Authorized Form of NameBilling; Robert Claudius (-1898); Suffragan Bishop of Bedford
ForenamesRobert Claudius
EpithetSuffragan Bishop of Bedford
SourceWho Was Who

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FP Temple 41, ff. 220-1BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/41/220-1
LC 37 no. 17Photograph of BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford.1888LC/1888/37/17
FP Temple 22, ff. 36-7BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/22/36-7
Benson 85 f.233Letter from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford on Finsbury Polytechnic1890Benson/85/233
FP Temple 41, ff. 8-9BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/41/8-9
Benson 71 ff.211-13Letter from BILLING (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford, on the BRITISH ASYLUM FOR DEAF AND DUMB FEMALES.1889Benson/71/211-13
Benson 105 ff.366-8Letter from BILLING (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford on the Rev. L.H. Bradford1891Benson/105/366-8
F. Temple 9, ff. 289-98BILLING (Robert Claudius), Bishop Suffragan of Bedford (1888-97).1898-1899F.Temple/9/289-98
Benson 85 ff.418-21Letter from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford on St. Agnes' Orphanage, Kensington1890Benson/85/418-21
FP Temple 55, f. 191BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/55/191
Benson 57 ff.154-75 passimLetters and papers from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford, on the East London church fund1887-1888Benson/57/154-75 passim
FP Temple 52, ff. 127-30BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1888FP/Temple/52/127-30
FP Temple 45, ff. 241-2BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/45/241-2
Benson 87 ff.299-304BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford1891Benson/87/299-304
FP Temple 47, ff. 26-7BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford[1887]FP/Temple/47/26-7
FP Temple 19, ff. 317-18BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/19/317-18
FP Temple 18, ff. 116-17BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1892FP/Temple/1-39/18/116-17
FP Temple 10, f. 347BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1893FP/Temple/1-39/10/347
FP Temple 46, ff. 90-1BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/46/90-1
FP Temple 30, ff. 57-8BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/30/57-8
FP Temple 18, ff. 331-2BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1893FP/Temple/1-39/18/331-2
FP Temple 38, ff. 173-80BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/38/173-80
Benson 42 ff.480-3Letter from BILLING (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford, on Dr. T.J. Barnardo1887Benson/42/480-3
Benson 39 ff.388-9Letter from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford on Y.W.C.A1886Benson/39/388-9
Benson 55 ff.121-31BILLING (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford1888Benson/55/121=31
FP Temple 36, ff. 171-80BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1892FP/Temple/1-39/36/171-80
LC 28 ff. 163-6Order of ceremonial for the consecration of Robert Claudius Billing as Bishop Suffragan of Bedford and of Francis Henry Thicknesse as Bishop Suffragan of Leicester (printed).15 July 1888LC/1888/28/163-6
FP Temple 38, ff. 358-9, 363-6BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1888FP/Temple/1-39/38/358-9, 363-6
FP Temple 37, ff. 39-42, 49-50.BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1890,1891FP/Temple/1-39/37/39-42, 49-50.
FP Temple 19, ff. 177-80BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1892FP/Temple/1-39/19/177-80
FP Temple 37, ff. 31-2BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/37/31-2
FP Temple 22, ff. 104-17BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1891FP/Temple/1-39/22/104-17
FP Temple 11, ff. 25-6BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1889FP/Temple/1-39/11/25-6
FP Temple 49, ff. 16-17BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/49/16-17
FP Temple 37, ff. 318-19BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1894FP/Temple/1-39/37/318-19
FP Temple 5, ff. 58-9, 82-5BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1890,1891FP/Temple/1-39/5/58-9, 82-5
FP Temple 37, ff. 120-1, 136-43BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885, 1891FP/Temple/1-39/37/120-1, 136-43
Benson 120 ff.426-30Letter from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford, on the suspension of the Rev.John Hulke DIXSON, Vicar of Wye, Kent.1893Benson/120/426-30
FP Temple 37, ff. 152-3BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1891FP/Temple/1-39/37/152-3
FP Temple 37, ff. 273-6,287-8, 296-7BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1888-1893FP/Temple/1-39/37/273-6,287-8, 296-7
FP Temple 6, ff. 66-7, 71-2, 75-8BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1888-1891FP/Temple/1-39/6/66-7, 71-2, 75-8
FP Temple 36, ff. 213,216-19,230-5,265-6BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/36/213,216-19,230-5,265-6
Benson 102 ff.223-6Letters from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford on the Female Mission to the Fallen1883Benson/102/223-6
FP Temple 5, ff. 100-1BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/5/100-1
Benson 77 ff.171-85Criticism of a letter of BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford to The Times on appeals1889Benson/77/171-85
FP Temple 55, ff. 42-3BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1894FP/Temple/55/42-3
FP Temple 21, ff. 268-75BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1889FP/Temple/1-39/21/268-75
FP Jackson 48Churches in the rural deaneries of St Sepulchre, Shoreditch and Spitalfields1868-c.1885FP/Jackson/E/48
FP Jackson 56Diocesan Lay Readers, the London Diocesan Home Mission, and to other missionary societies1869-1884FP/Jackson/G/56
FP Jackson 10Surnames Abbott - Baker 1872-1884FP/Jackson/D/10
FP Jackson 19Surnames Finlay - Furse1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/19
Benson 67 ff.350-5, 358-9BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford1887Benson/67/350-5, 358-9
Benson 104 ff.73-6ADDITIONAL CURATES SOCIETY - Letter and paper on the Parochial Mission to Jews Fund1891Benson/104/73-6
FP Jackson 49Churches in the rural deanery of Spitalfields and Stepney1869-1884FP/Jackson/E/49
FP Temple 39, ff. 202-3BILLING (Robert Claudius), suffragan bishop of Bedford1890FP/Temple/1-39/39/202-3
Benson 70 ff.439-42BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford - Correspondence and papers on his appointment as suffragan bishop1888Benson/70/439-42
Benson 91 ff.414-17Letter from BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford, on the appointment of the bishop of Mauritius 1890Benson/91/414-17
Benson 99 ff.341-4, 351-4, 366, 375-7BILLING, (Robert Claudius), Suffragan Bishop of Bedford1890-1891Benson/99/341-4, 351-4, 366, 375-7
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