Authorized Form of NameProvince of Canterbury; Court of Arches
Corporate NameProvince of Canterbury
SubordinateCourt of Arches
OtherFormsOfNameCourt of Canterbury (curia Cantuariensis); curia de arcubus
DatesAndPlacesThe court first appears in the surviving records in the mid 13th century. The court was held at the church of St Mary-le-Bow (at Cheapside in the City of London) from at least the late 13th century until the church was destroyed by the Great Fire of London (1666). The court sat from 1672 at Doctors' Commons until the dissolution of that society in 1857 under the Court of Probate Act.
ActivityCourt of Appeal for the Province of Canterbury, deriving its name from the church of St Mary-le-Bow (St Mary de Arcubus - deriving its name from its stone arches) in the city of London - a peculiar of the Archbishop. Heard appeals from the consistory and peculiar courts within the Province of Canterbury. Although much of its original jurisdiction has been transferred, the court survives to the present day.
RelationshipsSimilar to the Chancery Court of the Archbishop of York (for the Province of York). Appeal from the Court of Arches was to Rome before the Reformation, the Court of Delegates subsequently, and after 1832 the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

The other courts of the Archbishop of Canterbury were the Consistory Court of Canterbury, presided over by a commissary general; the Archdeacon's Court (the archdeaconry being coterminous with the Diocese of Canterbury: Brian L. Woodcock, 'Medieval Ecclesiastical Courts in the Diocese of Canterbury', Oxford, 1952); and two other non-diocesan courts, the Court of Audience, and the Court of Prerogative. See also Audrey M. Erskine, "Ecclesiastical Courts in the Province of Canterbury", 'Archives' vol. III (1957), pp. 8-17.
InternalStructuresPresided over by the judge or Official Principal known as the Dean of the Arches (from his lesser office as judge of the court of the peculiar of the Arches).
SourceF. Donald Logan, 'The Medieval Court of Arches'; I. Churchill, 'Canterbury Administration', i, 424-469.

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MS 4254Rough notes from the Lambeth registers relating to Croydon, advocates, proctors etc1754MSS/4254-4265/4254
Reg. Stafford (Kemp), f. 240vMakerell, Radulph10 July 1452V/A/11Stafford/240v-a
Reg. Stafford, f. 9vRudhale, Richard22 Oct 1443V/A/11Stafford/9v
CM VI/100One leaf of a register of citations by the official of Canterbury (i.e. of the Court of Arches). Nov. 1385CM/6/100
CM XXI/4Form of confirmation, by Thomas Winniffe, Bishop of Lincoln, as visitor, of election of provost of Oriel; addressed to Sir John Lamb as official of Arches, dated 1644, corrected to 1691. 1691CM/21/4
Ramsey 136, ff.263-74, 282-3, 294-5Correspondence on the archive of the COURT OF THE ARCHES1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/136/263-74, 282-3, 294-5
CM I/35Confirmation of office of registrar of Court of Arches to Edward Orwell, junior. 16 Feb. 1582-316 Feb. 1583CM/1/35
Tait 233 ff. 3-9COURT OF ARCHES1871-1877Tait/161-296/233/3-9
CM VI/99Portion of a royal writ of prohibition of action to the Dean of Arches, in a tithe cause (Collington End, Essex). 12 Feb. 1612-13.12 Feb. 1613CM/6/99
CM XIX/23Positions or exceptions of Maurice Mathewes in reply to the libel of William Lee in a cause of defamation in the court of Arches. CM/19/23
Davidson 123, ff.164-8ARCHES, COURT OF1907Davidson/27-217/123/164-8
Ramsey 160, ff.187-8Correspondence on the holdings of LAMBETH PALACE LIBRARY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/160/187-8
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Tait 282 ff. 263-70WILDE (James Plaisted), Baron Penzance1882Tait/161-296/282/263-70
CM XIX/10Portions of interrogatories in a case of Nicholas Steward v. John Northerun, apparently in the Court of Archesc. 1500CM/19/10
MS 1587 ff. 456-468Lecture on the Court of Arches delivered to undergraduates of St. John's College, Cambridge, with (f. 456) letter of invitation from the Master, Sir Robert Forsyth Scott. 1921MSS/1586-1589/1587/456-468
MS 1588 ff. 116-122Reports of an address to the Authors' Club on the records of the Court of Arches. "The Standard," 13 January 1914 (ff. 116-20); "The Church Times", 16 January 1914 (f. 121); "The Guardian", 16 January 1914 (ff. 122).January 1914MSS/1586-1589/1588/116-122
CM 52/15Cardinal Pole acta30th June 1556CM/52/15
MS 2876 ff. 1-138Papers concerning fees in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, the Consistory Court of London, the Court of Arches, and other ecclesiastical courts.1823-1828 MSS/2873-2880/2876/1-138
MS 2876 ff. 308-309Note of precedents in the Court of Arches, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and Consistory Courts1793-1814 MSS/2873-2880/2876/308-309
Reg. Langham, f. 60vHornyngehirsth, Thomas30 Jan 1368V/A/5Langham/60v
F I/CCC pp. 196a-eWILLINK, Rt. Hon. Henry Urmston10 Oct 1955F/1/54CCC/196a-e
Arches G 153/37BARTTELOT V BARTTELOT1790Arches/G/153/37
Reg. Courtenay f. 55Bernes, Walter12 Nov 1383V/A/8Courtenay/55
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 34vLydeford, John de24 Oct 1370V/A/6Whittlesey/34v-b
Tait 94 ff. 3-10HASSARD (John), Principal Registrar of the province and diocese of Canterbury; Kt. (1888)Tait/76-104/94/3-10
MS 585 pag. 595Decretum Johannis Peckham, Archiep. Cant. contra Procuratores Curiae de Arcubus, qui Prohibitiones Ć  CancellariĆ¢ Regis impetrant. MSS/585/182
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Reg. Sudbury, f. 59Norton, William de10 Feb 1380V/A/7Sudbury/59
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Reg. Bancroft, f. 145THWAITE [Thwaites] (Matthew)22 April 1607 V/A/20Bancroft/145
Reg. Tenison 1, f. 140vCooke, Sir John, LL.D.11 March 1703V/A/27Tenison1/140v
Davidson 10/18-20ARCHES, COURT OF - Appointment of the dean Davidson/1-26/10/18-20
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Reg. Sudbury, f. 38vTadsworth, William11 July 1376V/A/7Sudbury/38v-b
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 17Byde, William1 Nov 1369V/A/6Whittlesey/17
Reg. Sudbury, f. 26vWogan, Enricus (Ennea)16 July 1376V/A/7Sudbury/26v
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 24vErgum, Rad.21 March 1370V/A/6Whittlesey/24v
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 2Godewyke, John26 Jan 1369V/A/6Whittlesey/2-b
Reg. Wake 2 part 2, f. 300JAMES (Francis) (Cantab.) 20 Nov. 1730V/A/28Wake2-2/300
CM II/14Grant of deanery of Arches to William Lewen LL.D. with the consent of Thomas Yale LL.D., vicar general and official principal. 16 March 1575-616 March 1576CM/2/14
F I/G f 84vFarrant, Linthwaite, n.p.1728F/1/8G/84v-a
CM I/66Appointment by Archbishop Bancroft of Nicholas Weston and Thomas Bowcher as registrars of Court of Arches after the death of Edmund Scott.4 June 1608CM/1/66
CM XI/86Copy of a mandate by King James I to the Dean of Arches to proceed in a tithe cause of coppice wood at Shenley Herts., Richard Litler v. Thomas and Richard Barnard, which the defendants had attempted to take into a secular court. [17th century]CM/11/86
CM XIX/24Libel of Prior and Convent of Thoby, Essex, proprietors of the church of Mountnessing, Essex, v. James Harrys of Great Burstead, tithe cause in court of Archesc. 1477CM/19/24
CM VI/95Portion of a copy of the sentence of Richard Gwent, commissary, read May 1541, in a dispute about the tithe of the shops, cellars, jetties, cranes and wharves of Andrew Morrice, of the parish of St. Dunstan in the East, now deceased. Court of Arches. Note of examination by Brian Walton. 5 June 1634CM/6/95
MS Facsimile 4 ff.80-8Photostat copyMSFacsimile/4/80-8
Arches A 18 ff. 143v-144rExton, Sir Thomas, LL.D.1 July 1686Arches/A/18/143v-144r
VG 1/7 f 164Rushworth, Edward, gentleman1734V/G/1/7/164-b
Reg. Wake 2 part 2, f. 317vFOULKES (Robert) (Oxon.) 30 Oct 1735V/A/28Wake2-2/317v
Reg. Wake 2 part 2, f. 280vBRAMSTON (William) (Cantab.) 23 June 1725V/A/28Wake2-2/280v
Reg. Wake 2 part 2, f. 295vLEE (George) Oxon., Sir22 Oct.1729V/A/28Wake2-2/295v
Reg. Warham 1, f. 4vHawarden, Humphrey, LL.D.5 Feb 1504V/A/14Warham1/4v
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 49Baketon, Thomas19 Oct 1371V/A/6Whittlesey/49
Reg. Cranmer, f. 51vCockys, John LL.D.22 July 1543V/A/15Cranmer/51v
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 48vEston, Walter de6 Oct 1371V/A/6Whittlesey/48v
VB 1/17/100Dodson, John (Oriel Coll. Oxford)16 March 1852V/B/1/17/100-a3
Reg. Langham, f. 53Spurt, Thomas17 Feb 1367V/A/5Langham/53
Reg. Cranmer, ff. 25-26Cooke [Coke], William, LL.D.28 Feb 1546V/A/15Cranmer/25-26
Reg. Arundel 1, f. 113Chysulden, William B.C.L.28 Dec 1402V/A/9Arundel1/113
Reg. Sudbury, f. 38vFreynsche, John19 July 1377V/A/7Sudbury/38v-c
Reg. Islip, f. 146Haversham, Ricardus de18 March 1359V/A/4Islip/146
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 34vGodeford [alias Silvester], John de19 Oct 1370V/A/6Whittlesey/34v-a
Reg. Chichele 2, f. 329Crouchton [Cruston], William21 Nov 1417V/A/10Chichele2/329
MS 580 Section 3Prologi, Seu Praefationes Librorum Seqq.MSS/580/3
Reg. Morton 2, f. 156Hawarden, Humphrey, LL.D.20 Oct 1493V/A/13Morton2/156
Reg. Arundel 1, f. 132vSmyth, John (B. in Decrees)11 Feb 1405V/A/9Arundel1/132v
Reg. Sudbury, f. 70vWelbourn, John15 Oct 1380V/A/7Sudbury/70v-a
Reg. Arundel 1, f. 146vRyngstede (alias Grene), William24 Nov 1406V/A/9Arundel1/146v
VB 1/11/202Calvert, Peter (Trin. Hall, Camb.)26 Nov 1778V/B/1/11/202-a2
Reg. Langham, f. 54Haversham, Ricardus de21 March 1367V/A/5Langham/54
Reg. Stafford, f. 15Sandewich, Walter26 April 1444V/A/11Stafford/15
Reg. Sudbury, f. 38Stowe, Thomas LL.D.15 June 1377V/A/7Sudbury/38
Reg. Sudbury, f. 9Menness', William LL.B.14 Oct 1375V/A/7Sudbury/9
Reg. Sudbury, f. 25More, Robert LL.D.13 June 1376V/A/7Sudbury/25
Reg. Courtenay, f. 55vGoldyngton, Thomas5 Dec 1383V/A/8Courtenay/55v
Reg. Courtenay, f. 6Rocoumbe, William5 Feb 1382V/A/8Courtenay/6-a
Reg. Arundel 1, f. 99Mone, Lodowicus23 May 1400V/A/9Arundel1/99
Reg. Arundel 1, f. 95r-vHonyngham, John16 Jan 1401V/A/9Arundel1/95r-v
Reg. Chichele 2, f. 296vStafford, John5 Dec 1414V/A/10Chichele2/296v
Reg. Parker 2, f. 73NORTON [Morton?] (Anthony)19 Jan. 1573 V/A/17Parker2/73
Reg. Chichele 2, f. 301r-vErdygnton, William de1 June 1415V/A/10Chichele2/301
Reg. Parker 2, f. 84vLEWES (Felix) (Oxon.) 6 Oct. 1574V/A/17Parker2/84v-a
VB 1/5/71Cooke, Sir John1703V/B/1/5/71
VB 1/7/174Rushworth, Bryan, (Brian)1727V/B/1/7/174-a3
VB 1/12/99Wynne, Sir William (Trin. Hall, Camb., LL.D.)25 Aug 1788V/B/1/12/99
Ellison O/1/1/81Katyn Memorial25 Feb 1974-14 Dec 1976Ellison/O/1/1/81
Davidson 5/21-2, 24ARCHES, COURT OF - Appointment of the dean Davidson/1-26/5/21-2, 24
CC/SEC/LP/3Correspondence re furnishings for the Court of Arches.1956CC/SEC/4/3/4/3
MS 5059Records relating to the Court of Arches 1683MSS/5059
Reg. Grindal 1Register of Edmund Grindal1576-1583V/A/18Grindal1
CM XI/42Inspeximus by Fulco, Bishop of Lisieux, and the Abbots of Bernay and Cormeilles, of the charters of St. Philibert by Montfort, in the diocese of Lisieux, relating to the church of Saltwood. 10 March 1241CM/11/42
MS 4255Lists of officials in the archiepiscopal administration1754-1778MSS/4254-4265/4255
Reg. Langham, f. 47Othyn, William10 Nov 1366V/A/5Langham/47
Reg. Stafford (Kemp), f. 240vMason, Robert2 Dec 1452V/A/11Stafford/240v-c
Reg. Sudbury, f. 70vDavenport, John16 Oct 1380V/A/7Sudbury/70v-b
Reg. Stafford (Kemp), f. 240vRadcliffe, Roger10 July 1452V/A/11Stafford/240v-b
Reg. Stafford f. 11r-vProwet, Alexander15 Dec 1443V/A/11Stafford/11r-v
Lang 125, ff. 307-79COURT OF ARCHES - appointment of the dean1934Lang/1-186/125/307-79
Fisher 175, ff. 334-7COURT OF ARCHES - appointment of the dean of Arches; LAMBETH PALACE - offices for the dean of Arches in Morton's Tower1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/175/334-7
Fisher 158, ff. 231-5COURT OF ARCHES - appointment of the dean of Arches; LAMBETH PALACE - offices for the dean of Arches in Morton's Tower1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/158/231-5
Ramsey 182, ff.25-6FORD (Sir Edward William Spencer), secretary to the Pilgrim Trust - Correspondence on a grant to Lambeth Palace Library by THE PILGRIM TRUST 1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/25-6
CM I/30Appointment by Archbishop Bancroft of George Newman as official of the Court of Arches. 22 March 1606-722 March 1607CM/1/30
F. Temple 21, ff. 421-41 CANTERBURY, Province of, Court of Arches.1899F.Temple/21/421-41
Tait 292 ff. 1-12BENNETT (William James Early), Vicar of Frome Selwood, Somt.Tait/161-296/292/1-12
Tait 240 ff. 343-9COURT OF ARCHES - Correspondence on the appointment of the registrar1878Tait/161-296/240/343-9
Tait 291 ff. 179-200LUSHINGTON (Stephen), Dean of Arches1862Tait/161-296/291/179-200
Reg. Whittlesey, f. 61vUphull, Simon de28 June 1373V/A/6Whittlesey/61v
Ramsey 178, ff.161-3MOORE (Evelyn Garth), chancellor, vicar-general and official principal of the diocese of Durham1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/178/161-3
MS 4438 ff. 2-36Proceedings in the Court of Arches 18 February 1601MSS/4438/2-36
FP Jackson 24Surnames Isaacson - Kernahan1869-1883FP/Jackson/D/24
Arches Aaa 35BARTTELOT V BARTTELOT1790Arches/Aaa/35/a5
CM I/2Appointment by Archbishop Bancroft of Edmund Scott notary public his secretary and servant1607-1639CM/1/2
CM I/20Grant by Archbishop Abbot to Edmund Peirce notary public, proctor in Arches, of office of scribe and registry of the Court of Audience.22 June 1632CM/1/20
MS 4439Court of Arches1603-1611MSS/4439
CM XVIII/3Depositions in a cause concerning the rectory of Swanton Abbot with Skeyton.Early 14th centuryCM/18/3
Runcie/MAIN/1986/95Arches, Court of1985-1986Runcie/MAIN/1986/95
MS 2085, ff.31-512. A precedent book for ecclesiastical courts, compiled principally from cases heard in the Court of Arches, the Court of Audience, the Archdeaconry Courts of Berkshire and Bath and Wells. 1597-1599MSS/2085/31-51
MS 934Miscellaneous Papers1619-1714MSS/929-942/934
CM IX/10A libel in the Court of Arches in a case between John Smith, rector of St. Mildred Poultry and Robert Herne, 1527; extracted by Walton (in 1634) from the original in the records of the Court of Arches1527CM/9/10
Fisher 155, ff. 89-142COURT OF ARCHES - appointment of the dean of Arches; LAMBETH PALACE - offices for the dean of Arches in Morton's Tower1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/155/89-142
Ramsey 182, ff.69-81, 84-6, 89-92, 94COURT OF THE ARCHES: Correspondence on the appointment and tenure of the Dean of the Arches1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/69-81, 84-6, 89-92, 94
Tait 197 ff. 321-332EXETER, City of - Letters and papers on the cathedral[1874]Tait/161-296/197/321-32
Tait 233 f. 116PURCHAS (John), Perpetual Curate of St. James' Chapel, Brighton, Sussex1877Tait/161-296/233/116
Tait 397 ff. 73-4LUSHINGTON (Stephen), Dean of the COURT OF ARCHES1861-1862Tait/397-398/397/73-4
Arches F 8 ff. 194-195SIR RICHARD LLOYD1684Arches/F/8/194-195
TB 1Lease Bookc.1605T/B/1
Reg. Wake 2 part 2, f. 319SIMPSON (Edward) (Cantab.) 5 May 1736V/A/28Wake2-2/319-b
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
Arches F 12 pp. 202-204SIR JOHN NICHOLL1798Arches/F/12/202-204
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
MS 929Miscellaneous Papers1611-1723MSS/929-942/929
MS 4731Praxis in curiis ecclesiasticis[1592-1595]MSS/4731
MS 2451FRANCIS CLERKE'S 'PRAXIS' ('Praxis in curiis ecclesiasticis' and 'Praxis curiae admiralitatis Angliae')[1595-1599?]MSS/2451
Arches Aaa 33a section 2Court of Arches1775-1780Arches/Aaa/33a/2
VB 1/8/5Rushworth, Edward, gent.1734V/B/1/8/5-a5
VB 1/9/73Lee, George (LL.D., Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1700-1758)20 Dec 1751V/B/1/9/73
VB 1/10/109Hay, George, LL.D. (S. John's Coll. Oxf.)4 June 1764V/B/1/10/109-a2
VB 1/13/330Dodson, John (Oriel Coll. Oxford)1808V/B/1/13/330-a3
VB 1/17/101Dodson, John (Oriel Coll. Oxford)16 March 1852V/B/1/17/101
F I/XX pp. 378a-sBAKER-WILBRAHAM, Sir Philip, Bt.6 Aug 1934F/1/49XX/378a-s
ArchesCourt of Arches14th century-20th centuryArches
Arches D 2349JACOB V STURTON1665Arches/D/2349
F VII/4A formulary of documents relating to the diocese of Exeter.[early 17th century] F/7/4
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