Authorized Form of NameTemple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury
EpithetArchbishop of Canterbury
ActivityBishop of Manchester 1920; Archbishop of York 1929; Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-1944
RelationshipsSon of Frederick Temple (1821-1902), Archbishop of Canterbury
SourceNational Register of Archives; Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)

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CM 55/10Articles of agreement for management of estates30 Jul 1942CM/55/10
MS 4141Letters of spiritual advice and direction from R.S. Ward to Deaconess Rachel Anson (afterwards Mrs. Rachel Steed) in Jamaica.1919-1935MSS/4134-4183/4141-4162/4141
MS 3590 f. 287Temple, William (1881-1944), Archbishop of Canterbury1939MSS/3589-3593/3590/287
MS 4337 ff. 71-82Letter to William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, titled 'The Eucharistic Canon'1 June 1942MSS/4337-4340/4337/71-82
MS 4346Correspondence and papers relating to the Church of South India1941-1952MSS/4341-4355/4346
MS 4517 ff. 309-310Letter to Mrs Temple from Herbert Dale, on lectures by William Temple31 Aug 1911MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/309-310
MS 3589 ff. 195, 202Temple, William (1881-1944), Archbishop of Canterbury1938MSS/3589-3593/3589/195,202
MS 4515Papers relating to the career of William Temple1897-1961MSS/4514-4534/4515
Bell 189, ff. 7-8Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/189/7-8
W.Temple 102Printed reviews of William Temple's books1917-1944W.Temple/102
LCC 3 ff. 164-6, 215-17Temple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/LCC/3/164-6, 215-17
LC 147 ff. 69-70, 189-90, 396-411, 422-3TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) archbishop of Canterbury.1930LC/1930/147/69-70, 189-90, 396-411, 422-3
LC 152 ff. 226-7Temple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/1930/152/226-7
MS 3440, nos.100-2Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury.20th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3440/100-102
MS 3208 (ff. 310-45)Recollections of Archbishop William Temple1940-1944MSS/3208/310-345
MS 3288, ff.2-3, 54Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury.1942MSS/3287-3319/3288/2-3, 54
W.Temple 70-94Appointment diaries1907-1944W.Temple/70-94
MS 4696 ff. 247-312Letters to Felix Milburn Blakiston (c.1874-c.1943), Canon and Prebendary of Lincoln1900-1938MSS/4696/247-312
LC 153 f. 372Temple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/1930/153/372
Bell 215, ff. 145-9Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury1933Bell/184-368/204-218/215/145-9
LC 47 ff. 64-236 passimTemple (Frederick), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/1897/47/64-236 passim
LC 154 ff. 100-1, 103-4, 109-10Temple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/1930/154/100-1, 103-4, 109-10
LC 134 ff. 230-3William Temple, Canon of Westminster, Relations with Nonconformists at home, address to the Church Congress at Leicester.October 1919 LC/1920/134/230-3
Fisher 327, ff. 126-32, 178-81Memorials to William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944)Fisher/327/126-32, 178-81
Fisher 329, f. 9Temple, William, Archbishop of YorkFisher/329/1-46/9
W.Temple 101Printed reviews of William Temple's books1910-1916W.Temple/101
Ramsey 2, f. 93Letter from William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury, on his visit to Durham1941Ramsey/1-3/2/93
Fisher 7, ff. 391-2William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944)1945Fisher/1-271/1-10/7/391-2
LC 170 no. 2Photograph of TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) archbishop of Canterbury.1930LC/1930/170/2
W.Temple 66Notes for addresses to ordinands1920-1936W.Temple/66
LC 146 ff. 21-4, 195-9, 463-5TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) archbishop of Canterbury.1930LC/1930/146/21-4, 195-9, 463-5
LC 149 ff. 27-9, 55-6,74-5, 108-11, 174-9, 188-9, 192, 195, 220-1TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) archbishop of Canterbury.1930LC/1930/149/27-9, 55-6,74-5, 108-11, 174-9, 188-9, 192, 195, 220-1
Ramsey 69, ff. 346-7Correspondence on Joseph Fletcher's study of William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/69/346-7
W.Temple 46, ff. 192-8William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1921-1927W.Temple/1-62/46/192-8
Fisher 40, ff. 372-5Memorials to William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944)1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/40/372-5
Ramsey 50, ff. 125-32, 144-5Archbishop Ramsey's opinion on the orthodoxy of William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/50/125-32, 144-5
MS 1946 f.206Letter from George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester, to William Temple, Archbishop of York, and (1942) Canterbury7 November 1934MSS/1946/206
W.Temple 46, ff. 327-8William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury10 May 1931W.Temple/1-62/46/327-8
MS 2615 ff. 283-318Correspondence with William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury1942-1944MSS/2615-2650/2615/283-318
MS 1968, f.92 Obituary notice of Archbishop William Temple1944MSS/1968/92
Davidson 255, ff.420-1Future employment for TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).Davidson/218-516/255/420-1
MS 2641 f. 112Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2641/112
Davidson 216, ff.233-6TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).1927Davidson/27-217/216/223-6
W.Temple 47, f. 344William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury21 Apr 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/344
Davidson 216, ff.207-18Future employment for TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).1928Davidson/27-217/216/207-18
Ramsey 2, f. 96Letter from William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury, on the examination of ordination candidates1944Ramsey/1-3/2/96
W.Temple 47, ff. 50-1William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyOct 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/50-1
W.Temple 46, ff. 262-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury[1926]W.Temple/1-62/46/262-3
Bell 219, f. 156TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/219-220/219/156
Fisher 37, ff. 18-44Memorials to William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944)1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/37/18-44
Davidson 174, ff.131-5TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).1911Davidson/27-217/174/131-5
W.Temple 46, ff. 358-60William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury2 Sep 1935W.Temple/1-62/46/358-60
W.Temple 46, f. 266William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury29 Feb 1928W.Temple/1-62/46/266
W.Temple 46, ff. 15-16William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury22, 30 Apr 1915W.Temple/1-62/46/15-16
W.Temple 48, ff. 212-15William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury10 Jan 1966W.Temple/1-62/48/212-15
W.Temple 46, ff. 309-24William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury[1929]W.Temple/1-62/46/309-24
MS 2636 f. 102-4Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury[1937]MSS/2615-2650/2636/1-152/102-4
MS 2625 ff. 197-200vReport on Reservation signed by Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury1929MSS/2615-2650/2625/197-200v
W.Temple 45, ff. 31-2Birth and baptismal certificates of William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury2 June 1894, 5 Apr 1911W.Temple/1-62/45/31-2
W.Temple 46, ff. 79-81William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury13-23 Jan 1917W.Temple/1-62/46/79-81
Douglas 33, f. 144TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1942Douglas/33/1-184/144
Davidson 201, ff.296-8Life of Bishop Percival by TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).1922Davidson/27-217/201/296-8
W.Temple 46, ff. 361-9William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyNov 1935-Jan 1936W.Temple/1-62/46/361-9
W.Temple 46, ff. 376-7William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1 Mar, 4 Apr 1939W.Temple/1-62/46/376-7
MS 4187Letters to Stockwood1941-1944MSS/4187-4191/4187
Bell 211, ff. 109, 334Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/211/109, 334
W.Temple 46, ff. 305-8William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury9 Feb, 7 May 1929W.Temple/1-62/46/305-8
Fisher 78, ff. 17-22William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944)1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/78/17-22
W.Temple 46, ff. 1-6William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury7, 9 Dec 1913W.Temple/1-62/46/1-6
MS 2962 ff. 439, 464Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury1942-1943MSS/2962/439, 464
W.Temple 45, ff. 33-329William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1890-[1906]W.Temple/1-62/45/33-329
W.Temple 46, ff. 267-73William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury22 Nov-19 Dec 1928W.Temple/1-62/46/267-73
W.Temple 45, ff. 332-5William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury4 May 1908, 13 Apr 1909W.Temple/1-62/45/332-5
W.Temple 46, f. 191William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury[1921-1927]W.Temple/1-62/46/191
W.Temple 47, f. 411William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury[post 1944]W.Temple/1-62/47/411
W.Temple 46, f. 199William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury22 June 1922W.Temple/1-62/46/199
MS 1968, f.74Letter from William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury1944MSS/1968/74
W.Temple 48, ff. 196-211William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury25 Sep, 3 Nov 1954W.Temple/1-62/48/196-211
W.Temple 46, ff. 24-30William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury2 July [1916]-3 Sep [1917]W.Temple/1-62/46/24-30
W.Temple 46, ff. 211-18William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury9 May-7 Nov 1925W.Temple/1-62/46/211-18
W.Temple 65Essay for the Ellerton Theological Prize at Oxford University by William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1906W.Temple/65
W.Temple 46, ff. 260-1William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury25 Sep 1926W.Temple/1-62/46/260-1
W.Temple 46, ff. 342-50William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury28 Nov 1932-13 Oct [1933]W.Temple/1-62/46/342-50
W.Temple 46, ff. 200-1William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury10 Apr 1922W.Temple/1-62/46/200-1
W.Temple 46, ff. 264-5William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury26 Feb 1927W.Temple/1-62/46/264-5
W.Temple 45, ff. 338-86William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury16 Dec 1912-7 Jan 1913W.Temple/1-62/45/338-86
W.Temple 46, ff. 331-41William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury26 Apr-9 May 1932W.Temple/1-62/46/331-41
W.Temple 46, ff. 356-7William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury26 July 1933W.Temple/1-62/46/356-7
W.Temple 46, f. 210William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury12 Nov 1925W.Temple/1-62/46/210
W.Temple 47, f. 90William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury17 Oct 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/90
W.Temple 47, f. 306William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury24 July 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/306
W.Temple 47, ff. 280-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury30 Mar, 15 Apr 1943W.Temple/1-62/47/280-3
W.Temple 63Goodwill message from York City Council on William Temple's appointment as Archbishop of York1929W.Temple/63
W.Temple 46, ff. 325-6William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury15 July 1929W.Temple/1-62/46/325-6
Bell 213, ff. 9, 12Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/213/9, 12
MS 2157, ff.5v-6vPhotographs of William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2157/5v-6v
Bell 184, ff. 340-1Letter from William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/184/340-1
LC 168 no. 3Worship in relation to the Christian doctrine of God, by TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) archbishop of Canterbury.1930LC/1930/168/3
Bell 212, ff. 39, 41Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/212/39, 41
Bell 203, f. 271Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/203/271
Bell 193, ff. 68, 122Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/193-195/193/68, 122
Bell 151, ff. 113-14Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.1943Bell/118-183/150-157/151/113-14
MS 2995 ff. 48, 313, 324, 329, 335-337v, 340-6, 352-7Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2995/48, 313, 324, 329, 335-337v, 340-6, 352-7
MS 2636 ff. 153-154v, 170Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2636/153-296/153-154v, 170
W.Temple 97Photograph albumc.1921-1942W.Temple/97
MS 2989 ff. 170-183Drafts of a memorandum by Archbishop William Temple entitled 'What is the principle of our divisions?'c. 1934 MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/170-183
MS 2631 ff. 192-193vTemple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury1927MSS/2615-2650/2631/192-193v
MS 2637 ff. 176, 223Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2637/137-231/176, 223
MS 2636 ff. 42-51Sermons by Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury1937MSS/2615-2650/2636/1-152/42-51
Douglas 65, f. 19TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1933Douglas/65/19
MS 2637 f. 18Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2637/1-136/18
Douglas 14, ff. 269-340TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/14/269-340
MS 2647 f. 317Sykes (Norman), Dean of Winchester (1958)1944MSS/2615-2650/2647/317
MS 2638 f. 300Lang (Cosmo Gordon), Archbishop of Canterbury1934MSS/2615-2650/2638/287-380/300
MS 2981 f. 176Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2981/176
MS 2645 f. 167Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2645/113-178/167
Douglas 40, ff. 167-8TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1930Douglas/40/165-242/167-8
Douglas 44, f. 194TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/44/192-224/194
Douglas 89, f. 225TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1936Douglas/89/225
LCC 6 ff. 55-72 passimTemple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/LCC/6/55-72 passim
Douglas 56, f. 168TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/56/168
Douglas 42, f. 263TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/42/244-320/263
Douglas 23, ff. 5-11TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/23/5-11
Douglas 88, f. 127TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1929Douglas/88/28-313/127
MS 2987 ff. 237-241Memoranda by William Temple, Archbishop of York, for discussion with representatives of the Free Churches1932-[1933]MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/237-241
Bell 208, ff. 253, 272Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/208/253, 272
MS 2981 f. 97Cash (William Wilson), Bishop of Worcester1936MSS/2965-3015/2981/97
MS 2989 ff. 190-199Drafts of a memorandum by Archbishop William Temple entitled 'What is the principle of our divisions?'c. 1934 MSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/190-199
Douglas 7, f. 369TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1937Douglas/7/369-438/369
Bell 300Notes and agenda of BISHOPS' MEETINGS1930-1938Bell/184-368/299-306/300
MS 2644 f. 15Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2644/15
Douglas 7, ff. 416-7TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/7/369-438/416-7
MS 2636 ff. 116-21Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2636/1-152/116-21
MS 2980 ff. 9, 190, 257Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2980/9, 190, 257
MS 2635 f. 249Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2635/24-289/249
Douglas 73, ff. 125-7TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1935Douglas/73/104-208/125-7
Douglas 6, ff. 51-2, 133-9, 180-1TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1931Douglas/6/1-230/51-2, 133-9, 180-1
MS 2987 f. 452Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/446-453/452
Douglas 14, ff. 270-340STEWART, Weston Henry, Bishop in Jerusalem1933Douglas/14/270-340
Douglas 24, ff. 176-9TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1943Douglas/24/128-98/176-9
MS 2643 ff. 116, 288Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2643/116, 288
Douglas 24, ff. 178-93TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1943Douglas/24/128-98/178-93
MS 2352 ff. 172-180Letters from William Temple, Archbishop of York, and (1942) Canterbury1922-1934MSS/2343-2411/2352/172-180
Ramsey 2, ff. 63, 92Letters from William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury, on lectures by Michael Ramsey1937Ramsey/1-3/2/63, 92
Douglas 2, ff. 219-20TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of CanterburyDouglas/2/219-20
MS 2620 ff. 105, 109Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2615-2650/2620/63-118v/105, 109
MS 2640 f. 223SigurĂ°sson (Sigurgeir), Bishop of Iceland1943MSS/2615-2650/2640/223
MS 2995 ff. 358Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury1943MSS/2965-3015/2995/358
Douglas 7, ff. 36-8TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1937Douglas/7/1-111/36-8
MS 1773 ff. 5-23vLetters to Mervyn George Haigh, Bishop of Coventry1927-1942MSS/1773/5-22v
Bell 190, ff. 43-8, 102, 265-74Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/190/43-8, 102, 265-74
Bell 185, ff. 57-75KNOX (Ronald Arbuthnott), chaplain of Trinity College, Cambridge; later Roman Catholic priest and biblical translator.1913Bell/184-368/185/57-75
Coggan 186, ff.250-259William Temple14-23 Oct 1994Coggan/183-232/186/250-259
Bell 207, ff. 197, 199-201TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.1935Bell/184-368/204-218/207/197, 199-201
Douglas 6, ff. 14-15. 156-7TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1931Douglas/6/1-230/14-15. 156-7
Bell 218, ff. 226-7'The death penalty', by William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury (reprint)Bell/184-368/204-218/218/226-7
Bell 208, ff. 254-68, 274TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.1942Bell/184-368/204-218/208/254-68, 274
Bell 202, ff. 121, 222-5, 228Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/202/121, 222-5, 228
Ramsey 2, ff. 49-50Letter from William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury, on Michael Ramsey's 'The gospel and the catholic church'1936Ramsey/1-3/2/49-50
Bell 348, ff. 170-83TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.1949Bell/184-368/342-355/348/170-83
Ramsey 314, ff. 1-36Sermons, addresses and articles1940-1950Ramsey/314-320/314/1
Bell 214, f. 184Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/214/184
Bell 190, ff. 299-302Correspondence with Oliver Chase QUICK, regius professor of divinity, Oxford1918, 1920Bell/184-368/190/299-302
Douglas 56, f. 216TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1937Douglas/56/212-43/216
Bell 368, f. 262TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.1935Bell/184-368/367-368/368/262
Bell 20Life and WorkJune 1935 - May 1939Bell/1-64/20
LC 167 ff. 98-105Sermon preached by William Temple, Archbishop of York, at the opening service in St. Paul's Cathedral (copy).6 July 1930 LC/1930/167/98-105
MS 4876 ff. 232-235Letter from (Arthur) Michael Ramsey, Baron Ramsey of Canterbury, to Revd. Christopher Cuthbertson, on the theology of William Temple2 Dec 1978MSS/4876/232-235
Fisher 5, ff. 1-24GERMANY 1944-1945Fisher/1-271/1-10/5/1-24
MS 3997Miscellany[1855]-1982MSS/3997
Bell 219, f. 153GODFREY (Cardinal William), apostolic delegate, and (1957) archbishop of Westminster.1943-1944Bell/184-368/219-220/219/153
Davidson 11/7-13BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford - Appointment as bishop of Oxford; TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942). - Appointment as a canon of Westminster; WARMAN (Frederic Sumpter Guy), bishop of Truro - Appointment as bishop1919Davidson/1-26/11/7-13
Bell 163Unemployment1932 - 1938Bell/118-183/163
Davidson 167, ff.217-22TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).1910Davidson/27-217/167/217-22
Davidson 167, ff.223-4REPTON SCHOOL, Derbys. - Appointment of the headmaster 1910Davidson/27-217/167/223-4
Davidson 167, ff.213-16Appointment of chaplains to DAVIDSON (Randall Thomas), archbishop of Canterbury. 1910Davidson/27-217/167/213-16
Fisher 66, ff. 118-29Biography of William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944), by Frederic Athelwold IREMONGER, Dean of Lichfield1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/66/118-29
W.Temple 47, ff. 336-8William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury7, 10 Mar 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/336-8
W.Temple 47, f. 49William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury23 June 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/49
MS 3747Letters to H.R.L. Sheppard1905-1937MSS/3741-3750/3747
MS 3992Morrison, Andrew Leslie (b 1911)1932-1948MSS/3992
MS 3590 f.155Temple, William (1881-1944), Archbishop of Canterbury1938MSS/3589-3593/3590/155
MS 4339 ff. 8-96Correspondence and papers1938-1939MSS/4337-4340/4339/8-96
W.Temple 46, ff. 132-71William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury26 Nov 1920-24 Jan 1921W.Temple/1-62/46/132-71
MS 4876 ff. 153-183Letters from Frances Temple, wife of William Temple, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, to Gwendolen Moberly, afterwards Lady Moberly, wife of Sir Walter Hamilton Moberly. 1928-40 and undated1928-2008MSS/4876/153-183
Ramsey 2, f. 57Letter from William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury, on preferment for Michael Ramsey1936Ramsey/1-3/2/57
MS 4806Papers concerning the Council for the Defence of Church Principles, mainly regarding the Church of South India. 1944-1956MSS/4803-4806/4806
CFR CFR 28/2Archbishops of Canterbury: Lang and Temple1942-1949CFR/1/3/28-2
CFR CFR 10/1Chairmen1938-1961CFR/1/3/10-1
CFR CFR 9Members and Assessors1943-1976CFR/1/3/9
Ellison P/4/2/6Volume of personal reminiscences1945Ellison/P/4/2/6
Ellison P/14/3Photographs1939-1976Ellison/P/14/3
Runcie/MAIN/1981/288William Temple Centenary1980-1981Runcie/MAIN/1981/288
CFR AOC 3/1Armenian Church: Anglican Relationsc 1930-1957CFR/2/3/1/3-1
CFR RC 211/5Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Spain: Spanish Civil War; possible amnesty 1939CFR/6/3/17/211-5
LC 168 no. 1William Temple, Archbishop of York, The Christian doctrine of God in relation to modern thought, 1930.1930LC/1930/168/1
Fisher 330/113William Temple 13 Jun 1944Fisher/330/75-217/113
MS 4374Howell-Thomas, Dorothy (1913-2001)1938-1944MSS/4374
MS 3062 ff. 4-10Memorandum by William Temple, Archbishop of York, on disestablishment, (C.C.S. 126A) 1934 MSS/3060-3062/3062/4-10
LCC 5 ff. 301-3, 385Temple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/LCC/5/301-3, 385
MS 4517 ff. 272-273Letter to Mrs Temple from M E Sadler [Sir Michael Sadler], referring to a lecture [by William Temple]25 Nov 1909MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/272-273
LCC 2 ff. 191-3BELL (George Kennedy Allen), bishop of Chichester; TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/LCC/2/191-3
MS 4518 ff. 216-441Letters from Frederick Temple to his son William25 May 1888 - 19 May 1902MSS/4514-4534/4518/216-441
Lang 192, ff. 84-5Final illness of William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1944Lang/189-192/192/84-5
MS 4517 ff. 2-27Five letters from Frederick Temple to his brother Charles1854-1914MSS/4514-4534/4517/2-27
MS 4517 ff. 223-224Letter from J. Percival [Headmaster of Rugby] to Frederick Temple re William Temple10 Jun 1894MSS/4514-4534/4517/223-224
MS 4517 ff. 247-255Letters and telegrams to Beatrice Temple on the first-class degree of her son William Temple1904MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/247-255
MS 4517 ff. 304-305Letter to Mrs Temple from J. A. Magrath [Provost] of Queen's College Oxford, on her departure with her son William Temple from Oxford18 Sep 1910MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/304-305
MS 4522-4529Letters of William Temple to his mother Beatrice Temple1889-1915MSS/4514-4534/4519-4529/4522-4529
MS 3356, f.72Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury.1915MSS/3356/72
Lang 192, ff. 72-3Religious toleration in EGYPTLang/189-192/192/72-3
MS 3209Recollections of Archbishop William Temple1881-1944MSS/3209
MS 3407 (ff. 37-46)`Report on correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Frederick Temple (1821-1902) and William Temple (1881-1944) archbishops of Canterbury and the Temple family'1986MSS/3407/37-46
W.Temple 47, ff. 274-9William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1 May 1943W.Temple/1-62/47/274-9
MS 3152 (f. 90)Letter6 June 1940MSS/3152/90
MS 3355 (f. 113)Letter24 November 1934MSS/3355/113
W.Temple 47, ff. 91-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury17, 21 Nov 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/91-3
Davidson 7/36Appointment of archbishop of YORK.1928Davidson/1-26/7/36
Ramsey 21, ff. 117-18Archbishop Ramsey presented with episcopal ring of William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/21/117-18
Douglas 45, f. 267TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1939Douglas/45/3-335/267
Ramsey 31, ff. 337-8William TEMPLE, archbishop of Canterbury1940Ramsey/4-287/1963/31/337-8
Fisher 61, ff. 368-82REPTON SCHOOL, Derbyshire - dedication of memorial tablets in the chapel; memorials to William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944)1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/61/368-82
LC 151 ff. 42-9, 265-6Temple (William), archbishop of Canterbury. LC/1930/151/42-9, 265-6
LC 185 ff. 185-6Paper from WESTCOTT (Foss), bishop of Calcutta, and metropolitan of India.1948LC/1948/185/185-6
W.Temple 46, ff. 82-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury13 June 1918W.Temple/1-62/46/82-3
MS 3356, ff.71, 100, 110, 114, 168, 189-93Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury.1915-1916MSS/3356/71, 100, 110, 114, 168, 189-193
MS 3417 (f. 180)Letter20 May 1920MSS/3417/180
MS 3593Correspondence1922-1943MSS/3589-3593/3593
W.Temple 46, ff. 174-90William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury17 Nov 1921-9 Jan 1922W.Temple/1-62/46/174-90
W.Temple 45, ff. 387-406William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1912-1914W.Temple/1-62/45/387-406
W.Temple 45, ff. 330-1William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury20 Dec 1908, 19 Dec 1909W.Temple/1-62/45/330-1
W.Temple 46, ff. 370-1William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyApril 1937W.Temple/1-62/46/370-1
W.Temple 46, ff. 202-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury14 Apr 1922W.Temple/1-62/46/202-3
W.Temple 46, ff. 92-131William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyJan-Mar 1919W.Temple/1-62/46/92-131
W.Temple 45, ff. 336-7William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury15 June [1910]W.Temple/1-62/45/336-7
W.Temple 46, ff. 19-23William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury9 Nov 1916-10 Mar 1917W.Temple/1-62/46/19-23
W.Temple 47, ff. 52-89William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury4 May-2 July 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/52-89
W.Temple 46, ff. 8-14William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury8-16 Feb 1915W.Temple/1-62/46/8-14
MS 2987 ff. 226-229Memoranda by William Temple, Archbishop of York, for discussion with representatives of the Free Churches. 1932-[1933]MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/226-229
W.Temple 47, ff. 339-41William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburySep 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/339-41
W.Temple 46, ff. 219-59William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1926W.Temple/1-62/46/219-59
W.Temple 47, f. 335William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury24 Oct 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/335
W.Temple 48, ff. 176-95William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyOct 1947-31 Oct 1948W.Temple/1-62/48/176-95
W.Temple 64Goodwill message from the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. on William Temple's enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury1942W.Temple/64
W.Temple 46, ff. 204-9William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury11 Oct [1924]-11 Feb 1926W.Temple/1-62/46/204-9
W.Temple 47, ff. 94-116William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1942-1943W.Temple/1-62/47/94-116
W.Temple 46, ff. 31-78William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury4 May 1916-2 Feb 1922W.Temple/1-62/46/31-78
W.Temple 47, ff. 307-18William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury11-17 Feb 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/307-18
W.Temple 46, ff. 17-18William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1 Nov 1916W.Temple/1-62/46/17-18
W.Temple 47, ff. 342-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury15 Nov 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/342-3
Douglas 56, ff. 213-4TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1938Douglas/56/212-43/213-4
W.Temple 47, ff. 272-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury3 Feb 1943, 13 Mar 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/272-3
W.Temple 46, ff. 329-30William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury4 Dec 1932W.Temple/1-62/46/329-30
W.Temple 46, ff. 378-423William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury3 Dec 1941-24 July 1943W.Temple/1-62/46/378-423
W.Temple 46, ff. 372-5William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyApr 1938W.Temple/1-62/46/372-5
W.Temple 47, ff. 326-34William TEMPLE, Archbishop of CanterburyApr 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/326-34
Bell 216, ff. 185-209, 233-3aTEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.[1943-1944]Bell/184-368/204-218/216/185-209, 233-3a
MS 3578 ff. 18, 50-53, 72, 108, 112Temple, William (1881-1944), Archbishop of Canterbury[1915]-1934MSS/3578-3581/3578/18,50-53,72,108,112
W.Temple 46, ff. 351-5William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury13 Mar, 8 June 1933W.Temple/1-62/46/351-5
MS 3061 ff. 189-199Memorandum by William Temple, Archbishop of York, Vernon Faithfull Storr, Archdeacon of Westminster, and Sir P. W. B. Wilbraham, 6th Bart., on Church and State (C.C.S. 120) [1933] MSS/3060-3062/3061/189-199
MS 2993 f. 367Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2993/309-368/367
MS 2989 ff. 208, 226-228v, 231, 306-8Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2989/92-308/208, 226-228v, 231, 306-8
MS 3010 ff. 20, 43, 204, 207-11, 243, 246, 248-56, 260Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/3010/20, 43, 204, 207-11, 243, 246, 248-56, 260
Douglas 6, f. 68TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1931Douglas/6/1-230/68
MS 2981 ff. 152-154'Informal report of changes made in the South India scheme by the Archbishop of York [William Temple] and the Bishop of Chichester [George Kennedy Allen Bell]'[1938] MSS/2965-3015/2981/152-154
Bell 248, ff. 47-55TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.October 1918Bell/184-368/239-298/248/47-55
Bell 226, f. 276Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury1935Bell/184-368/221-237/226/276
CFR CFR 60/2Other Committees: American Liaison Committee1944-1946CFR/1/3/60-2
Douglas 76, f. 70Photograph of the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER - Continuation CommitteeDouglas/76/66-74/70
Bell 216, ff. 1-13, 24-6, 28, 34-47Correspondence with William TEMPLE, archbishop of York, and (1942) of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/216/1-13, 24-6, 28, 34-47
CFR CFR 1The Council on Foreign Relations1933-1959CFR/1/3/1
CFR CFR 45Students: Interchange of Students Committee: correspondence1935-1949CFR/1/3/45
CFR G 35/1World Council of Churches: General papers and correspondence1937-1949CFR/1/4/35-1
CFR AC 17Jerusalem: Archbishops and Bishops in1942-1973CFR/1/5/17
Douglas 76, f. 71Photographs of the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER - Continuation Committee in Hertenstein, Switzland1934Douglas/76/66-74/71
MS 3219 (ff. 215-29)Letters1943-1944MSS/3219/215-229
MS 4519-4521Letters of William Temple to his father Frederick Temple1887-1902 MSS/4514-4534/4519-4529/4519-4521
MS 4530-4534Family papers of Frederick Charles Temple, largely comprising letters, cards, telegrams, etc, from his brother William Temple1847-1944MSS/4514-4534/4530-4534
W.Temple 46, ff. 84-91William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury15-20 June 1919W.Temple/1-62/46/84-91
W.Temple 47, ff. 297-305William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury28 July, 9 Aug 1943W.Temple/1-62/47/297-305
W.Temple 47, ff. 319-25William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury31 Oct 1944W.Temple/1-62/47/319-25
W.Temple 47, ff. 284-96William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury22 Nov-4 Dec 1943W.Temple/1-62/47/284-96
W.Temple 48, ff. 1-175William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury22 Feb 1945-4 Aug 1949W.Temple/1-62/48/1-175
W.Temple 95Photograph album of William Temple's headmastership of Repton School, Derbyshire1911-1914W.Temple/95
CFR CFC 76Church of South India: South India SchemeJan 1936-Sep 1950CFR/3/3/15/76
MS 3061 ff. 36-46Memorandum by William Temple, Archbishop of York, on Church and State, (C.C.S. 79) 1932 MSS/3060-3062/3061/36-46
STOTT/11/1/5The Meteor - Rugby School Magazine16 Oct 1939-29 Jul 1940STOTT/11/1/5
Bell 131Church and State Commission1933 - 1935Bell/118-183/125-131/131
CFR AOC 26Assyrian Church of the East:Assyrian Christians: Termination of Mandate1930-May 1931CFR/2/3/2/26
Monte/P/3/1Autobiographical Notes by Bishop Hugh Montefiore1987Monte/P/3/1
CFR AOC 67/1Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Political Situation1936-1939CFR/2/3/4/67-1
CFR LRC 40/2Germany: General situation24 Jan-13 Nov 1936CFR/4/3/10/40-2
CFR LRC 43/1Germany: General situation17 Sep 1943-28 Nov 1945CFR/4/3/10/43-1
CFR LRC 57/1Germany: General Correspondence1 Oct 1938-23 Sep 1947CFR/4/3/10/57-1
CFR AOC 60Coptic Church of Egypt: Contacts1942-1957CFR/2/3/3/60
CFR AOC 66/1Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Political SituationJun 1935- Sep 1935CFR/2/3/4/66-1
CFR AOC 90Syrian Orthodox Church: Patriarchate of Antioch: Contact: Patriarch Mar Ignatios Ephrem1933-1957CFR/2/3/6/90
CFR LRC 56Germany: General correspondence20 Nov 1933-16 Jun 1936CFR/4/3/10/56
W.Temple 105Press cuttingsJan. - Sep. 1942W.Temple/103-8/105
CFR LRC 134/4Switzerland: Contacts: Dr. F.D. Adolf Keller22 Jun 1950-16 Jul 1953CFR/4/3/26/134-4
Douglas 76, f. 69Photograph of the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER - Continuation Committee1931Douglas/76/66-74/69
CFR LRC 6Czechoslovakia: General correspondence1 Aug 1933-5 Sep 1975CFR/4/3/5/6
CFR LRC 27Finland: Anglican Relations24 Jul 1933-27 Feb 1963CFR/4/3/8/27
CFR AC PHOTO MISC 2Nikaean Club1925-1965CFR/1/6/MISC/2
Fisher 37, ff. 121-9Biography of William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944), by Frederic Athelwold IREMONGER, Dean of Lichfield1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/37/121-9
CFR AC PHOTO ABC 3CFR party at enthronement of William Temple1942CFR/1/6/ABC/3
CFR LRC 109/7Poland: Contacts: Association of Polish Protestants in Great Britain21 Jul 1943-15 Jun 1949CFR/4/3/20/109-7
MS 2615 ff. 308-9Godfrey (William), Archbishop of Cius; Apostolic Delegate1944MSS/2615-2650/2615/283-318/308-9
MS 3590, f. 89Temple, William (1881-1944), Archbishop of Canterbury1938MSS/3589-3593/3590/89
CFR LRC 130/1Sweden: Contacts: Yngve Brilioth - Archbishop of Uppsala20 Jun 1933-18 Feb 1964CFR/4/3/25/130-1
CFR CFC 54Old Catholic Church: Switzerland: General correspondenceNov 1944-Apr 1971CFR/3/3/7/54
MS 5133Letters from William Temple 1899-[1905] MSS/5133
CFR OC 32/2Anglican Relations General: Economy And Relations With Anglican Communities, Africa 8 April 1937-27 August 1949CFR/5/3/3/32-2
W.Temple 46, ff. 172-3William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury23 May 1921W.Temple/1-62/46/172-3
CFR OC 70/1Oecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Great Britain: Archbishops Of ThyateriaFebruary 1936-April 1947CFR/5/3/6/70-1
Ellison P/1/3/2ScrapbookJan 1942-Nov 1943Ellison/P/1/3/2
Fisher 312/1-23d Photographs - Pre-Cantuar (including early life and family, Chester, London) Fisher/312-17B/312/a
CFR CFR 12General Secretary: Canon Douglas and the Pope1943-1960CFR/1/3/12
CFR RC 113Relations with the Vatican: Vatican General: Relations with the World Council of Churches 1939-1981CFR/6/3/1/113
Davidson 216, ff.219-22Proposed visit by William TEMPLE, bishop of Manchester [later archbishop of Canterbury (1942)], to CHINA 1927Davidson/27-217/216/219-22
CFR G 10/1Communism: Soviet dissidents1935CFR/1/4/10-1
W.Temple 46, f. 274William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury30 July 1928W.Temple/1-62/46/274
CFR OC 205/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Russia: General Contacts1935-1944CFR/5/3/25/205-1
CFR OC 192/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Russia: Church Affairs1966CFR/5/3/25/192-1
CFR RC 211/1Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Spain: Spanish Civil War: correspondence and reports1936CFR/6/3/17/211-1
CFR OC 191/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Russia: Church Affairs1935-1944CFR/5/3/25/191-1
CFR OC 150/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Poland: General Situation 1944CFR/5/3/22/150-2
CFR OC 150/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Poland: General Situation 1942-1944CFR/5/3/22/150-1
W.Temple 46, f. 7William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1 Mar 1914W.Temple/1-62/46/7
CFR OC 112/3Individual Orthodox Churches: Cyprus: Archbishopric Of Cyprus 1940-1947CFR/5/3/12/112-3
CFR OC 230/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Russian Orthodox Churches In Exile: The Russian Clergy And Church Aid Fund1938CFR/5/3/26/230-2
CFR OC 231/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Russian Orthodox Churches In Exile: The Russian Clergy And Church Aid Fund1939CFR/5/3/26/231-1
CFR OC 126/4Individual Orthodox Churches: Greece: Church Affairs1942-1945CFR/5/3/17/126-4
CFR OC 136/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Greece: Anglican Relations 1936-1939CFR/5/3/17/136-2
CFR OC 126/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Greece: Church Affairs1933-1940CFR/5/3/17/126-2
CFR OC 1Anglican Relations: General 15 October 1931-March 1948 CFR/5/3/1/1
CFR OC 271/3Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbian Orthodox Church In Exile: Great Britain: Miscellaneous Contacts1942-1944CFR/5/3/28/271-3
Davidson 160, ff.244-7RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws. - Appointment of the headmaster1909Davidson/27-217/160/244-7
Davidson 198, ff.216-36 passimTEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942).1920Davidson/27-217/198/219-36 passim
CFR OC 51Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Benjamin January 1936-March 1946CFR/5/3/5/51
Fisher 65, f. 215Biography of William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1944), by Frederic Athelwold IREMONGER, Dean of Lichfield1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/65/215
Lang 191, ff. 97-115 passim EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES & OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH - relations with the Church of England; CHURCH OF ENGLAND COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, including its formation and administration; FREE CHURCHES - discussions with the Church of England about reunionLang/189-192/191/97-115 passim
LC 148 ff. 26-7, 38-47, 52-6, 64-71, 80-7TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) archbishop of Canterbury.1930LC/1930/148/26-7, 38-47, 52-6, 64-71, 80-7
LC 151 ff. 258-301Correspondence with Lord Davidson of Lambeth (ff. 258-63) and William Ralph Inge, Dean of St. Paul's, William Temple, Archbishop of York, and others on the opening service in St. Paul's Cathedral.October 1929 - June 1930LC/1930/151/258-301
Bell 51The future of GermanyFebruary 1940 - January 1952Bell/1-64/51
Bell 124Church and State1929 - 1946Bell/118-183/124
Bell 127Church and State Commission1931 - 1932Bell/118-183/125-131/127
Bell 216Correspondence as Bishop of Chichester1941-1952Bell/184-368/204-218/216
Bell 216, ff. 14-23, 27, 29-33TEMPLE (William), archbishop of York, and (1942) of Canterbury.1942Bell/184-368/204-218/216/14-23, 27, 29-33
Bell 219'Documents on Christian unity'1923-1957Bell/184-368/219-220/219
Bell 370Letters to and carbon copies of letters from G. K. A. Bell concerning night-bombing23 Dec 1942 - 21 May 1946Bell/369-373/370
CFR OC 185/3Individual Orthodox Churches: Romanian Church In Diaspora: Great Britain1943-1947CFR/5/3/24/185-3
Douglas 23Correspondence of J.A. DouglasDouglas/23
Douglas 72, f. 234DOUGLAS, John Albert, Hon. Canon of Southwark (1924 ); Rector of St. Michael Paternoster Royal and honorary general secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations (1933) - Letter to The Church Times1943-1944Douglas/72/234
Douglas 76, f. 39Photograph of Anglicans, Orthodox and Old Anglicans taken at the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER at Lausanne1927Douglas/76/39-65/39
W.Temple 46, ff. 275-304William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury27 July 1928-2 Jan 1929W.Temple/1-62/46/275-304
W.Temple 47, ff. 1-48William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury11 Feb-23 June 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/1-48
W.Temple 47, ff. 117-271William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury28 Sep 1942-25 Feb 1943W.Temple/1-62/47/117-271
W.Temple 47, ff. 345-410William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury26 Oct 1944-27 Jan 1945W.Temple/1-62/47/345-410
CFR OC 185/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Romanian Church In Diaspora: Great Britain1941-1943CFR/5/3/24/185-2
CFR OC 162/3Individual Orthodox Churches: Romania: Patriarchs. Nicodem1939-1948CFR/5/3/23/162-3
CFR OC 157/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Romania: General Situation 1933-1939CFR/5/3/23/157-1
CFR LRC 99Netherlands: General papers and correspondence24 Oct 1940-9 Jul 1980CFR/4/3/18/99
CFR LRC 113/1Scandinavia: General situation1 Feb 1938-13 Jun 1973CFR/4/3/23/113-1
CFR G 40World Council of Churches: Ecumenical Institute, Bossey1950-1978CFR/1/4/40
MS 2640 f. 224Brilioth (Yngve), Bishop of Vaxjo and later Archbishop of Upsala1943MSS/2615-2650/2640/224
CFR CFR 13General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams1938-1980CFR/1/3/13
MS 4926Correspondence, largely comprising letters to Henry Edward James Bevan, Archdeacon of Middlesex1900-1928MSS/4926
CFR OC 74/1Oecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Great Britain: Orthodox Clergy And ParishesJanuary 1941-December 1965CFR/5/3/6/74-1
MS 3219 (ff. 205-214v)Letters1938-1944MSS/3219/205-214v
W.Temple 103Press cuttings1904-1928W.Temple/103-8/103
W.Temple 104Press cuttings1929-1941W.Temple/103-8/104
W.Temple 107Press cuttingsJuly 1943 - Sep. 1944W.Temple/103-8/107
W.Temple 106Press cuttingsOct. 1942 - June 1943W.Temple/103-8/106
W.Temple 99Scrapbook of William Temple's visit to Greece, Egypt and Holland1938W.Temple/99
MS 5049Photograph album1929MSS/5049
W.Temple 96Scrapbook1916-1921W.Temple/96
W.Temple 100Photograph album of William Temple's enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury1942W.Temple/100
W.Temple 68Sermons and speeches1922-1941W.Temple/68
W.Temple 98Scrapbook of William Temple's visit to the U.S.A.1935-1936W.Temple/98
W.Temple 69Sermons and speeches1942-1944W.Temple/69
Runcie/MAIN/1980/185William Temple Centenary1980Runcie/MAIN/1980/185
MS 4876 f. 240 Copy of a letter 22 Jan 1944 MSS/4876/240
MS 3741-3750Sheppard, Hugh Richard Lawrie (1880-1937)1880-1937MSS/3741-3750
MS 4086General Strike of 19261925-1963MSS/4003-4095/4086
MS 4239 ff. 170-181Three letters from William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Harold Jocelyn Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar.1943-1944MSS/4239/170-181
MS 4514-4534Temple family1834-1961MSS/4514-4534
MS 4514 f. 280Photograph of Frederick Temple (seated) with his sons, Frederick Charles and William, on the occasion of the coronation of Edward VII[1902]MSS/4514-4534/4514/270-281/280
MS 4517 ff. 268-269Letter to [Mrs Temple] from 'Coney' [James Conybeare] (referring to William Temple's ordination [as deacon])10 Dec 1908MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/268-269
MS 4517 ff. 274-275Letter to Mrs Temple from W Dover [William Walsh, Suffragan Bishop of Dover], referring to a sermon by William Temple16 Jan 1910MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/274-275
MS 4517 ff. 279-302Letters and telegrams to Beatrice Temple on her son William's appointment as Headmaster of Repton School1910MSS/4514-4534/4517/225-324/279-302
MS 4518 ff. 442-447Three letters from Beatrice Temple to her son William Temple1895-1896MSS/4514-4534/4518/442-447
MS 3431Groser Papers1942-1961MSS/3428-3435/3431
MS 3534Miscellaneous papers1782-1967MSS/3534
MS 3574Correspondence and Papers1929-1970MSS/3566-3575/3574
MS 3235, ff.127-32, 136, 150-3, 161Temple (William), Archbishop of Canterbury.1933-1943MSS/3229-3255/3235/127-132, 136, 150-153, 161
MS 2987 ff. 146, 159, 169, 192-193v, 198, 254, 274-5, 277, 281-4, 291, 297, 311, 314, 343-4, 350, 360, 373, 382-3, 413-14, 424, 426, 445Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/146, 159, 169, 192-193v, 198, 254, 274-5, 277, 281-4, 291, 297, 311, 314, 343-4, 350, 360, 373, 382-3, 413-14, 424, 426, 445
MS 2987 f. 224Bell (George Kennedy Allen), Bishop of Chichester1932MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/224
MS 2988 ff. 41-92Temple (William), Archbishop of CanterburyMSS/2965-3015/2988/41-92
MS 2635 f. 175Hodgson (Revd. Leonard), Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford1935MSS/2615-2650/2635/24-289/175
MS 2636 f. 157Wand (John William Charles), Archbishop of Brisbane, and (1945) Bishop of London1938MSS/2615-2650/2636/153-296/157
W.Temple 67, ff. 1-190Articles, etc., by William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterburyc.1898-1944W.Temple/67/1-190
W.Temple 67, ff. 191-424Sermons, speeches etc. by William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterburyc.1898-1921W.Temple/67/191-424
CFR LRC 89Iceland: General situation22 Oct 1940-15 Oct 1974CFR/4/3/13/89
W.TempleTemple, William (1881-1944)1881-1966W.Temple
CU 87gAdditional photographs1872-1956CU/D/87g
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