RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 54
Extent412 ff.
TitleWAR 1939-45
Date2 May 1941-30 Apr 1943
DescriptionPapers relating to assistance for refugees, particularly Jews in occupied Europe. Includes a report of a deputation to the Home Secretary on 28 October 1942 by Archbishop Temple, Arthur Hinsley, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, and others (ff. 129-32); a draft of a joint telegram to presidents of American states from Archbishop Temple, Cardinal Hinsley, David Lloyd George and others (f. 141); a report of a deputation to the Foreign Office on 16 December 1942 by Archbishop Temple, David Mathew, Bishop Auxiliary of Westminster, and others (ff. 197-201); a joint statement by Archbishop Temple, Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York, and Charles Alfred Howell Green, Bishop of Bangor and Archbishop of Wales (ff. 225-6); newspaper cuttings; and a draft outline of a speech delivered by Archbishop Temple in the House of Lords on 23 March 1943 (ff. 345-9). Also includes correspondence and papers from: Margery Irene Corbett Ashby (ff. 1-2, 7-8, 135); Sir Walter McLennan Citrine, General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (ff. 5-6); the Council of Austrians in Great Britain (ff. 10-11, 26, 74); the Free German League of Culture in Great Britain (ff. 12-14); Sir William Henry Bragg (ff. 16, 21); Margaret Haig Thomas, 2nd Viscountess Rhondda (f. 19); Herbert Stanley Morrison, Home Secretary (ff. 23, 354); Harold L. Ickes, United States Secretary of the Interior (f. 25); the Refugee Industries Committee (ff. 27-33); William Paton, Joint General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (ff. 37-8); George Francis Graham Brown, Bishop in Jerusalem (ff. 42-3); John Stoward Moyes, Bishop of Armidale (f. 50); Charles Venn Pilcher, Bishop Coadjutor of Sydney, Australia (ff. 57-8); James William Parkes (ff. 59-61); the Christian Council for Refugees from Germany and Central Europe (ff. 62-72, 393-4, 404-9); the Ecumenical Committee for Refugees (ff. 91-106); the Board of Deputies of British Jews (ff. 111, 113, 218, 331); Harold Jocelyn Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar (f. 115), enclosing a joint letter from Gibraltarians whose families had been evacuated (ff. 116-18); the World Jewish Congress (ff. 120-4, 196); Charles William Gray Taylor, Moderator of the Church of Scotland General Assembly (f. 125); Sir Herbert William Emerson, High Commissioner for Refugees, League of Nations (ff. 126-8, 370); Eleanor Florence Rathbone, Hon. Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on Refugees (passim); Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount Cranborne and Secretary of State for the Colonies (f. 153); Oliver Frederick George Stanley, Secretary of State for the Colonies (ff. 170-1); the Union for the Protection of the Human Person (ff. 173-80); Victor Alexander George Robert Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton (f. 184); Arthur Hinsley, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster (ff. 202, 235); William Godfrey, Archbishop of Cius and Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain (f. 205); Richard Kidston Law, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Foreign Office (f. 206); George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 211-12, 243, 262, 273); Robert Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary (ff. 215, 236, 356, 379); the Church Missions to Jews (ff. 223, 230); Charles Wilton Wood Greenidge, Secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society (ff. 227-9); the World's Evangelical Alliance (ff. 233-4); the World's Young Women's Christian Association (f. 237); the Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland (f. 254); David Mathew, Bishop Auxiliary of Westminster (f. 263); Richard Godfrey Parsons, Bishop of Hereford (f. 270); Erling Eidem, Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden (f. 302); the International Hebrew Christian Alliance (f. 313); the Council of Christians and Jews (passim), including a leaflet on 'The Fifth Freedom' (ff. 371-2); Gustave GĂ©rard Kullmann, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (ff. 332, 339); the National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror (ff. 360-1, 377, 384-5, 387-9, 401-2, 412); and Anthony de Rothschild (ff. 391-2).

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Related name records
GB/109/13692Ashby; Dame; Margery Irene Corbett (1882-1981); feminist and internationalist1882-1981
GB/109/14480Citrine; Walter McLennan (1887-1983); 1st Baron Citrine; trade unionist1887-1983
GB/109/14481Thomas; Margaret Haig (-1958); 2nd Viscountess Rhondda-1958
DS/UK/6118Morrison; Herbert Stanley (1888-1965); Baron Morrison of Lambeth; politician1888-1965
DS/UK/5222Paton; William (1886-1943); missionary1886-1943
268Brown; George Francis Graham (1891-1942); Bishop in Jerusalem1891-1942
DS/UK/4568Moyes; John Stoward (1884-1972); bishop of Armidale1884-1972
GB/109/14217Pilcher; Charles Venn (1879-1961); Bishop Coadjutor of Sydney1879-1961
GB/109/10178Parkes; James William (1896-1981); historian and theologian1896-1981
GB/109/13926Christian Council for Refugees from Germany and Central Europe; fl. 1939-1944fl. 1939-1944
GB/109/12970Board of Deputies of British Jews; 1760-1760-
280Buxton; Harold Jocelyn (1880-1976); Bishop of Gibraltar1880-1976
GB/109/13819Taylor; Charles William Gray (1879-1950); Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland1879-1950
GB/109/14482Emerson; Sir; Herbert William (1881-1962); civil servant1881-1962
DS/UK/4681Hinsley; Arthur (1865-1943); Cardinal; Archbishop of Westminster1865-1943
DS/UK/6127Rathbone; Eleanor Florence (1872-1946); social reformer, independent MP1872-1946
351George; Lord; David Lloyd (1863-1945); 1st Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor; statesman1863-1945
DS/UK/6295Gascoyne-Cecil; Robert Arthur James (1893-1972); 5th Marquess of Salisbury1893-1972
DS/UK/6123Stanley; Oliver Frederick George (1896-1950); politician1896-1950
GB/109/14242Lytton; Victor Alexander George Robert (1876-1947); 2nd Earl of Lytton1876-1947
GB/109/6771Mathew; David (1902-1975); Archbishop of Apamea1902-1975
DS/UK/3838Godfrey; William (1889-1963); Cardinal; Archbishop of Westminster1889-1963
GB/109/9038Law; Richard Kidston (1901-1980); 1st Baron Coleraine; politician1901-1980
135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
DS/UK/6122Eden; Robert Anthony (1897-1977); 1st Earl of Avon; prime minister1897-1977
GB/109/8544Church's Ministry among the Jews
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
358Green; Charles Alfred Howell (1864-1944); Archbishop of Wales1864-1944
GB/109/8849World Evangelical Alliance; 1846-1846-
GB/109/13446Young Women's Christian Association
DS/UK/6087Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland; 1912-19781912-1978
482Parsons; Richard Godfrey (1882-1948); Bishop of Hereford1882-1948
GB/109/13696Eidem; Erling (1880-1972); Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden1880-1972
DS/UK/5671Council of Christians and Jews
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