Authorized Form of NameNeale; John Mason (1818-1866); ecclesiologist; hymn-writer
ForenamesJohn Mason
Epithetecclesiologist; hymn-writer
ActivityMatriculated 1836 Trinity College Cambridge, BA 1840.
Ordained deacon by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol 1841; assistant curate Guildford, Surrey. Ordained priest 1842 but did not hold a benefice. DD (Harvard University).
A founder of the Cambridge Camden Society (1839), and in 1846 became the Warden of Sackville College, East Grinstead, where he founded the nursing sisterhood of St Margaret. Under his wardenship the College buildings were restored, adding ornaments in the rebuilt chapel which resulted in an inhibition from the Bishop of Winchester (removed in 1863).
Publications include theological and ecclesiological works, hymns, books for children and miscellaneous writings.
RelationshipsJohn Mason Neale (1818-1866) was the only son of the Rev. Cornelius Neale (d.1823) and Susanna (née Good).
Married Sarah Norman Webster 1842; five children.

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related catalogue records
MS 3598'John Mason Neale and the quest for Sobornost'1989MSS/3598
MS 1604 ff. 438-65NEALE, Revd. John Mason; Warden of Sackville College, East Grinstead1846-1865MSS/1590-1679/1604/438-65
MS 2678 f. 124Flysheet advertising a lecture by John Mason Neale on Sisterhoods in the English Church.19th centuryMSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/124
MS 2678 f. 27Neale to George John Sackville-West, 5th Earl De La Warr, informing him of the inhibition (copy) 9 May 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/27
MS 1491 f. 43Benjamin Webb, Curate of Brasted, to the Revd. John Mason Neale, about the Bishop of Exeter. Mill and reservation of the sacrament.27 March 1850MSS/1491/43
MS 2678 ff. 12-15Neale to George John Sackville-West, 5th Earl De La Warr, giving an account of the bishop's visit to Sackville College (copy)7 May 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/12-15
MS 2678 ff. 108-119Paper by Neale on 'The Rubricks of the Communion Office'19th centuryMSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/108-119
MS 2678 ff. 126-136Fragment of a history of the Early Church by John Mason NealeMSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/126-136
MS 2145, f.371Letters from Revd. John Mason Neale, Warden of Sackville CollegeMSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2145/371
MS 3107NEALE PAPERS8 November 1838-18 March 1840MSS/3107-3118/3107
MS 2678 ff. 54-66'Class-Questions, literal and mystical, on the Book of Genesis', by John Mason Nealen.d.MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/54-66
MS 2678 f. 26Neale to Ashurst Turner Gilbert, Bishop of Chichester, acknowledging receipt of inhibition (copy) 9 May 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/26
MS 2678 ff. 213-255Memorial address on Neale (ff. 213-230v), and obituary notices, [1866] (ff. 233-55).MSS/2677-2684/2678/204-256/213-255
MS 2677 ff. 96-110Neale to the Bishop of Salisbury, on prayer book revision (incomplete copy) n.d.MSS/2677-2684/2677/96-110
MS 2678 f. 152Sequence by Neale for the festival of SS. Peter or John, entitled, 'Follow thou me' MSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/152
MS 2678 ff. 85-89vLatin play by the Revd. John Mason Neale concerning the massacre of Glencoe1832MSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/85-89v
MS 2684NEALE PAPERS1843-1864MSS/2677-2684/2684
MS 2678 ff. 91-107Verses by John Mason Neale entitled 'The Palaces of Futurity and Eternity'1835MSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/91-107
MS 2678 f. 206r-vExtract from John Mason Neale's will[1866]MSS/2677-2684/2678/204-256/206r-v
MS 2678 ff. 120-121Letter from the Dean and Chapter of Perth offering the Deanery of Perth to Neale4 July 1850 MSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/120-121
MS 2678 f. 40Flysheet by Neale declining to answer charges at a proposed meeting of assistant wardens of Sackville College14 August 1858 MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/40
MS 2678 ff. 18-19Neale to the Revd. Thomas Palmer Hutton, denying that a breviary is in the chapel (copy) 8 May 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/18-19
MS 2678 ff. 71-72vVerses, illustrated by drawings, by John Mason Neale entitled 'This is the College that Bob built'MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/71-72v
MS 3113NEALE PAPERS1850-1858MSS/3107-3118/3113
MS 2678 ff. 144-147Account of verses recollected by John Mason Neale in a dream1864MSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/144-147
MS 2678 ff. 138-143Translation into English by Neale of the hymn 'Deus ignee fons animarum' 19th centuryMSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/138-143
MS 2678 f. 125r-v'Suggestions for a Combination of Prayerbook Matins and Evensong with the corresponding Breviary Offices'19th centuryMSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/125r-v
MS 2678 f. 38Letter by Neale to 'The Sussex Express', on riot at Lewes, Sussex, on the occasion of the funeral of a sister of St. Margaret's Home23 November 1857MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/38
MS 2678 f. 153'Hymn on the occasion of the cattle plague', by John Mason Neale19th centuryMSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/153
MS 2074, f.67Letter from the Revd. John Mason Neale, Warden of Sackville College, to Lee, promising to send a sermon. 14 April 1865MSS/2074/67
MS 2683NEALE PAPERS1837-1866MSS/2677-2684/2683
MS 4777-4778JOHN MASON NEALE1854-1855MSS/4777-4778
MS 3111NEALE PAPERS1851-1852MSS/3107-3118/3111
MS 4783-4789JOHN MASON NEALE1851-1966MSS/4783-4789
MS 2677 ff. 62-63Neale to an unnamed lady [Caroline Harriet Sommers-Cocks, dowager Countess Sommers (1794-1873)], stating that the site for the Sisterhood is Rotherfield. 24 December [1854]MSS/2677-2684/2677/58-87/62-63
MS 2677 ff. 78-79Neale to Caroline Harriet Sommers-Cocks, dowager Countess Sommers (1794-1873), describing progress of the Sisterhood 28 January 1856MSS/2677-2684/2677/58-87/78-79
MS 4781-4782JOHN MASON NEALE1945-1982MSS/4781-4782
MS 2677-2684Neale, John Mason (1818-1866)1832-1931MSS/2677-2684
MS 4779-4780JOHN MASON NEALEFeb. 1836 - Aug 1838MSS/4779-4780
FP Blomfield 31, ff. 72-6Letters on NEALE (Rev. John Mason), ecclesiologist and hymn-writer1841FP/Blomfield/1-60/31/72-6
MS 3109NEALE PAPERS1832-1846MSS/3107-3118/3109
MS 3115NEALE PAPERS1862MSS/3107-3118/3115
MS 3118NEALE PAPERS1825-1828MSS/3107-3118/3118
MS 2144, f.304Letters from Revd. John Mason Neale, Warden of Sackville CollegeMSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2144/304
MS 2678 f. 30Neale to the Revd. Thomas Palmer Hutton, denying that a roman breviary was in the chapel, except for a temporary purpose (copy) 11 May 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/30
MS 2678 f. 36Petition by Neale to the Upper House of Convocation to intercede with the Bishop of Chichester for removal of his suspension[1853]MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/36
MS 3108NEALE PAPERS1 January 1842-10 April 1844MSS/3107-3118/3108
MS 2678 ff. 34-35vNewspaper report of action for assault in East Grinstead County Court in Mary Ann Preston v John Mason Neale and Sarah Norman Neale, his wife[1848]MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/34-35v
MS 2678 ff. 22-23Neale to Reginald Windsor Sackville West, Rector of Withyham, stating that the bishop acknowledged he had no right to visit the college (copy) 8 May 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/22-23
MS 3114NEALE PAPERS1862MSS/3107-3118/3114
MS 2678 ff. 196-203vReviews of (f. 196) 'Seatonian poems', by Neale, and (ff. 197-203v) of Mrs. Eleanor A. Towle, 'John Mason Neale. A memoir'. 1906MSS/2677-2684/2678/85-203/196-203v
MS 2677 f. 86-87Neale to an unnamed lady, stating that the Sisterhood has left Rotherfield for Sackville College and giving an account of its work 10 January 1857MSS/2677-2684/2677/58-87/86-87
MS 3112NEALE PAPERS1851-1859MSS/3107-3118/3112
MS 3117NEALE PAPERS 29 June [1857]-29 January 1858MSS/3107-3118/3117
MS 3116NEALE PAPERSJuly-December 1856 MSS/3107-3118/3116
MS 2678 ff. 4-5Neale to Ashurst Turner Gilbert, Bishop of Chichester, denying rumours and stating that the patrons of Sackville College thought application for the bishop's licence undesirable (copy) 14 April 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/4-5
MS 3594Rules, minutes, proceedings, and lists of members1942-1954MSS/3594-3595/3594
MS 3110NEALE PAPERS'March 1843-March 1847MSS/3107-3118/3110
MS 4833JOHN MASON NEALEOctober 1837-August 1838MSS/4833
MS 3595Copy of a diary of the Revd. Benjamin Webb1839-1864MSS/3594-3595/3595
MS 3120 (ff. 31-97v)Letters and papers1840-1865MSS/3120/31-97v
MS 2677 ff. 55-56Neale to the Revd. Richard Chenevix Trench, describing his liturgical searches in Denmark and Louvain (copy) 5 June 1852MSS/2677-2684/2677/55-56
MS 2677 ff. 58-61Neale to an unnamed lady [Caroline Harriet Sommers-Cocks, dowager Countess Sommers (1794-1873)], describing scheme to found a Sisterhood. 7 December 1854MSS/2677-2684/2677/58-87/58-61
MS 2677 ff. 66-67Neale to Caroline Harriet Sommers-Cocks, dowager Countess Sommers (1794-1873), stating that the Sisterhood will start with six sisters; assistance from Mrs. Sidney Herbert; sisters to be trained at Westminster Hospital.5 February 1855MSS/2677-2684/2677/58-87/66-67
MS 2677 ff. 125-179vPapers Concerning the Cambridge Camden Society1840-1842MSS/2677-2684/2677/125-179v
MS 2677 ff. 182-253vSurveys of churches on behalf of the Cambridge Camden Society by John Mason Neale, in some cases with assistance from others1840-1841MSS/2677-2684/2677/182-253v
MS 2678 f. 7Neale to Reginald Windsor Sackville West, Rector of Withyham, stating that the patrons did not wish him to assist the vicar because of the state of the parish and not because of the need for a licence (copy) 20 April 1847MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/7
MS 2680NEALE PAPERS1855-1857MSS/2677-2684/2680
MS 2681NEALE PAPERS19th centuryMSS/2677-2684/2681
MS 1977-1993CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY1839-1842MSS/1977-1993
FP Blomfield 54, ff. 117, 134Letters to DENTON (William), Perpetual Curate of St. Bartholomew, Moor Lane, London, on NEALE (Rev. John Mason), ecclesiologist and hymn-writer1852FP/Blomfield/1-60/54/117, 134
FP Blomfield 54, ff. 136, 156-8, 199-201, 222-3, 229, 237, 322, 436-7Letters to NEALE (Rev. John Mason), ecclesiologist and hymn-writer1852-1853FP/Blomfield/1-60/54/136, 156-8, 199-201, 222-3, 229, 237, 322, 436-7
Tait 79 ff. 93-4Declaration on the doctrine of transubstantiation1856Tait/76-104/79/93-4
MS 2678 f. 37Statement by Neale on riot at Lewes, Sussex, on the occasion of the funeral of a sister of St. Margaret's Home21 November 1857 MSS/2677-2684/2678/2-84/37
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