Authorized Form of NameCreighton; Mandell (1843-1901); Bishop of London
EpithetBishop of London
ActivityBishop of London 1897-1901 (nominated 1896)
SourceNational Register of Archives

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CM 46/21Deacon's orders18 Dec 1870CM/46/21
LC 46 ff. 99-100Letter from CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1897LC/1897/46/99-100
LC 42 ff. 24-5CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1897LC/1897/42/24-5
MS 3437, no.17Creighton (Mandell), Bishop of London.MSS/3437-3440/3437/17
MS 3120, f.202Creighton (Mandell), Bishop of Peterborough (later Bishop of London).1896MSS/3120/168-247v/202
LC 38 ff. 176-8CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1897LC/1897/38/176-8
MS 3438, no.61Creighton (Mandell), Bishop of London.MSS/3437-3440/3438/61
LC 41 f. 194CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1897LC/1897/41/194
F. Temple 25, f. 164CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1899F.Temple/25/164
F. Temple 22, ff. 171-3CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1899F.Temple/22/171-3
F. Temple 50, ff. 159-61, 167-8CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1901F.Temple/50/159-61, 167-8
F. Temple 5, ff. 70-1CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1897F.Temple/5/70-1
F. Temple 60, f. 181CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/60/181
F. Temple 43, ff. 76-7CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/43/76-7.
F. Temple 40, ff. 160-3CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/40/160-3
F. Temple 35, ff. 39-40CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/35/39-40
MS 3406, ff.36-40vCreighton (Mandell), Bishop of London.MSS/3406/36-40v
F. Temple 33, ff. 334-9CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/33/334-9
F. Temple 34, f. 51CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/34/51
LC 39 ff. 27-34CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1897LC/1897/39/27-34
F. Temple 42, ff. 458-66CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/42/458-66
Benson 150 ff.314, 328, 345CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897).1896Benson/150/314, 328, 345
F. Temple 44, ff. 249-52CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1901F.Temple/44/249-52
F. Temple 45, ff. 312-13CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/45/312-13
F. Temple 33, ff. 177-8CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/33/177-8
F. Temple 17, f. 336CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1897F.Temple/17/336
F. Temple 33, f. 206Letters and papers on the ATHANASIAN CREED.1900F.Temple/33/206
F. Temple 19, ff. 41-2, 63CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1898F.Temple/19/41-2, 63
F. Temple 8, ff. 185-6CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1897F.Temple/8/185-6
F. Temple 3, ff. 346-7CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1897F.Temple/3/346-7
Benson 109 ff.204-5Letter from CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897), on the Rev. A.H. Marsh1890Benson/109/204-5
F. Temple 6, ff. 188-91CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1898F.Temple/6/188-91
F. Temple 18, ff. 163-76CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1898F.Temple/18/163-76
MS 4702/22Mandell Creighton, Bishop of LondonMSS/4700-4702/4702/22
F. Temple 10, f. 275CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1898F.Temple/10/275
Davidson 114, ff.206-7Memorials to CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1906Davidson/27-217/114/206-7
Davidson 60, ff.50-1CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1898Davidson/27-217/60/50-1
F. Temple 32, ff. 15-18ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Patriarchate of1899F.Temple/32/15-18
MS 1976, ff.38-41vLetters from Mandell Creighton, Bishop of London1893, 1895MSS/1974-1976/1976/38-41v
MS 2328, f.108Letter from Mandell Creighton, Bishop of London1898MSS/2327-2340/2328/108
F. Temple 5, ff. 259, 271CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1897-1898F.Temple/5/259, 271
Davidson 28, ff.374-5Appointment of bishop of PETERBOROUGH. 1891Davidson/27-217/28/374-5
Benson 145 ff.7-8, 11-12, 18-19, 22-5, 41-2Letters from CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897), on the Responsio Archiepiscoporum Angliae1896Benson/145/7-8, 11-12, 18-19, 22-5, 41-2
F. Temple 41, ff. 329-30CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/41/329-30
MS 3680Louise Creighton: Miscellaneous letters1872-1877MSS/3677-3680/3680
Birkbeck 2/2/7Round Table Conference on Ritual, 1900c. 1921Birkbeck/2/2/7
MS 3216Photographs19th century - 20th centuryMSS/3216
F. Temple 28, ff. 438-41PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD1898F.Temple/28/438-41
F. Temple 42, ff. 45-53CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/42/45-53
F. Temple 48, f. 237CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/48/237
F. Temple 34, ff. 343, 346, 348.CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1900F.Temple/34/343, 346, 348.
F. Temple 30, ff. 14, 16-17CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901).1899F.Temple/30/14, 16-17
MS 3120 (f. 269)Letter17 November 1897MSS/3120/269
Benson 129 ff.142, 150-1Letters from CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897), on MacMillan's history Reader standard IV1894Benson/129/142, 150-1
MS 4730/1Photograph22 June 1897MSS/4730/1
CM 46/23Institution of treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral28 Nov 1898CM/46/23
Davidson 4/152, 159-61, 166-7, 195CREIGHTON (Mandell), bishop of London.1896-1897Davidson/1-26/4/152, 159-61, 166-7, 195
CSA/6/3Certificates of admission to the office and work of Deaconess in the Diocese of London1897-1952CSA/6/3
MS 1812 ff. 122-130Letters from Prime Ministers offering episcopal appointments:1867-1896MSS/1812/122-130
MS 5062 ff. 82r-84vPhotographs: PeterboroughMSS/5062/82r-84v
MS 5062 ff. 14r-23rPhotographs: London MSS/5062/14r-23r
Benson 138 ff.395-6STRIKES.1895Benson/138/395-6
Davidson 101, ff.374-80Memorial to CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London, in St Paul's Cathedral, city of London1905Davidson/27-217/101/374-80
F. Temple 28, ff. 384-90INCENSE - Letters on the use of incense in Kilburn (St. Augustine), Middx1898-1899F.Temple/28/384-90
F. Temple 35, ff. 89-93DIOCESAN REGISTRIES, committee on, appointed at the Bishops Meeting, November, 1899; CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897-1901)1900F.Temple/35/89-93
MS 4926Correspondence, largely comprising letters to Henry Edward James Bevan, Archdeacon of Middlesex1900-1928MSS/4926
LR/L/1/7Bush Bequest (Mandell Creighton Fund)1952-1974LR/L/1/7
SSJE/7/1/1/4Correspondence with the Bishop Creighton, Bishop of London3 May 1897-25 Apr 1901SSJE/7/1/1/4
SSJE/7/2/1/1Advisory Committee of St. Edward's House minute book1896-1906, 1920-1938SSJE/7/2/1/1
MS 2959 f. 57Certificate by Mandell Creighton, Bishop of London, of the delivery of the Boyle lectures by William Benham, Hon. Canon of Canterbury, for 1897-810 November 1898 MSS/2958-2959/2959/57
Benson 122 ff.106-7Correspondence on the Established Church (Wales) Bill1894Benson/122/106-7
Benson 141 ff.105-8Letters on a meeting with Bishop Nicholas 1895Benson/141/105-8
Benson 148 ff.112-99Correspondence and papers on Anglican representation at the coronation of NICHOLAS II, Tzar of Russia1896Benson/148/112-99
Benson 157 ff.283-8 passimCREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897).1896Benson/157/283-8 passim
Birkbeck 1/7/1Correspondence, 1894-18961894-1896Birkbeck/1/7/1
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