RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoReg. Pole
Extent82 ff
TitleRegister of Reginald Pole
1 Decorated capital R(egistrum); sepia drawing of a woman with a sword thrust into her heart, bleeding, and a man lying behind her similarly wounded (allegory). [Identified by Miss E. Danbury in 2009 as the legendary deaths of the lovers Pyramus and Thisbe.] A tree bearing fruit above the figures; left, a lion, flowers, exotic fruit and foliage.

1v-3v Bull of provision (17 Nov. 1555); consecration, bestowal of pallium, proctor's commission, 27 March, 1556.

3v-4 Bull creating Pole legate a latere, 5 August 1553.

5-6v Indenture (in English) by the King and Queen, abrogating First Fruits, and undertaking payment of corrodies. 24 Feb. 1554.

6v Royal letters patent in the name of Philip and Mary in acceptance of the legatine authority of Pole and commanding all subjects 'to receyve honor and obeye the said Auctoritie'. 10 Nov. 1554.

6v-7 royal letters concerning the synod of the English clergy to be held at Westminster, to be called and celebrated by Cardinal Pole. 2 Nov. 1555 (in English).

7v-8v Bull of provision to the bishop elect of Peterborough, David Pole, 24 March 1557; bull of absolution addressed to the same, and bull notifying the election to the archbishop of Canterbury, both of the same date; bull concerning consecration addressed to the bishop elect, dated 26 March 1557.

8v-9 Similar bulls for the provision of Thomas Watson to Lincoln, 24/25 March 1557.

9-9v Consent of the chapter of Canterbury to the two provisions noted above.

9v-10 Commission of Cardinal Pole to the archbishop of York for consecration of Watson and Pole, 14 August 1557; record of oaths and consecration of the same, 15 August 1557.

10 Consent of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Pole) to the consecration of the bishop elect of Carlisle,14 August 1557.

10v Mandate for release of spiritualities of Peterborough, 6 August 1557.

10v-11 Advocation of prebend in the church of Lincoln conceded to archbishop of Canterbury, 17 August 1557.

11-11v Bull of provision of John Christopherson, bishop elect of Chichester, 7 May 1557.

11v-12v Bull of absolution of John Christopherson, consent to elect of the chapter of Canterbury, commission for consecration, profession and consecration of the same, mandate for release of spiritualities.

12v-13 Advocation of a prebend of the church of Chichester, annual value £5, to the archbishop of Canterbury, 22 Nov. 1557, letter addressed to the bishop of Chichester presenting the same (prebend of Erthamme) to Thomas Frier, 10 Dec. 1557.

13-13v Papal indult to excuse visitation of Rome addressed to both archbishops and all the bishops of England; 1 July 1555.

13v-14 Concession of right of patronage of benefices etc. in the name of Philip and Mary, 4 Nov. 1558, (decorated letter heading).

14v blank

15-16v Canterbury Commissions, 1556.

17-18 Royal commission (in English) addressed to the members of the Privy Council, on account of the spread by 'divers deivellische and slanderouse parsons' of 'sedicious slanders' and 'hereticall opinions'; a commission of enquiry to be established consisting of Richard Thorneden, David Pole, Nicholas Harpesfield, Robert Collins, Richard Hawcet, John Warren 'witnes and all other meanes and politick waies' to be employed e.g. against 'Bringers in/utterers/buyers/sellers/readers/keepers/or conveyors' of offending books and tales. Also 'to enquier and serche out all such parsons as do obstinately refuse to be confessed to receyve the Blessed Sacrament of thalter...or come to the Parish churches.' 25 April 1556.

18-19 Letter to the bishop of London, dated 28 April 1556, enclosing papal Bull of plenary indulgence (dated 8 March 1555(6)) for prayers and works offered for the peace of Christendom.

19-19v Dispensation and solemnization of matrimony, Henry Pratte, Mildred Perce, 18 May 1556.

19v-31v Commission of officials etc. for visitation and for trial of heretics.

32-36v Visitation of Canterbury, conducted by David Pole, Vicar General May 1556.

37-64 Registers of vacant dioceses.

64v-66v blank

67-82 Collations, institutions, translations.
Fols 78v-81: Mandate for election of new warden of All Souls, Oxford, June 1558.
FindingAidsManuscript Index by A. C. Ducarel: LR/F/62/37
PhysicalDescriptionSixteenth century binding with stamped decoration on front and back, modern backstrip. Two metal clasps.
Two modern pages and flyleaf binding at front and back. Contemporary foliation. Unnumbered folio at front.
Pole's heraldic device as Archbishop surmounted by Cardinal's hat, in colour, signed below 'Io Mulcasterus'.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 710
RelatedMaterialThe library also possesses a microfilm of the Legatine Register of Cardinal Pole 1554-7, Ms. 922 of the bibliotheque Municipale, Douai (Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 2-3). An article describing this by C.H. Carrett is in 'Journal of Modern History', (Chicago) XIII, 1941, pp.189-94.

Testamentary records for the period after the death of Pole (November 1558), 'p.m. (post mortem) Poli', appear in another register, once held at Lambeth but now at Canterbury Cathedral Archives (ref: U2) [cf. Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 221; the volume is noted in the Todd catalogue to the Library's holdings, page 267], containing testamentary records relating not only to the diocese but also to the province of Canterbury. This contains the following entries:
Alcolne (? Alcocke), Agnes, widow of Boston, Lync. [Lincolnshire]. 4 Jul 1559. folio 98v.
Asshebye, Margaret, of Isefeld. 19 May 1559. folio 13r.
Awood, Thomas. Mayfield. 13 Apr 1559. folio 13r.
Aword, Christopher. Hethefeld (Sussex). 31 May 1559. folio 46v.
Baker, Richard, of Wadhurst. 30 Oct 1559. folio 13v.
Baker, Robert, Vicar of Mocking (Essex) [?Bocking], diocese of London. 22 Jun 1559. folio 89r.
Barnam, Stephen, of Hunston. 13 Jun 1559. folio 46v.
Bassam, Thomas, of Woodnorton (Norfolk). 31 Jan 1558 [1559]. folio 25r.
Brian, Thomas, Hastings, Sussex. 26 May 1559. folio 46v.
Bridge, Nicholas.1 Jun 1559. folio 70v.
Bysdon, John, of Hoddesdon (Hertfordshire). 7 Jul 1559. folio 89v.
Cherson, William, Yalding (Kent). 11 May 1559. folio 70v.
Cooke, Richard, of Washington. 6 Jul 1559. folio 46v.
Crane, Richard, of Flatching (Sussex). 3 Jun 1559. folio 46v.
Crowe, Thomas, of Myleham. 20 Jan 1558 [1559]. folio 25r.
Curson, Brigitt, Norfolk. 7 Jun 1559. folio 25r.
Dagnett, Christopher of Stisted. 24 Nov 1559. folio 13v.
Delne, [? Debue, Delve] Robert of Uxfeld. 3 Jul 1559. folio 13v.
Dewke, John, of Yapton (Sussex). 27 May 1559. folio 46v.
Dunkin, John, St Mary and St Gabriel, London. 20 Jul 1559. folio 89v.
Edsall, Henry, of Stonbridge. 3 Jul 1559. folio 70v.
Edsow, John, of Stonbridge. 15 Jun 1559. folio 70v.
Est, alias Carter, John, of Much Sandford (Essex). 3 Jul 1559. folio 89r.
Every, Robert, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London. 8 Sep 1559. folio 89v.
Furlonger, Thomas of Kirdford, Sussex. 17 Jan 1558 [1559]. folio 13r.
Hacher, Thomas, Eltham, Kent. 5 Jul 1559. folio 70v.
Hall, William of Bolton Quarrel, Kent. 12 Mar 1558 [1559]. folio 13r.
Hamond, William. Vicar of Eltham. 18 Jun 1599. folio 70v.
Hardwarde, William of Rye (Sussex). 12 May 1559. folio 46v.
Higgons, John, St Katherine Crechurch. 26 Sep 1559. folio 89v.
Homer, William. New Shoreham, Sussex. 18 Jul 1559. folio 47.
Hope, John, of Lewsham [Lewisham?] (Kent). 7 Apr 1559. folio 70r.
Hylton, John, the younger, of Chichester city. 5 Apr 1559. folio 46v.
Littelgrove, Christian, widow, of Bromeley [Bromley] (Kent). 11 Feb 1558 [1559]. folio 70r.
Lynne, James, St. Mary Wolnoth, London. 2 Oct 1559. folio 90r.
Marshal, Henry, Fotes Cray [Foots Cray], Kent. 21 Mar 1558 [1559]. folio 70r.
Middelton, Hester, of Westerham (Kent). 8 May 1559. folio 70r.
Miller alias Brandon, William, of Pritwell, Essex. 27 Feb 1558 [1559]. folio 13r.
Newnam, Johan, Wo. [Widow], Maghfield. 1 Jun 1559. folio 13v.
Nicholls, John, Fulham (Middlesex). 20 Jul 1559. folio 89v.
Osmund, Henry, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. 14 Jun 1559. folio 89r.
Owen, Hugh, St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London. 21 Jun 1559. folio 89r.
Plane, Margaret, of Tunbridge (Kent). 9 Apr 1559. folio 70r.
Rawlinson, Audrey, of Thame, Oxford, widow, 8 Jun 1559. folio 41r.
Rockeley, Thomas, of Deptford Stroud. 25 Apr 1559. folio 70r.
Smithe, Henry, Witchingham (Norfolk). 17 Jun 1559. folio 25v.
Smithe, John, St. Andrew Undershaft. 5 Jul 1559. folio 89v.
Stephens, Robert, Monk's Risboro. 5 Jun 1559. folio 13v.
Stevens, Joan, of Inglesham, dioc. Sarum [Salisbury]. 20 Jan 1558 [1559]. folio 78r.
Stevenson, John ( London), St. Clement. 18 Jul 1559. folio 89v.
Tapin, William, of Chiselhurst. 25 Jan 1558 [1559]. folio 70r.
Weller, Margaret, St Peter at Paul's Wharf, London. 24 Jul 1559. folio 89v.
Williams, Richard, of Aston. 6 Apr 1559. folio 35v.
Woddison, William, St Andrew, Holborn, London. 3 Nov 1559. folio 90r.
Woodinge, John, of Lewisham (Kent). 1 Apr 1559. folio 70r.
Woodinge, called Woodens. 8 May 1559. folio 70v.
Adams, otherwise Tomsson, John, yoman. Southfleet, Kent. 1558. folio 58.
Adams, Richard, of the Forde, Herefordshire. To be bur. at Lempster [Leominster]. 1558. folio 34.
Adamson, Richard, Vicar of Bexley and Plomsted [Plumstead], Kent. 1559. folio 65.
Aleyghe, John, yoman. Eltham, Kent. 1558. folio 69.
Atkynson, John, girdler. St. Brigitt's [St. Bride], London. 1559. folio 88.
Baker, Harrie. Wadherst [Wadhurst], Sussex. 1559. folio 19.
Barentyne, Charles, gent. Horsted Keynes, Sussex. 1559. folio 49.
Beche, Edmond, yoman. Hurst Perpoynte [Hurstpierpoint], Sussex. 1559. folio 49.
Bedell, Arnold, smythe. Farnborowe [Farnborough], Kent. 1559. folio 68.
Bert (Burt), Robert, yeoman. South Memes [South Mimms], Middlesex. 1559. folio 85.
Bokkar, William. Buckested [Buxted], Sussex. 1558-9. folio 9
Bradley, Richard. Fotheringey [Fotheringhay], Northamptonshire. 1559. folio 104
Busshop, Elinor, widow of Richard. Whatlington, Sussex. 1558. folio 47
Byfflett, Thomas. Hethfeld [Heathfield], Sussex. 1559. folio 49
Bynnam, Nicholas. Citizen of London. St. Cath. Christchurch [St. Katherine, Creechurch]. 1559. folio 85
Chaldecote, George, esq. Winterborne Quarlestone [Winterbourne Quarleston], Dorset. Tysbery [Tisbury], Wiltshire. 1558. folio 38
Chorleton, William, clerk. Stopport [Stockport], Cheshire. (Among London dioc. Wills: ? Essex or Middlesex.) 1559. folio 81
Coffyn, John, thelder, husbandman. Christchurche Twyneham [Christchurch Twineham], Hants. 1559. folio 94
Collet, Johan, wedowe, gentlewoman. Grundysburgh [Grundisburgh], Suffollk. 1559. folio 24
Coulestocke, John. Westhothelyght [West Hoathly], Sussex. 1558. folio 9
Cowburne, John, preste. Parson of Cranam [Cranham], Essex. 1559. folio 83
Cowpar, John. Waterbeache [Waterbeach], Cambridgeshire. 1559. folio 101
Danyell, John. Whytdyche in Par. Strood, Kent. 1559. folio 64
Darell, Alice, widow of Mr. Thomas D. Scotney (Kent), Lambirherst [Lamberhurst] (Kent/Sussex). Kent and Sussex. 1559. folio 63
Decon, John. Westerham, Kent. 1559. folio 67
Double, Walter, yoman. Comes [Coombs], Sussex. 1559. folio 50, 53
Glasbroke, James, taylor. Harrow on the hill, Middlesex. 1559. folio 19
Glover, John. Benenden, Kent. 1559. folio 11
Gooddaye, Robert, yoman. Sabridgeworth [Sawbridgeworth], Herts. Cockesale [Coggeshall], Essex. 1559. folio 85
Griffith, Edward, Parson of Rusper, Sussex. 1558. folio 47
Harryson (Herrison), Henry, St. Saviour, Southwark. 1559. folio 92
Hewes, John, laboring man. Plumstede [Plumstead], Kent. 1558. folio 61.
Hounde, Richard, St. Andrewe's [St. Andrew's] churche, --. (Amongst London diocese wills.) 1559. folio 85
Jespar, Joane, widow. Rie [Rye], Sussex. 1559. folio 54
Jessope (Jesoppe), John, the elder. Sowthfleet [Southfleet], Kent. 1559. folio 59 [Transcribed in the will-register as " Sowthfleet," but the text of the will and a comparison of it with that of Jone Jhesupe the widow (P.C.C. 68 Mellershe) prove that the testator was really Jesoppe.]
Jones, Alice, widow. St. Martin in the fields, Middlesex. 1559. folio 84
Kent alias Bradford, Adam. Bedinge [Beeding], Sussex. 1559. folio 48
Knap, John. Brode Summerford [Broad Somerford], Wiltshire. 1558. folio 75
Lane, Richard. Fissheborne [Fishbourn], Sussex. Portchemouthe [Portsmouth], Hants. 1559. folio 50
Martyn, Robert, gent. Westerham, Kent. 1558. folio 68
Mason, Robert. Maghfeld [Mayfield], Sussex. 1559. folio 10
Massell, Thomas. Much Peringdon [Great Parndon], Essex. Bysshoppes Startford [Bishops' Stortford], Herts. 1559. folio 88
Middleton, Myddleton, William, the elder, Esq. Westerham, Kent. 1559. folio 62
Moldyne, Robert, citizen and bruar of London. Christchurch within Newegate [Christ Church, Newgate]. 1559. folio 82
Mores, Morys, John, of - ? (perhaps at sea). Among Kent wills. 1558. folio 57
Morgyll, John. Heathfield, Sussex. 1559. folio 54
Moyser, William, yeoman. Bromleigh [Bromley], Kent. 1559. folio 64
Newall, Richard. Clybury Mortimer [Cleobury Mortimer], Shropshire. 1558. folio 35
Newnam, Thomas. Maghfeld [Mayfield], Sussex. 1559. folio 10
Olyver, Thomas. Burwasshe [Burwash], Sussex. 1559. folio 50
Oryche, Thomas, yoman. Rochester [Kent]. 1558. folio 60
Parrys (Paris), John, thelder, husbandman. Isfeld [Isfield], Sussex. 1559. folio 7
Plawe, John. Westwram [Westerham], Kent. Tanredge [Tandridge], Surrey. 1559. folio 65
Pollard, William, Parson of Tansor, Northamptonshire. 1559. folio 105
Reynold, Raynolde (Raynold), John. Framfylde [Framfield], Sussex. 1558. folio 8
Rogers, Rauffe [Ralph], gent. Sutton Valans [Sutton Valence], Kent. 1559. folio 11, 13
Rolff, Margaret. Copdok [Copdock], Suffolk. 1559. folio 24
Scrace, Thomas, yoman. Bolny [Bolney], Sussex. 1559. folio 48
Seaver, Robert, butcher. Clure [Clewer], Berkshire. 1559. folio 78
Shorter, Thomas. Stanes [Staines], Middlesex. 1559. folio 84
Smithe, William. Etonbridge [Edenbridge], Kent. 1559. folio 63
Snelling, Thomas. Bequest to Portslade, Sussex. 1559. folio 47
Stearman, Thomas, marynor. Grenewiche [Greenwich], Kent. 1558. folio 57
Stowe, Thomas (father of the Antiquary), citn. and tallow chandler of London. St. Michael, Cornhill. 1559. folio 84
Stylle (Still), Thomas, yoman. Cowdene [Cowden], Kent. 1559. folio 62
Swaynson, Richard, husbandman. Wythyham [Withyham], Sussex. 1559. folio 54
Sympson (Simpson), Roger. Debtford Strond [Deptford Strand], Kent. 1559. folio 61
Tompson (Thompson), George. Depford [Deptford], Kent. 1559. folio 67
Tomsson otherwise Adams, John, yoman. Southfleet, Kent. 1558. folio 58
Tykerege (Tickerage), John. Franfyld [Framfield], Sussex. 1558. folio 7
Vernon, Henry, citizen and scrivener of London, parish of St. Augustine. 1558. folio 80
Vyolet, Violet, Robert, yoman. Becknam [Beckenham], Kent. 1558. folio 60.
Waller, Richard. Uckefeld [Uckfield], Sussex. 1558. folio 8
Ware, John. Seale [Seal], Kent. 1558. folio 57
Woolfe, Richard. Etonbrege [Edenbridge], Kent. 1559. folio 63
Wykkenden (Wickenden), William. Cowden, Kent. 1553. folio 59
Wylcockes (Wilcox), John, citizen and draper of London. Westminster. Brookland, etc., Kent. 1559. folio 87
Wylson (Wilson), Ellen, widow. St. Towlie in Silverstrete, London. 1559. folio 81

See too, Lambeth MS 4240.
PublnNoteEdwards, John 'Archbishop Pole' (Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2014) [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.A1E3]
Mayer, T.F. 'The correspondence of Reginald Pole: Volume 2: A calendar 1547-1554: A power in Rome' 2003. [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.P6M2]
Mayer, T.F. 'The correspondence of Reginald Pole: Volume 3: A calendar 1555-1558: Restoring the English Church' 2004. [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.P6M2]

Folio 1r appears in "Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury", ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 30

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