Authorized Form of NamePatteson; John Coleridge (1827-1871); Missionary Bishop in Melanesia
ForenamesJohn Coleridge
EpithetMissionary Bishop in Melanesia

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MS 3064 no. 127Patteson (John Coleridge), Bishop in MelanesiaMSS/3064/127
Keble 8Papers of the Rev. Thomas Keble, Vicar of Bisley, concerning John Coleridge Patteson, Bishop in Melanesia.Keble/8
MS 4307Letters from Edwin Palmer (1824-1895) to members of his family and others1837-1872MSS/4302-4321/4307
Keble 8/5'A letter from the Right Rev. John Coleridge Patteson', D.D.1862Keble/8/5
Ramsey 184, ff.70-4Diocese of MELANESIA1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/184/70-4
Tait 186 ff. 135-8, 149-54HARPER (Henry John Chitty), Bishop of Christchurch; Primate of New Zealand1872Tait/161-296/186/135-8, 149-54
MS 4309Edwin Palmer (1824-1895) 1836-1915MSS/4302-4321/4309
Keble 8/2Extract from letter by Patteson to Charlotte Mary Yonge1857Keble/8/2
Keble 8/8Copy of a letter from Patteson to the Rev. George Moberly1863Keble/8/8
MS 4305Letters to Edwin Palmer (1824-1895)1838-1870MSS/4302-4321/4305
MS 2797 ff. 53-54Letter from John Coleridge Patteson, missionary Bishop in Melanesia, to Archbishop Tait, giving an account of the ordination of George Sarawia, the first Melanesian clergyman, and of the progress of the mission 24 December 1868MSS/2797/53-54
MS 1946 ff.68-109Papers of Australian BishopsMSS/1946/68-109
Tait 186 ff. 134-70PATTESON (John Coleridge), Bishop of MELANESIA1871-1872Tait/161-296/186/134-70
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