Authorized Form of NameMosley; Henry (1868-1948); Bishop of Southwell
EpithetBishop of Southwell
ActivityRector of Hackney (1911-19), Suffragan Bishop of Stepney and (1928-41) Bishop of Southwell.
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LC 143 no. 254Photograph of MOSLEY (Henry), bishop of Southwell.1920LC/1920/143/254
LC 170 no. 143Photograph of MOSLEY (Henry), bishop of Southwell.1930LC/1930/170/143
Fisher 329, f. 27Mosley, Henry, Bishop of SouthwellFisher/329/1-46/27
LC 147 f. 194MOSLEY (Henry), bishop of Southwell.1930LC/1930/147/194
MS 4700/23Henry Mosley, Suffragan Bishop of Stepney (afterwards Bishop of Southwell).MSS/4700-4702/4700/23
MS 4702/63Henry Mosley, Bishop of SouthwellMSS/4700-4702/4702/63
MS 4701/20Henry Mosley, Bishop of Southwell; Charles Edward Curzon, Suffragan Bishop of Stepney, (afterwards Bishop of Exeter)MSS/4700-4702/4701/20
MS 2995 f. 32Mosley (Henry), Bishop of Southwell1937MSS/2965-3015/2995/32
MS 2171, ff.14-19vThree reports on the work of the mission by Henry Mosley, Suffragan Bishop of Stepney, and (1928) Bishop of Southwell (printed)January-June 1923MSS/2169-2171/2171/14-19v
Douglas 42, f. 296MOSLEY, Henry, Bishop of Southwell1931Douglas/42/244-320/296
MS 2169, f.94Note: Henry Moseley, Bishop of Southwell, to H.P.K. Skipton (copy)1923MSS/2169-2171/2169/94
MS 3440, no.22Mosley (Henry), Bishop of Southwell.20th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3440/22
MS 2160, f.22Photograph of Henry Mosley, Bishop of Southwell, with staff of Southwell Minster1930MSS/2156-2163/2160/22
MS 3562, ff. 18, 34, 46, 53-6, 58, 61-62vMosley, Henry (fl 1919-1928), Suffragan Bishop of Stepney and (1928) Bishop of Southwell1924-1928MSS/3562/18, 34, 46, 53-6, 58, 61-62v
MS 2169, f.124Letter from Henry Moseley, Bishop of Southwell, to Revd. Horace Pitt Kennedy Skipton, Secretary to the Mission of Help to India1923MSS/2169-2171/2169/124
W.Temple 15, ff. 361-438COUNCIL FOR THE CHURCH AND THE COUNTRYSIDE6 Mar 1943-7 Dec 1944W.Temple/1-62/15/361-438
W.Temple 35, ff. 46-172MOTHERS' UNION30 Apr 1929-18 Mar 1944W.Temple/1-62/35/46-172
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