RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 3, ff. 89-260
Date20 Mar 1942-11 Dec 1944
DescriptionLetter and papers on demobilisation and the training of ordinands, including a draft memorandum to the chaplains of the Forces (ff. 104-6); memoranda on recommendations of the Service Ordination Candidates' Committee (ff. 127-8, 140-2); a draft memorandum to the Ministry of Labour on the need for demobilisation of candidates for ordination (f. 184); and a copy of H.M. Government's 'Further Education and Training Scheme' (ff. 257-8). Correspondents include: William Cosmo Gordon Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 89-91); Henry Townsend Vodden, Suffragan Bishop of Hull (ff. 92, 95-8); Clifford Salisbury Woodward, Bishop of Bristol (passim); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (f. 94); Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York (ff. 101-2, 191); Leslie Owen, Suffragan Bishop of Jarrow and (from 1944) Maidstone (ff. 108, 111, 251-3, 255); Charles Alfred Howell Green, Bishop of Bangor and Archbishop of Wales (f. 113); John Allen Fitzgerald Gregg, Anglican Archbishop of Armagh (f. 116); Kenneth Riches, Secretary of the Archbishops' Committee for Service Ordination Candidates (ff. 118, 177-9, 212-16); Alwyn Terrell Petre Williams, Bishop of Durham (ff. 119, 160); Charles Robert Grey, 5th Earl Grey (ff. 135-7, 167-70, 175, 223, 227, 230-1, 240-2, 244); Frederic Sumpter Guy Warman, Bishop of Manchester (ff. 138, 148); Edwin Finch, Secretary of the Conference of the Methodist Church (ff. 143-4); Sir Bernard Charles Tolver Paget (f. 165); Sir John Cronyn Tovey (f. 166); R. Mackintosh, Secretary of the Committee on Church and National Service of the Church of Scotland (ff. 172, 176); Albert Peel, editor of The Congregational Quarterly (ff. 194-5, 199-211); Ernest Bevin, of the Ministry of Labour (f. 197); Foss Westcott, Bishop of Calcutta (f. 250); and Guy Vernon Smith, Bishop of Leicester (f. 260). Also includes letters from Archbishop Temple (passim) and a copy of his 'Letter to Service Ordinands' (ff. 213-14).

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657Archbishops' Committee for Service Ordination Candidates; 1942-19441942-1944
14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
DS/UK/5997Vodden; Henry Townsend (1887-1960); bishop of Hull1887-1960
DS/UK/5565Woodward; Clifford Salisbury (1878-1959); Bishop of Gloucester1878-1959
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
DS/UK/5803Owen; Leslie (1886-1947); Bishop of Lincoln1886-1947
358Green; Charles Alfred Howell (1864-1944); Archbishop of Wales1864-1944
362Gregg; John Allen Fitzgerald (1873-1961); Archbishop of Armagh1873-1961
DS/UK/4943Riches; Kenneth (1908-1999); Bishop of Lincoln1908-1999
88Williams; Alwyn Terrell Petre (1888-1968); Bishop of Winchester1888-1968
363Grey; Lord; Charles Robert (1879-1963); 5th Earl Grey1879-1963
DS/UK/5811Warman; Frederic Sumpter Guy (-1953); Bishop of Manchester-1953
GB/109/13683Paget; Sir; Bernard Charles Tolver (1887-1961); General1887-1961
GB/109/13684Tovey; John Cronyn (1885-1971); Baron Tovey; Admiral of the Fleet1885-1971
DS/UK/3834Bevin; Ernest (1884-1951); statesman and trade union leader1884-1951
DS/UK/5571Westcott; Foss (1863-1949); Bishop of Calcutta1863-1949
DS/UK/5433Smith; Guy Vernon (1880-1957); Bishop of Leicester1880-1957
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