Authorized Form of NameWordsworth; John (1843-1911); Bishop of Salisbury
EpithetBishop of Salisbury
DatesAndPlacesEducated at Winchester College, matriculated New College Oxford 1861. BA 1865, MA 1868. Assistant master Wellington College 1866-7; elected Fellow of Brasenose College Oxford, 1867. Ordained deacon 1867 and priest 1869 by the Bishop of Oxford. Prebendary of Lincoln and examining chaplain 1870; Deputy Regius Professor of Divinty, Oxford, 1877-79; Bampton Lecturer 1881. Elected Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of Scripture, 1883, & Canon of Rochester. Elected and consecrated Bishop of Salisbury, 1885; DD Oxford 1885. Hon. LLD Dublin 1890, Cambridge 1908; Hon. DD Berne 1892; FBA 1905. Official of the Anglo-Continental Society (or Anglican & Foreign Church Society), and President of the Jerusalem and the East Mission Fund).
ActivityPublications include critical edition of the Vulgate, lectures, classical and historical works, sermons.
RelationshipsJohn Wordsworth (1843-1911) was the eldest son of Christopher Wordsworth (1807-1885) and Susanna Hatley (née Frere, d.1884). Married 1st 1870 Susan Esther (née Coxe, d.1894); 2nd 1896, Mary (née Williams), by whom 4 sons including Christopher and 2 daughters including Mary A.F.

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LC 104 no. 38Photograph of WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury.1908LC/1908/104/38
LC 37 no. 120Photograph of WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury.1888LC/1888/37/120
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MS 3120, f.247Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1901MSS/3120/168-247v/247
Benson 60 ff.271-5Letters from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on Old Catholics.1888Benson/60/271-5
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LC 46 ff. 119-20, 291, 299Wordsworth (John), bishop of Salisbury. LC/1897/46/119-20, 291, 299
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MS 3902Letters and reports 1910-1911MSS/3901-3912/3902
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Benson 153 f.72Letter from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on legislation on church discipline.1893Benson/153/72
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Benson 136 ff.112-3Letter from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on the Rev. J.E. Hawksley.1895Benson/136/112-13
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MS 2912 f. 35Robinson (Joseph Armitage), Dean of Wells1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/35
Benson 147 ff.50-3Complaint against WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury by the Rev. H.B. Wallace.1896Benson/147/50-3
Benson 117 f.247Letter from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on non-communicating attendance at Holy Communion.[1893]Benson/117/247
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MS 2911 f. 341Patten (Mrs. J. St. George), of the Italian Church Reform Association1901MSS/2908-2925/2911/341
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FP Temple 16, ff. 278-9WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury1887FP/Temple/1-39/16/278-9
Benson 88 ff.68-71Letters from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on the Rev. T. Ratcliffe.1890Benson/88/68-71
F. Temple 59, ff. 37-9WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1902F.Temple/59/37-9
MS 2912 f. 180Bourdery (E.), of the French Evangelical Church1906MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/180
LC 18 ff. 147-9WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury.1888LC/1888/18/147-9
Benson 94 ff.114, 132-3, 141-2WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1891Benson/94/114, 132-3, 141-2
Benson 136 ff.118-21WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1895Benson/136/118-21
Benson 27 ff.366-9, 372-3Letters from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on King's School, Rochester, Kent.1885Benson/27/366-9, 372-3
MS 2911 ff. 190, 211Lias (John James), Rector of East BergholtMSS/2908-2925/2911/190, 211
Benson 150 ff.115-16, 182-8, 240-3Letters from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury, on Church Patronage Bills.1887, 1895Benson/150/115-16, 182-8, 240-3
MS 2785 f. 7Bayne (Revd. Thomas Vere)1907MSS/2785/7
MS 2785 f. 8Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury1907MSS/2785/8
MS 2911 f. 225Cleaver (William Henry), Rector of Pulham St. Mary1891MSS/2908-2925/2911/225
MS 2912 f. 207Volet (Georges), French Old Catholic1905MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/207
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MS 2329PAPERS OF J.E.M.F1896-1901MSS/2327-2340/2329
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MS 2335 f. 235Power of attorney by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, for Blyth1897MSS/2327-2340/2335/204-260v/235
MS 1399 ff. 11-62Notes by Wordsworth on the Uppsala conference21-23 September 1909MSS/1399/11-62
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MS 2913 ff. 297-299vOldfield (William John), Canon of Lincoln1905MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/297-299v
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MS 2913 f. 209Davidson (Randall Thomas), Archbishop of Canterbury1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/209
MS 2913 f. 295vSociety for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/295v
MS 2912 ff. 1-7vCamilleri (Michael Angelo), Vicar of Lyford1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/1-7v
MS 2343 f. 189Wordsworth (John), Bishop of SalisburyMSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2343/189
MS 2911 f. 267Temple (Frederick), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2908-2925/2911/267
MS 2913 ff. 197, 227-32Webb (Allan Becher), Bishop of Grahamstown1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/197, 227-32
MS 3120, ff.216-225vWordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1896MSS/3120/168-247v/216-225v
MS 2911 f. 264Frere (Mary), Hon. Secretary to the Italian Church Reform Association1896MSS/2908-2925/2911/264
MS 2911 f. 324Grillo (Ernesto), priest in the Reformed Catholic Church of Italy1901MSS/2908-2925/2911/324
MS 2913 f. 149King (Edward), Bishop of Lincoln1898MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/149
MS 2913 f. 179Trench (Herbert Francis), Vicar of St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet[1898]MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/179
MS 2912 f. 225Constantine V, Patriarch of Constantinople1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/225
MS 2911 f. 188Dawson (William), former Rector of St. John, Clerkenwell1889MSS/2908-2925/2911/188
MS 2913 f. 260Maclagan (William Dalrymple), Archbishop of YorkMSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/260
MS 2913 f. 171Baylis (Revd. Frederick), Secretary to C.M.S.1898MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/171
MS 2913 f. 104vDowling (Theodore Edward), Archdeacon in SyriaMSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v/104v
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LC 78 ff. 165-82Correspondence with Gerard Gul, Old Catholic Archbishop of Utrecht, and John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, on the Old Catholic Church. March-August 1909 LC/1908/78/165-82
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MS 4124General Correspondence1861-1898MSS/4096-4133/4116-4132/4124
MS 3769 Wordsworth papers1889-1890MSS/3768-3770/3769
MS 3120 (ff. 248-68)Relations with other Churches.1897-1898MSS/3120/248-268
LC 47 ff. 214-215Letter from the Secretary of the C.M.S. to John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, on episcopal jurisdiction in Shanghai.19 July 1897LC/1897/47/214-215
MS 3768 Wordsworth papers1889-1890MSS/3768-3770/3768
MS 1812 ff. 103-131Correspondence of John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, about the trial of Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln, the consecration of Thomas Lancaster, Archbishop of Armagh, etc. 1889-1893MSS/1812/103-131
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MS 1789 ff. 149-152v'Report on the Higher Organisation of the Anglican Communion, presented to the Bishops Meeting'. 1895MSS/1789/149-152v
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Benson 41 ff.235-302 passimWORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1886Benson/41/235-302 passim
MS 2913 ff. 77-82v, 99, 126Blyth (George Francis Popham), Bishop in JerusalemMSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v/77-82v, 99, 126
MS 2335 f.57Correspondence between the Bishop of Salisbury and Frederick Temple, Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2327-2340/2335/1-104/57
MS 2165, ff.165-167List of the contents of a volume concerning the Papal Bull 'Apostolicae curae' and the 'Responsio archiepiscoporum angliae ad litteras apostolicas Leonis papae XIII', belonging to John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury. 1896-1897MSS/2165/165-167
MS 2913 f. 235Butcher (Charles Henry), Archdeacon in Egypt1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/235
MS 2330PAPERS OF J.E.M.F1889-1908MSS/2327-2340/2330
MS 2028, p. 137Letter from John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, to Paul Ferdinand Willert, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, on his appointmnt as Bishop28 August 1885MSS/2028-2029/2028/137
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MS 2913 ff. 264, 270Horner (Revd. George), Coptic scholar1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/264, 270
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MS 2797 f. 85Temple (Frederick), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2797/82-138/85
MS 2910ANGLO-CONTINENTAL SOCIETY1871-1913MSS/2908-2925/2910
MS 2911 ff. 196, 207Benson (Edward White), Archbishop of Canterbury1891MSS/2908-2925/2911/196, 207
MS 2912 f. 344White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, OxfordMSS/2908-2925/2912/332v-345v/344
MS 2913 ff. 303-10Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury1907MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/303-10
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MS 2912 f. 176Acland-Troyte (Reginald Henry Dyke), Chaplain at Pau1905MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/176
MS 2913 f. 275Letter from Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury, to The Times1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/275
MS 2913 ff. 1-12v, 66Headlam (Arthur Cayley), Bishop of Gloucester1895-1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/1-74v/1-12v, 66
MS 2913 ff. 219, 243, 247Temple (Frederick), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/219, 243, 247
MS 2909 ff. 40-43vNewspaper cuttings of articles in The Tablet and of correspondence concerning the Coptic Rite1896 MSS/2908-2925/2909/40-43v
MS 2912 f. 194Delisle (Léopold), French theologian1909MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/194
MS 2913 ff. 109, 118Petty-FitzMaurice (Henry Charles Keith), 5th Marquess of Lansdowne; Foreign Secretary1902MSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v/109, 118
MS 2913 ff. 252, 268, 290Baring (Evelyn), 1st Earl of Cromer1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/252, 268, 290
MS 2165, ff.139-164vThe manuscript of 'De successione episcoporum in ecclesia anglicana epistola', by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury. 1890MSS/2165/139-164v
FP Creighton 7Correspondence1897FP/Creighton/7
Birkbeck 1/10/2Correspondence, 1898-19031898-1903Birkbeck/1/10/2
Birkbeck 1/12/5Correspondence, 1896-18981896-1898Birkbeck/1/12/5
Birkbeck 1/12/4Correspondence, 18951895Birkbeck/1/12/4
Birkbeck 1/12/2Correspondence, 1889-18941889-1894Birkbeck/1/12/2
Davidson 167, ff.3-14Visits by British churchmen to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury - visits the U.S.A.1909-1910Davidson/27-217/167/3-14
Benson 6 ff.146-7, 164-8WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1883Benson/6/146-7, 164-8
MS 2913 f. 151Letter from Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury, to the Daily Telegraph1898MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/151
RCED/6Episcopal Correspondence1904-1905RCED/6
MS 5062 ff. 95r-99vPhotographs: SalisburyMSS/5062/95r-99v
Benson 100 ff.407-8Letter from WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury, on his appointment as and episcopal referee for Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1891Benson/100/407-8
Benson 120 ff.14-25GOTT (John), Bishop of Truro - Report of a committee on theological colleges1893Benson/120/14-25
Benson 137 ff.17-20EASTERN CHURCH ASSOCIATION: Jacobite missions1895Benson/137/17-20
Benson 150 ff.312, 345Letters from COMPTON (Lord Alwyne Frederick), Bishop of Ely; HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888), WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on the Benefices Bill1896Benson/150/312, 345
LC 74 ff. 304-15 passim, 450John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury.1907-1909LC/1908/74/304-15 passim, 450
LC 47 ff. 121-6, 193-4, 214-15WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury: correspondence1897LC/1897/47/121-6, 193-4, 214-15
LC 69 ff. 41, 54, 237, 244WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury.1908LC/1908/69/41, 54, 237, 244
F. Temple 55, ff. 107-10, 112CONVOCATION OF CANTERBURY, Joint Committee of both Houses of - Report and letters on proposals for a REPRESENTATIVE CHURCH COUNCIL1902-1903F.Temple/55/107-10, 112
MS 1618 ff. 155-157vWORDSWORTH, John, Bishop of Salisbury1905-1907MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1618/155-157v
MS 2909ANGLO-CONTINENTAL SOCIETY1895-1898MSS/2908-2925/2909
MS 3765Part 2. Proceedings, Protest and Objections1889MSS/3764-3767/3765
MS 3770Wordsworth papers1889-1890MSS/3768-3770/3770
MS 1946 ff.131-161Letters to John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, concerning the report of the Archbishop's commission entitled 'The Church of England and the Church of Sweden', 1911. 1910-1911MSS/1946/131-161
Birkbeck 1/9/2Visit to Russia with Archbishop of York: CorrespondenceFeb-Jun 1897Birkbeck/1/9/2
LC 40 ff. 105, 162, 164, 225-6, 251-5, 261, 269, 280, 285, 298-308 passimWORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury.1897LC/1897/40/105, 162, 164, 225-6, 251-5, 261, 269, 280, 285, 298-308 passim
MS 1729 ff. 248-249Notes by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, on the formulation of the "Responsio Archiepiscoporum Angliae ad litteras apostolicas Leonis Papae XIII". 1897MSS/1729/248-249
MS 5030'A Tour Round the World' by Roger William H. Dalison 1902-1903MSS/5030
MS 3768-3770Wordsworth, John (1843-1911)1889-1890MSS/3768-3770
MS 4483Society of St Willibrord correspondence and papers 1887, 1908-101887-1910MSS/4480-4495/4483
MS 3436Wordsworth Papers1888-1911MSS/3436
MS 4653Jerusalem Tour AlbumOctober 1898MSS/4653
MS 2911ANGLO-CONTINENTAL SOCIETY1889-1904MSS/2908-2925/2911
MS 2911 ff. 169, 198, 250-255vPlunket (William Conyngham), 4th Baron Plunket: Archbishop of DublinMSS/2908-2925/2911/169, 198, 250-255v
MS 2911 f. 256Mayor (Miss M. A.), of the Anglo-Continental Society1891MSS/2908-2925/2911/256
MS 2911 ff. 326-331v, 343-350vIlott (Bertha), of the Italian Church Reform Association1901MSS/2908-2925/2911/326-331v, 343-350v
MS 2911 f. 337Mayor (Revd. John Eyton Bickersteth), President of St. John's College, Cambridge (1902)1901MSS/2908-2925/2911/337
MS 2912 f. 9Dawson (William), former Rector of St. John, Clerkenwell1889MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/9
MS 2912 f. 27Lock (Revd. Walter), Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Oxford1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/27
MS 2912 ff. 29-32vMeyrick (Frederick), Rector of BlicklingMSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/29-32v
MS 2912 f. 33Oldham (Richard Samuel), Rector of Little Chart; Secretary to Anglo-Continental Society1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/33
MS 2912 f. 37Spit (Nicolas Bartholomaeus Petrus), Old Catholic Bishop of Deventer1897MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/37
MS 2912 ff. 41-77vWhite (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, OxfordMSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/41-77v
MS 2912 ff. 84-85vGoodwin (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, Stubbs (William), Bishop of Oxford, and Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury[1889-1890]MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/84-85v
MS 2912 ff. 196-205Larpent (Alexis), of the Anglo-Continental Society1905-1906MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/196-205
MS 2912 ff. 230-49Dowling (Theodore Edward), Archdeacon in SyriaMSS/2908-2925/2912/225-264v/230-49
MS 2912 f. 250Duckworth (Revd. Henry Thomas Forbes), Professor of Divinity, TorontoMSS/2908-2925/2912/225-264v/250
MS 2912 f. 254British and Foreign Bible Society1907MSS/2908-2925/2912/225-264v/254
MS 2912 f. 256Swabey (Mark Richard), Chaplain in Constantinople1907MSS/2908-2925/2912/225-264v/256
MS 2912 f. 263Temple (Frederick), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2908-2925/2912/225-264v/263
MS 2912 f. 355Schéele (Knut Henning Gezelius Von), Bishop of Gotland, Sweden1901MSS/2908-2925/2912/346-58/355
MS 2912 f. 359Oldham (Richard Samuel), Rector of Little Chart; Secretary to Anglo-Continental Society1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/359-420/359
MS 2913 ff. 83-90, 97, 101, 107, 114, 120-125v, 127-132vFrere (Hugh Corrie), Archdeacon in Syria1902MSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v/83-90, 97, 101, 107, 114, 120-125v, 127-132v
MS 2913 f. 115Sadler (Revd. William), Secretary to the Jerusalem and the East MissionMSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v/115
MS 2913 ff. 134-137vCorrespondence between Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury, and Douglas Montagu Thornton, C.M.S. missionary in Cairo, on faults in an Arabic translation of 'Some points in the teaching of the Church of England'.1903 MSS/2908-2925/2913/134-137v
MS 2913 ff. 138-143v, 156, 181, 195Wilkinson (Thomas Edward), Bishop for North and Central Europe1898-1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/138-143v, 156, 181, 195
MS 2913 ff. 144, 162, 174, 183, 216, 226, 233, 238, 245, 249, 256, 266, 272, 277Blyth (George Francis Popham), Bishop in JerusalemMSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/144, 162, 174, 183, 216, 226, 233, 238, 245, 249, 256, 266, 272, 277
MS 2913 ff. 154, 158-161v, 167, 177, 185-194v, 201-204v, 214, 221, 262, 281-4, 287Sadler (Revd. William), Secretary to the Jerusalem and the East MissionMSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/154, 158-161v, 167, 177, 185-194v, 201-204v, 214, 221, 262, 281-4, 287
MS 2913 f. 294Fowler (Montague), Chaplain to Archbishop Benson; 4th Bart. (1915)1899MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/294
MS 2328PAPERS OF J.E.M.F1897-1899MSS/2327-2340/2328
MS 2551 ff. 30-86vPapers of the Association for the Furtherance of Christianity in Egypt1883-1885MSS/2551/30-86v
MS 2165, ff.110-138Old Catholics. MSS/2165/110-138
MS 2146, ff.397-8Report on the Church Defence Board of Salisbury Cathedral by Bishop Wordsworth (printed)1894MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2146/397-8
Benson 38 ff.33-5SALISBURY, Diocese of.1886Benson/38/33-5
Benson 87 ff.43-6, 448LAMBETH PALACE, Surrey - Letters and papers on Lollard's Tower1890Benson/87/43-6, 448
Benson 107 ff.323-5WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury, and STUBBS (William), Bishop of Oxford.1890Benson/107/323-5
Benson 121 f.170Correspondence and papers of WESTCOTT (Brooke Foss), Bishop of Durham, concerning the Welsh Suspensory Bill1893Benson/121/170
Benson 129 ff.1-5DODSON (William Marriott) - Correspondence on dispensation from his vows1894Benson/129/1-5
F. Temple 6, ff. 52-79, 86-7, 90-7, 144-7, 150-1, 159-62, 175-6, 179-80, 194-5WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury.1897F.Temple/6/52-79, 86-7, 90-7, 144-7, 150-1, 159-62, 175-6, 179-80, 194-5
Davidson 803, ff.154-61WORDSWORTH (John), bishop of Salisbury - Pastoral letters to his clergyDavidson/799-805/803/154-61
MS 4825LINCOLN TRIAL1889-1892MSS/4825
Birkbeck 1/12/8Correspondence, 1908-19121908-1912Birkbeck/1/12/8
Birkbeck 1/12/6Correspondence, 18991899Birkbeck/1/12/6
Birkbeck 1/7/1Correspondence, 1894-18961894-1896Birkbeck/1/7/1
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