Authorized Form of NamePalmer; Edwin James (1869-1954); Bishop of Bombay
ForenamesEdwin James
EpithetBishop of Bombay
ActivityAssistant Bishop of Gloucester from 1929
SourceWho was Who

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MS 3007, p. 41Edwin James Palmer to his sister Lucy Palmer3 October 1919 MSS/2965-3015/3007/41
LC 66 ff. 205-9PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1908LC/1908/66/205-9
Bell 191, f. 58Correspondence with Edwin James PALMER, bishop of BombayBell/184-368/191/58
LC 178 ff. 64-5Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/1948/178/64-5
LC 177 ff. 117-18Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/1948/177/117-18
MS 3006PALMER PAPERS1904-1914MSS/2965-3015/3006
LCC 4 ff. 230-1Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/LCC/4/230-1
LC 147 ff. 65-6, 164PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1930LC/1930/147/65-6, 164
LC 68 ff. 18-21, 26, 35, 37, 53, 56PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1908LC/1908/68/18-21, 26, 35, 37, 53, 56
LC 104 no. 245Photograph of PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1908LC/1908/104/245
LC 167 f. 189Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/1930/167/189
LC 170 no. 52Photograph of PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1930LC/1930/170/52
MS 3010 ff. 1-2Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1869MSS/2965-3015/3010/1-2
LC 134 f. 252Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/1920/134/252
LC 69 ff. 103-4PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1908LC/1908/69/103-4
Davidson 138, ff.415-82 passimPALMER (Edwin James) bishop of Bombay.1908Davidson/27-217/138/415-82 passim
LC 190 no. 61Photograph of PALMER (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.1948LC/1948/190/61
LC 134 ff. 86-92Draft basis of union and constitution for the United Church of South India, proposed [by Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay].April 1919 LC/1920/134/86-92
LC 168 no. 13Edwin James Palmer, formerly Bishop of Bombay, Consecration to the episcopate per saltum.1930LC/1930/168/13
LC 134 ff. 2-13, 253-90Lambeth Conference, 1920. Relations to Non-Episcopal Churches. A Digest (of the replies to the questionnaire, by Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay).May-June 1920LC/1920/134/2-13, 253-90
MS 2978 ff. 154-158Memorandum by Edwin James Palmer entitled 'Creeds, their use, declaration of assent'[1921] MSS/2965-3015/2978/154-158
Douglas 24, ff. 145-7PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1929Douglas/24/128-98/145-7
CM 41/14Freedom of the City of London granted to the Rev. E.J. Palmer21 Mar 1890CM/41/11-17/14
MS 4702/67Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of BombayMSS/4700-4702/4702/67
Douglas 7, ff. 128-32PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1938Douglas/7/112-362/128-32
Bell 219, ff. 56-8, 62-3, 80-3Correspondence with Edwin James PALMER, bishop of Bombay.Bell/184-368/219-220/219/56-8, 62-3, 80-3
MS 2968 ff. 204-212Statement by Edwin James Palmer entitled 'Prayers for the dead' 1915MSS/2965-3015/2968/204-212
Bell 212, ff. 38, 43-5Correspondence with Edwin James PALMER, bishop of Bombay.Bell/184-368/204-218/212/38, 43-5
MS 2159, f.48Photograph of Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay (1908)20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2159/48
MS 2633 ff. 144, 201Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of BombayMSS/2615-2650/2633/144, 201
W.Temple 24, ff. 230-5FREE CHURCHES21-24 Sep 1930W.Temple/1-62/24/230-5
W.Temple 32, ff. 172-4LAMBETH PALACE LIBRARY4-10 May 1943W.Temple/1-62/32/172-4
MS 2994 ff. 76-92Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'The concept of divine law'13 July 1936 MSS/2965-3015/2994/76-92
MS 2979 ff. 244-253Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'Consecration to the episcopate per saltum'.[1928] MSS/2965-3015/2979/244-253
MS 2979 ff. 370-87Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay[1929]MSS/2965-3015/2979/370-87
MS 3006, p. 72Statement by Edwin James Palmer on the Bombay Diocesan Association[1911] MSS/2965-3015/3006/72
MS 3010 ff. 126-39Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1918MSS/2965-3015/3010/126-39
MS 2978 ff. 159-164Memorandum by Edwin James Palmer on the diaconate[1921] MSS/2965-3015/2978/159-164
Bell 129Church and State Commission1932Bell/118-183/125-131/129
MS 2636 f. 271Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of BombayMSS/2615-2650/2636/153-296/271
MS 3007PALMER PAPERS1905-1930MSS/2965-3015/3007
MS 2989 ff. 229-230Notes by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on union with Free Churches[1934]-1936MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/229-230
MS 2978 ff. 19-26Memorandum by Edwin James Palmer entitled 'The representative character of the ministry'[1920] MSS/2965-3015/2978/19-26
MS 2987 ff. 90-92Memoranda by Edwin James Palmer on union with Lutherans in the diocese of Chota Nagpur1918 MSS/2965-3015/2987/89-143v/90-92
MS 2631 f. 89Hume (Robert Allen), American Congregationalist minister[1927]MSS/2615-2650/2631/89
MS 2977PALMER PAPERS1928-1945MSS/2965-3015/2975-2977/2977
MS 2551 f. 218Graham (Deaconess Carol)1945MSS/2551/158-223/218
MS 2968 ff. 214-221Memorandum by Edwin James Palmer on the position of an archdeacon when in charge of a diocese 1915MSS/2965-3015/2968/214-221
MS 2986 ff. 82-103History of the establishment of the Church in India by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombayc. 1930MSS/2965-3015/2986/82-103
MS 2994 ff. 119-46Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay[1936]-1937MSS/2965-3015/2994/119-46
MS 2987 ff. 366-371Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1933 MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/366-371
MS 2636 ff. 239-43Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1938MSS/2615-2650/2636/153-296/239-43
MS 2980 ff. 462-463Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, of points for discussion at a conference at Oxford12 October 1932 MSS/2965-3015/2980/462-463
MS 1619 f. 139PALMER, Edwin James; Bishop of Bombay1903-1911MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1619/139
MS 3006, p. 32Form of service for the installation of Edwin James Palmer as Bishop of Bombay17 November 1908 MSS/2965-3015/3006/32
MS 2647 ff. 131, 167Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of BombayMSS/2615-2650/2647/131, 167
MS 2987 ff. 96-99Memoranda by Edwin James Palmer on union with Lutherans in the diocese of Chota Nagpur1918 MSS/2965-3015/2987/89-143v/96-99
MS 2978 ff. 329-331Memoranda by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on intercelebration and intercommunion[1925] MSS/2965-3015/2978/329-331
MS 2994 f. 405Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'The Old Catholics and dispensations' c. 1939MSS/2965-3015/2994/405
MS 2637 ff. 69-73Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay[1939]MSS/2615-2650/2637/1-136/69-73
LC 105 ff. 143-51, 248-52PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1920LC/1920/105/143-51, 248-52
MS 2969 f. 119r-vEpiscopal Synod1920MSS/2965-3015/2969/119r-v
MS 3006, p. 37Bishop Edwin James Palmer, 'To the members of the university missionary campaign'3 June 1909 MSS/2965-3015/3006/37
MS 2994 ff. 258-269Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'Dispensations in matrimonial matters in the mission field'[1937]MSS/2965-3015/2994/258-269
MS 2969 ff. 60-3Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1920MSS/2965-3015/2969/60-100/60-3
MS 2969 ff. 378-389Episcopal Synod1924MSS/2965-3015/2969/378-389
MS 2989 f. 187Notes by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on union with Free Churches[1934]-1936 MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/187
MS 2969 ff. 368-376Episcopal SynodMSS/2965-3015/2969/368-376
MS 3015 f. 118Photograph of Edwin Palmer, Archdeacon of Oxford, with his infant son Edwin James Palmerc. 1870 MSS/2965-3015/3015/118
MS 2647 f. 175Letter from Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, to The Times1933MSS/2615-2650/2647/175
MS 2989 ff. 211-225Notes by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on union with Free Churches[1934]-1936MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/211-225
MS 2979 ff. 1-15Address by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on church union in South Indiac. 1927 MSS/2965-3015/2979/1-15
MS 2968 ff. 52-56Papers on the revision of the Marathi prayer book, including (ff. 52-5) a report by Edwin James Palmer1915MSS/2965-3015/2968/52-56
MS 2635 ff. 142-3Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1937MSS/2615-2650/2635/24-289/142-3
MS 2978 ff. 344-353Account by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, of reunion negotiations in South India[1926] MSS/2965-3015/2978/344-353
MS 2980 ff. 112-123Article by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, for the Church overseas entitled 'Union of Churches in South India: the present position'[1930] MSS/2965-3015/2980/112-123
MS 2994 ff. 293-298Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'Sacraments and dispensation' [1937]MSS/2965-3015/2994/293-298
MS 2979 ff. 344-54Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay[1929]MSS/2965-3015/2979/344-54
MS 2974 ff. 356-376, 413-433Bishop Edwin James Palmer, 'Commentary on Indian Church Bill and Measure and Statutory Rules'1927 MSS/2965-3015/2974/356-376, 413-433
MS 2630 f. 224Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of BombayMSS/2615-2650/2630/67-224/224
Douglas 21, f. 179PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1930, 1937Douglas/21/125-80/179
MS 3006, p. 28Bishop Edwin James Palmer, 'The lessons of the Pan-Anglican Congress' (paper read at the Church Congress, Manchester)1908MSS/2965-3015/3006/28
MS 2989 ff. 251-263Notes by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on union with Free Churches[1934]-1936MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/251-263
Douglas 7, ff. 46-50INTERCOMMUNION1937Douglas/7/1-111/46-50
MS 2990 ff. 63-6, 79-80Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1933MSS/2965-3015/2990/63-6, 79-80
MS 3010 ff. 177-91Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombayc. 1929MSS/2965-3015/3010/177-91
MS 2962 f. 302Lasbrey (Bertram), Bishop on the Niger1937MSS/2962/302
MS 2986 ff. 55-69Unpublished charge by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay[1928] MSS/2965-3015/2986/55-69
Douglas 24, ff. 194-8PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1948Douglas/24/128-98/194-8
MS 2638 ff. 9, 19-31v, 36, 43Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of BombayMSS/2615-2650/2638/1-286/9, 19-31v, 36, 43
MS 2631 f. 35Davidson (Randall Thomas), Archbishop of Canterbury1924MSS/2615-2650/2631/35
MS 2629 ff. 79-83Notes on a memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on Nonconformist ministers in a reunited Church[1923]MSS/2615-2650/2629/79-83
MS 2978 ff. 221-227vEdwin James Palmer, 'The negotiations for union with the S.I.U.C.' (printed)[1921] MSS/2965-3015/2978/221-227v
MS 2989 ff. 239-250Paper by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'Outline sketch of constitution of Church recombining episcopacy with presbyteral and congregational elements'[1936]MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/239-250
LCC 6 f. 70Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/LCC/6/70
MS 1616 ff. 51-2PALMER, Edwin James; Bishop of Bombay1903-1911MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1616/51-2
Douglas 6, ff. 326-7PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1934Douglas/6/231-335/326-7
W.Temple 59, ff. 61-90Bernard Mary WILLIAMS, episcopus vagans28 June 1942-4 Oct 1943W.Temple/1-62/59/61-90
MS 3002-3003PALMER PAPERS1911-1930MSS/2965-3015/3002-3003
Douglas 8, f. 123PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1925Douglas/8/1-151/123
CM 41/13Commission of Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Bishop Palmer, to hold confirmations in the diocese of Gloucester, sede vacante1 Oct 1945CM/41/11-17/13
MS 2962 ff. 328, 401-11, 473Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1938-1943MSS/2962/328, 401-11, 473
MS 4311Letters to Edwin James Palmer (1869-1954)1901-1937MSS/4302-4321/4311
MS 4310Letters to Edwin James Palmer (1869-1954)1883-1891MSS/4302-4321/4310
MS 2973 f. 63Bishop Edwin James Palmer, 'Notes on the abbreviated draft Indian Church Measure'[1923] MSS/2965-3015/2973/63
LC 108 ff. 72-3PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1920LC/1920/108/72-3
LC 135 ff. 6-23, 127-33, 140, 144Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/1920/135/6-23, 127-33, 140, 144
LC 174 ff. 88, 98-105Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/1948/174/88, 98-105
LCC 3 ff. 288, 306-7, 310-11Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/LCC/3/288, 306-7, 310-11
LC 168 no. 19Bishop Edwin James Palmer, The Anglican Communion, its ideal and future.1930LC/1930/168/19
Lang 191, f. 284Edwin James PALMER, former Bishop of Bombay1939Lang/189-192/191/284
LC 146 ff. 273-5, 290-6PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1930LC/1930/146/273-5, 290-6
LCC 5 ff. 132, 144-8, 227-9, 304-10Correspondence with Palmer (Edwin James), bishop of Bombay.LC/LCC/5/132, 144-8, 227-9, 304-10
LC 140 no. 44Lambeth Conference 1920. Relations to Non-Episcopal Churches. A digest (of the replies to the questionnaire by Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay). 23 June 1920LC/1920/140/44
MS 2851 ff. 80-85vLetters from Edwin James Palmer, Bishop-designate of Bombay, to William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne, concerning the offer to him of the see of Bombay 1908MSS/2800-2857/2851/80-85v
W.Temple 26, ff. 277-84HOLY COMMUNION25 Mar-5 May 1943W.Temple/1-62/26/277-84
W.Temple 24, ff. 236-93FREE CHURCHES9 June 1942-26 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/24/236-93
W.Temple 24, ff. 345-59Diocese of GAMBIA AND THE RIO PONGAS28 Apr-15 July 1942W.Temple/1-62/24/345-59
W.Temple 35, ff. 6-38MORAVIAN CHURCH19 June-12 Aug 1944W.Temple/1-62/35/6-38
W.Temple 48, ff. 454-7UNCTION29 Oct-8 Dec 1943W.Temple/1-62/48/454-7
MS 3185World Conference on Faith and Order1927-1930MSS/3185
MS 2791 f. 39Wood (Alexander), Bishop of Nagpur1932MSS/2791/39
MS 1617 ff. 355-356vPALMER, Edwin James; Bishop of Bombay1903-1911MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1617/355-356v
MS 2647 f. 161Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1932MSS/2615-2650/2647/161
LC 107 ff. 47-8, 71-2, 93, 120-1, 207, 216, 238-9PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1920LC/1920/107/47-8, 71-2, 93, 120-1, 207, 216, 238-9
MS 2962 f. 230Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1935MSS/2962/230
MS 2647 ff. 92v-93Headlam (Arthur Cayley), Bishop of Gloucester[1932]MSS/2615-2650/2647/92v-93
MS 2965-3015PALMER PAPERSMSS/2965-3015
MS 2967 ff. 180-383Correspondence and papers concerning proposals for provincial and diocesan synods, consisting principally of copies of correspondence between George Alfred Lefroy, Bishop of Lahore, and (1913) Calcutta, and other Indian bishops, and of schemes for establishing diocesan synods.1909-1914MSS/2965-3015/2967/180-383
MS 2979PALMER PAPERS1927-1929MSS/2965-3015/2979
MS 2980PALMER PAPERS1929-1932MSS/2965-3015/2980
MS 2981PALMER PAPERS1933-1951MSS/2965-3015/2981
W.Temple 31, ff. 1-248Diocese in JERUSALEM27 Mar 1941-11 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/31/1-248
Douglas 24, ff. 176-9TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1943Douglas/24/128-98/176-9
CFR CFC 76Church of South India: South India SchemeJan 1936-Sep 1950CFR/3/3/15/76
LC 106 ff. 246-9, 319, 323PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1920LC/1920/106/246-9, 319, 323
Douglas 24, ff. 129-30PALMER, Edwin James, Bishop of Bombay1926Douglas/24/128-98/129-30
CM 41/12Notarial act of the consecration of E.J. Palmer, bishop of Bombay28 May 1908CM/41/11-17/12
CM 41/11Letters patent of Edward VII appointing Edwin James Palmer Bishop of Bombay6 May 1908CM/41/11-17/11
LC 78 ff. 43-4, 102, 104Correspondence with Edwin James Palmer, bishop of Bombay.LC/1908/78/43-4, 102, 104
LC 113 ff. 441-4Letter from Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay, requesting more time for discussion of reunion at the Conference and suggesting the admission of theologians and historians as advisors.13 June 1919LC/1920/113/441-4
Douglas 76, f. 70Photograph of the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER - Continuation CommitteeDouglas/76/66-74/70
Douglas 76, f. 69Photograph of the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER - Continuation Committee1931Douglas/76/66-74/69
W.Temple 30, ff. 154-207IRAN8 June 1942-6 Dec 1944W.Temple/1-62/30/154-207
W.Temple 29SOUTH INDIA1 Nov 1943-13 June 1944W.Temple/1-62/29
W.Temple 41, ff. 170-411SOUTH AFRICA10 Dec 1933-20 Oct 1944W.Temple/1-62/41/170-411
MS 2962 ff. 134, 211, 301, 337, 385, 423Lang (Cosmo Gordon), Archbishop of Canterbury1934-1941MSS/2962/134, 211, 301, 337, 385, 423
MS 5151A series of photographs of Sir Basil Scott in India, the Consecration of W Waller, Bishop of Tinnevelly, a missionary exhibition, and E J Palmer, Bishop of Bombay 1914-1921MSS/5151
LC 143 no. 117Photograph of PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1920LC/1920/143/117
Douglas 76, f. 71Photographs of the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER - Continuation Committee in Hertenstein, Switzland1934Douglas/76/66-74/71
MS 4302-4321Palmer familyMSS/4302-4321
MS 4312Letters to Edwin James Palmer (1869-1954) and miscellaneous papers1941-1944MSS/4302-4321/4312
MS 4321Miscellaneous Palmer papersc. 1801-1946MSS/4302-4321/4321
MS 2966 ff. 178-299Letters and papers concerning the episcopal synod30 December 1912-4 January 1913 MSS/2965-3015/2966/178-299
MS 2969 ff. 231-234Episcopal Synod[1924]MSS/2965-3015/2969/231-234
MS 2969 ff. 290-295Episcopal Synod[1924]MSS/2965-3015/2969/290-295
MS 2974 ff. 178-81Petition from the Church of England in India to the Church Assembly[1926]MSS/2965-3015/2974/178-81
MS 2974 ff. 476-477vBishop Edwin James Palmer, 'The Indian Church Measure and the next stages in India' (extract from 'Church Assembly News') 1927MSS/2965-3015/2974/476-477v
MS 2974 f. 489r-vMemorandum by Bishop Edwin James Palmer of a conversation with Macdonald (James Ramsay), Prime Minister (1929)1927 MSS/2965-3015/2974/489r-v
MS 2978PALMER PAPERS1919-1926MSS/2965-3015/2978
MS 2979 ff. 205-213Draft by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, of an article on the future communion service of the Church, perhaps for the 'Bombay diocesan magazine'.[1928] MSS/2965-3015/2979/205-213
MS 2987 ff. 328-342Memorandum by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, entitled 'A problem in recombination. A representative and constitutional episcopate combined with the elements of presbyteral and congregational order'11 January 1933 MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/328-342
MS 2987 ff. 389-395Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1933 MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/389-395
MS 2994 ff. 189-195Memoranda by Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, on 'the exceptive clause in S. Matthew's Gospel', and on 'the grounds of divorce and nullity which would be introduced into the law of England if Mr. Herbert's bill is passed' [1937]MSS/2965-3015/2994/189-195
MS 2998-3001PALMER PAPERS1882-1915MSS/2965-3015/2998-3001
MS 3004-3005PALMER PAPERS1915-1929MSS/2965-3015/3004-3005
MS 3013PALMER PAPERSApril-October 1907MSS/2965-3015/3013
MS 2624 f. 183Mackay (Henry Falconar Barclay), Vicar of All Saints, Margaret Street, Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay, and Ross (Henry), Vicar of St. Alban's, Holborn1927MSS/2615-2650/2624/183
MS 2631 f. 62Palmer (Edwin James), Bishop of Bombay1927MSS/2615-2650/2631/62
Douglas 76, f. 39Photograph of Anglicans, Orthodox and Old Anglicans taken at the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER at Lausanne1927Douglas/76/39-65/39
LC 110 ff. 22-3, 26-8, 162-80 passim, 185-6, 196-213 passim, 220, 246-9, 259-71 passimPALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1920LC/1920/110/22-3, 26-8, 162-80 passim, 185-6, 196-213 passim, 220, 246-9, 259-71 passim
LC 148 ff. 47-53 passim, 113-21, 158-9, 161, 166-7PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1930LC/1930/148/47-53 passim, 113-21, 158-9, 161, 166-7
LC 149 ff. 139-80 passim, 190-204 passim, 223-36 passim, 254-9PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1930LC/1930/149/139-80 passim, 190-204 passim, 223-36 passim, 254-9
LC 167 ff. 189-90Letters and articles in The Times, The Church Times and The Guardian on the South India Church scheme. The writers are Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester, Bernard Heywood, formerly Bishop of Southwell, anf Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay.September 1929 - January 1930LC/1930/167/189-90
LC 172 ff. 149-50, 406-7, 418-19, 441, 450PALMER, Edwin James, bishop of Bombay1948LC/1948/172/149-50, 406-7, 418-19, 441, 450
W.Temple 1, ff. 353-420ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY'S COMMISSION ON DISPENSATIONS1 May 1942-6 Oct 1944W.Temple/1-62/1/353-420
W.Temple 28SOUTH INDIA6 Jan 1942-30 Oct 1943W.Temple/1-62/28
W.Temple 46, ff. 275-304William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury27 July 1928-2 Jan 1929W.Temple/1-62/46/275-304
MS 3009PALMER PAPERS19th century-20th centuryMSS/2965-3015/3009
ACCS2/VIII/1-3CCS 64 Minutes of Evidence - Volume III17-19 March 1932ACCS2/VIII/1-3
ACCS2/IV/6Bishop Palmer, Victor Raikes, Francis Handley Roach, Revd E Carnegie Simpson, Robert Stokes, English Church Union, Revd Norman Sykes, Bishop of Truro, Canon E W Watson1931-1935ACCS2/IV/6
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