Authorized Form of NameSnow; Ralph (-1707); Receiver General, Treasurer of the Archbishop's Estate and Gamekeeper of the manors of Lambeth, Croydon and Waddon
EpithetReceiver General, Treasurer of the Archbishop's Estate and Gamekeeper of the manors of Lambeth, Croydon and Waddon
OtherFormsOfNameRalphe Snowe
DatesAndPlacesAppointed Receiver General 26 Aug. 1670, 1 June 1690. Served as Treasurer 1663-1678 and 1680-1707. Appointed Gamekeeper 16 Dec. 1680.
SourceReceiver General: TK 5, 6. Treasurer: 1663-1678 TG 1 f. 35, 1680-1707 TG 1. Gamekeeper: TK 35.

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TA 703/3WYE, Kent, rectory13 May 1670T/A/703/3
TB 2/236LAMBETH, Surrey, Bishop's Walk: bargehouse (129)13 Jan 1690T/B/2/236
TF 10Accounts1689-1705T/F/10
TK 1Book of Patentsc.1673T/K/1
VB 1/16/403Tenison, Thomas, (Tennison)1712V/B/1/16/403-a6
TF 11Accounts1691-1700T/F/11
CM VI/4Letter. John Beale, mayor of Maidstone, to Mr. [Miles] Smyth, or Mr. [Ralph] Snow.12 Sep. 1667CM/6/4
TF 12Accounts1694-1708T/F/12
CM VI/25Letter. William Sherman, Croydon to Ralph Snow esq. asking for money collected in the parish for poor relief to be given to the parish and not 'called in to the courte at the Arches'. 27 March 1666CM/6/25
CM 28/5Declared account of Ralph Snow1670CM/28/4-6/5
MS 679CIVIL WAR PAPERS1642-1649MSS/679
TD 182Hougham, Farthingloe Manor.[1639]-1700T/D/182
TL 2Auditor Phelips' Precedent Book1663-1664T/L/2
TF 8Day BookAugust 1670-December 1679T/F/8
TF 239DEAL: Accounts1662-1831T/F/239
MS 1169MISCELLANY17th century-18th centuryMSS/1169
MS 954MISCELLANY16th century-18th centuryMSS/954
TC 4Memoranda Book of Ralph Snow1660-1673T/C/4
TR 37Correspondence on Accounts and Officialsc.1609-1859T/R/37
MS 1742Miscellaneous letters and papersn.dMSS/1741-1743/1742
MS 951/1MISCELLANY13th-18th centuryMSS/951/1
MS 933Miscellaneous Papers1605-1714MSS/929-942/933
MS 3347Paintings, Busts, and Plate in Lambeth Palace1900-1965MSS/3347
TR 34Correspondence and Papers1661-1852T/R/34
MS 953MISCELLANY1595-1715MSS/953
Arches Eee 1 ff. 768-770,779-781CANTERBURY V JUXON1665Arches/Eee/1/768-770,779-781
TF 7Account Book1663-1685T/F/7
TG 1Domestic Accounts1614-1788T/G/1
TK 2Book of Patentsc.1710T/K/2
TK 5Receiver General: Appointment by Archbishop Sheldon of Ralph Snow, gent., of the archbishop's household, 26 August 1670, with confirmation by the dean and chapter of Canterbury6 September 1670T/K/5
TK 6Receiver General: Appointment by letters patent of William and Mary of Ralph Snow, receiver and collector of the temporalities during the vacancy following the suspension of Archbishop Sancroft1 August 1690T/K/6
TK 35Gamekeeper of the archbishop's manors of Lambeth, Croydon and Waddon : Appointment by Archbishop Sancroft of Ralph Snow, during the archbishop's pleasure, 16 December 1680. Amended by Archbishop Sancroft.T/K/35
TK 57Papers on the archiepiscopal household1644-c.1828T/K/57
TS 2Reports and Returns1677-1792T/S/2
Fisher 181, ff. 170-222Ralph SNOW, Principal Registrar for the province of Canterbury (d.1707)1955-1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/181/170-222
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