393
F. Temple 30, ff. 1-25 passim, 97MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/30/1-25 passim, 97
F. Temple 50, ff. 80, 140-1MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901F.Temple/50/80, 140-1
Tait 263 ff. 283-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1880Tait/161-296/263/283-4
LC 8 ff. 244-5, 357-9MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1878LC/1878/8/244-5, 357-9
F. Temple 57, ff. 161-2, 170-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1901-1902F.Temple/57/161-2, 170-4
F. Temple 30, ff. 139-316MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1899F.Temple/30/139-316
Benson 144 ff.59-78MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896Benson/144/59-78
F. Temple 40, ff. 158-247, 385MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York 1900F.Temple/40/158-247, 385
F. Temple 33, ff. 16-18, 67, 83-5, 116-18, 128MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/33/16-18, 67, 83-5, 116-18, 128
F. Temple 21, ff. 414-17, 435MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1899F.Temple/21/414-17, 435
F. Temple 29, ff. 1-458MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1899F.Temple/29/1-458
F. Temple 34, f. 133MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1900F.Temple/34/133
Tait 280 ff. 123-8MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1882Tait/161-296/280/123-8
Benson 140 f.32MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1896Benson/140/32
MS 3120, f.182Oxenham (Frank Nutcombe), chaplain to the Bishop of Gibraltar.1896MSS/3120/168-247v/182
Benson 120 ff.182-3 passimMACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/120/182-3 passim
Tait 241 ff. 123-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1878Tait/161-296/241/123-6
Tait 100 ff. 283-7ARTHUR (Rev. Lucius), of Matlock, Derbys: Correspondence on the bishop of Lichfield1881Tait/76-104/100/283-7
Benson 7 f.297MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1883Benson/7/297
Benson 158 ff.16-19 passim, 142-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/158/16-19 passim, 142-3
Benson 154 ff.24, 36, 96-7, 118, 138-41MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1892Benson/154/24, 36, 96-7, 118, 138-41
FP Temple 38, ff. 305-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of Yorkc. 1890sFP/Temple/1-39/38/305-6
MS 3120, ff.178, 184Knox-Little (William John), Canon of Worcester.1896MSS/3120/168-247v/178, 184
MS 2797 ff. 82, 87, 93-97v, 109-111, 114-133vMaclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of YorkMSS/2797/82-138/82, 87, 93-97v, 109-111, 114-133v
MS 3120, f.226Temple (Frederick), Archbishop of Canterbury.1898MSS/3120/168-247v/226
MS 2913 f. 285Sadler (Revd. William), Secretary to the Jerusalem and the East Mission1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/285
FP Jackson 16Surnames Davies, E - Donaldson1870-1884FP/Jackson/D/16
FP Jackson 46Churches in the rural deanery of Hackney1864-1883FP/Jackson/E/46
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
FP Jackson 14Surnames Cleaver - Cooper1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/14
Benson 29 ff.205-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1884-1885Benson/29/205-6
MS 4880 ff. 16-50Photographs (Woodburytypes) of clergymen. MSS/4880/16-50
MS 1812 ff. 122-130Letters from Prime Ministers offering episcopal appointments:1867-1896MSS/1812/122-130
MS 5062 ff. 59r-62rPhotographs: LichfieldMSS/5062/59r-62r
MS 5062 ff. 110r-114vPhotographs: YorkMSS/5062/110r-114v
Benson 173 ff.194-5, 200-1MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/173/194-5, 200-1
FP Jackson 34Surnames Weldon - Young1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/34
Benson 115 ff.267-8, 270MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1893Benson/115/267-8, 270
Benson 123 ff.370-1Diocese of CARLISLE - Letter on administration sede vacante1891Benson/123/370-1
Benson 159 ff.102-4, 115, 167-8, 328-38, 341-3MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/159/102-4, 115, 167-8, 328-38, 341-3
Davidson 164, ff.257-60Memorial to MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York.1909Davidson/27-217/164/257-60
LC 42 ff. 14, 23-4, 27-8, 31, 56-60, 76, 100-2, 109-110, 116, 126-44 passimMACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), bishop of Lichfield, and(1891) archbishop of York.1897LC/1897/42/14, 23-4, 27-8, 31, 56-60, 76, 100-2, 109-110, 116, 126-44 passim
LC 74 ff. 204-5, 284, 288Maclagan (William Dalrymple), archbishop of York: correspondence/papersLC/1908/74/204-5, 284, 288
F. Temple 8, ff. 451-4MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1898F.Temple/8/451-4
F. Temple 49, f. 147MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York.1901F.Temple/49/147
Tait 198 ff. 373-6MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1874Tait/161-296/198/373-6
RCED/5Episcopal Correspondence1904-1905RCED/5
Birkbeck 1/9/2Visit to Russia with Archbishop of York: CorrespondenceFeb-Jun 1897Birkbeck/1/9/2
Lang 277Newspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury1909Lang/274-292/277
Lang 278Newspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury1910-1914Lang/274-292/278
MS 4483Society of St Willibrord correspondence and papers 1887, 1908-101887-1910MSS/4480-4495/4483
MS 4538 ff. 82-243Letters to Henry Montgomery on his appointment as Bishop of Tasmania1889MSS/4537-4543/4538/82-243
MS 2990 ff. 97-99Statement by Archbishop Edward White Benson, William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York, and Frederick Temple, Bishop of London, on the Jerusalem bishopric18 February 1887 MSS/2965-3015/2990/97-99
FP Jackson 11Surnames Baldwin - Bradley1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/11
FP Jackson 12Surnames Brett - Casey1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/12
FP Jackson 18Surnames Edgington - Finch1863-1884FP/Jackson/D/18
FP Jackson 27Surnames MacCann - Mason1869-1885FP/Jackson/D/27
FP Jackson 29Surnames Napier - Perry1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/29
FP Jackson 59Penitentiaries; Hospitals; Schools; Gardner's Charity for the Blind (Gardner's Trust); Burial; Marriage1857-1885FP/Jackson/H/59
Benson 86 ff.15-19MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1890Benson/86/15-19
Benson 123 f.93MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1894Benson/123/93
Benson 126 f.287SISTERHOODS: Sisters of the Church (Kilburn Sisters): complaints against the SisterhoodBenson/126/287
Benson 139 ff.7-72 passimMACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York1895Benson/139/7-72 passim
Benson 145 ff.1-44LEO XIII, Pope: Letters and papers from and on reunion and the validity of ANGLICAN ORDERS; papers on APOSTOLICAE CURAE, an encyclical of Leo XIII 1896Benson/145/1-44
Benson 150 f.345Joint letter from the prelates of the Church of England on the Benefices Bill1896Benson/150/345
Benson 167 ff.375-6HAMILTON-GORDON (Arthur Charles), 1st Baron Stanmore1894Benson/167/375-6
F. Temple 10, ff. 89-90MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of York - Letters from on the appointment of examiners of the Central Entrance Examination for Non-Graduates for Holy Orders 1898F.Temple/10/89-90
F. Temple 21, ff. 406-8INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of Incense and processional lights, 1899.1898-1899F.Temple/21/406-8
F. Temple 23, ff. 397-9INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of incense and processional lights, 1899; alleged RITUALIST PRACTICES of ARNOTT (Henry), Rector of Beckenham; use of incense in Beckenham (St. George w. St. Michael), Kent1899F.Temple/23/397-9
F. Temple 24, f. 13INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of Incense and processional lights, 1899.1899F.Temple/24/13
F. Temple 28, ff. 161-211INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of Incense and processional lights - Letters and papers on the Archbishops' Opinion including the lay communicants' protest; appeals of incumbents of parishes in the city of LONDON on the use of incense and the Reservation of the Sacraments1899F.Temple/28/161-211
F. Temple 31, ff. 204-11INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of incense and processional lights, 1899 - Letters and papers on the Archbishops' Opinion including the lay communicants' protest, and including appeals to Archbishop Temple on church discipline and ritual1899F.Temple/31/204-11
F. Temple 32, ff. 75-6INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of Incense and processional lights, 1899.1899F.Temple/32/75-6
Tait 273 ff. 343-50MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York1881Tait/161-296/273/343-50
Tait 427 ff. 400-2MACLAGAN (William Dalrymple), Bishop of Lichfield, and (1891) Archbishop of York2 June 1862Tait/409-442/425-442/427/400-2
Birkbeck 1/7/1Correspondence, 1894-18961894-1896Birkbeck/1/7/1
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