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Alt Ref NoReg. Cranmer
Extent436 ff
TitleRegister of Thomas Cranmer
1-5v Bulls of provision etc.; protestation.

6-8v blank

9-14 Brevia Regia summoning Canterbury Convocation, 1539-53.

14v blank

15-15v Licences to appoint priests in private oratories, 1534-5.

15v Grant of advowson of All Saints Lombard Street, St. John's, Watling St., St. Mary Botolph, reserving annual pension to Prior of Christ Church, Canterbury (Nov. 1535).

16-16v Commissions of Henry VIII to Richard, suffragan bishop of Dover, concerning Thomas Cromwell's commission to visit priories and monasteries, 6 feb. 1537(8) and for the sequestration of seals, goods, ornaments etc., 5 May 1538.

16v-17 Licences to appoint priests in private oratories.

17-17v Appointment of Commissary, 1538.

18 Mandate to Dean of Arches for publication of royal brevia, 20 May 1541; non-residence licence. Mandate to Dean of Shoreham etc. enclosing royal instructions for removal of all superstitious lights etc.

19 Letter from Commissary General in Calais (Nov. 24, 1541) concerning recent letters of the King; licence of non-residence.

19v-20 Royal briefs to Archbishop (1 May 1542) concerning bigamy case and (7 May 1545) ordering publication of a decree.

20 Testamentary commission.

20v Licence to celebrate mass in a private chapel.

21 Monition to archdeacon of Canterbury concerning non-observance of recent royal letters missive (25 Oct. 1541)

21v Royal letter missive dated July 28 1541. Demands immediate denunciation of a certain decree. Commission to the master and fellows of the college of Higham Ferrers (diocese of Lincoln) for visitation to take place on May 1, 1540.
Letters solemnizing matrimony of William Pegge and Elizabeth Barford, 24 Sept. 1542.

22 Mandate to Dean of Canterbury for publication of royal letters missive (undated). Mandate to the bishop of London, enclosing letter from the King (in English) exhorting that prayers be said both in private and in common for 'seasonable and temperate wedar' [weather] after recent damage to the corn by rain, dated August 20, 1543. Comment in the Archbishop's covering letter attributes this misfortune to the prevalence of war. August 23 1543.

22v Commission to hear causes to Robert Harvy, Commissary in Calais and neighbouring places in the diocese of Therouanne. May 20, 1544.

23-24 Commission for administration of the see of Bangor, during vacancy. Sept. 30, 1541.

24-25 Letter addressed to clergy of Canterbury diocese and especially of the curacy of Preston, next Faversham, covering a letter to the Archbishop from the bishop of Rochester, concerning a felony committed by John Frende, recently of Corden (in Canterbury diocese) at Preston. Imprisoned but subsequently released on account of clergy: purgation publicly objected to and held up by a large congregation in Preston and neighbourhood. March 15, 1545(6).

26v Mandate to Edmund Bonner, bishop of London, to hold prayers for the royal army and navy, according to letters from the council (these are transcribed here, in English, dated 10 August 1545). 11 August 1545.

27-28 Mandate to the same for prorogation of Convocation to October 16, 1545 (28 Dec. 1544)

28-28v Royal brief to the archbishop for prorogation of Convocation to Eton College, 22 Sept. 1537

28v Commission to the Archbishop in name of Edward VI for exercise of his jurisdiction. 7 Feb.1546(7)

29 Commission to officials of the diocese of London during vacancy of the see. 11 Sept. 1539.

29v-31 Decree for bestowal of a pension upon John Cook (£4 p.a. from vicarage of Preston, Cant. diocese.) 18 Dec. 1535.

31 Inhibition to Edmund Bonner concerning royal visitation of London, 15 May 1547.

31v-32 Relaxation of inhibition.

32-33v Mandate to the bishop of London enclosing letters missive of 21 Feb. 1548 (in English) from the Privy Council, ordering the destruction and removal of images. 24 Feb. 1547(8). Similar mandate also to the archdeacon of Canterbury.

32v-33 Copy of the same letter missive (English) from the privy council to the Archbishop.

33 Letters testimonial. Thomas Atkinson.

33v-34 Commission for visitation of St. Davids during sede vacante. 6 April 1548.

34-34v Commission to William Cook (dean of Arches etc.) for creating John Laver proctor. 25(?) Feb. 1547(8).

34v-36v Decree concerning pension on parish church of Earde or Crayforde, Deanery of Shoreham, Richard Parkehurst. 9 Dec. 1532.

36v-37 Composition between chapter of Christchurch, Canterbury and suffragans of province for nomination of an official. London, 24 June 1278.

37v-38v blank

39 Licence to Thomas Audeley, Lord Chancellor, to receive sacrament in his private chapel. 23 April, 1548.

39v Commission to Robert Harvy as Commissary General in the town and march of Calais. 20 May 1540.

40 Dispensation to Thomas Audeley, Lord Chancellor, to hold a baptism in his residence. 3 April 1540.

40-46 Commission, Acta etc. concerning the visitation of All Souls College, Oxford; May 1541; injunctions dated August 1541. [For printed version, see PublnNote field]

46v blank

47 Royal letters testimonial concerning bishop of Bangor, reference to the recent visitation. April 20, 1543.

47v Licence for divine service to be held in private chapel of Thomas Saunders (Charlewoode, Croydon) Feb. 23, 1542.

48 Commission for administration of cathedral church of Chichester during vacancy, 1540.

48v-49 Archbishop's mandate to the bishop of London for the publication of royal injunctions, in English, dated 11 June 1544 ('wee have set forthe certayne godly prayers and suffrages in oure native englyshe tonge whiche we sende you herewythe') dated 8 (18?) June 1544.

49-49v Similar mandate to the archdeacon of Canterbury.

50-51v Bigamy case of Thomas Bocher, (commission for hearing the case, depositions of witnesses etc.)

52-52v blank

53 Royal commission concerning tenths and First Fruits. 11 August 1541.

53v-54v Certificate of the Provincial court concerning inquiry made into the value of benefices in the diocese of Canterbury (names of all those recently instituted).

54v Mandate to the archdeacon of Canterbury concerning the same inquiry, with brevia regia to the archbishop (as above) copied in letter from Henry VIII to the archbishop (in English) desiring the clergy to pay toward a subsidy the following Christmas, June 7, 1545.

55-55v Letter from the archbishop to the dean and chapter of St. Paul's (marginal note says to Lord Bishop of London) requesting that a sermon be preached in St Paul's and thanksgiving prayers be said throughout the diocese for the victory won against the Scots (English). Dec. 18 1547.

55v Letter to the archdeacon of Canterbury, accompanying royal brief of Edward VI exhorting that no Parish church would 'sell gyve or otherwise alienate anie belles or other ornament or iuell'. (30 April 1548) Proclamation from the Lords of the Council that prayers be said in every church for victory and peace. 6 May 1548.

55v-56v Mandate to the archdeacon of Canterbury (14 Feb. 1548) forwarding royal letters (25 Dec. 1549) insisiting that the new 'Boke of Comenne prayers and administration of the sacraments' etc. be used; clergy to hand in all missals, processionals, grails etc.

56v-57 Similar mandate to Commissary of Calais.

57-58v Commissions of Court of Canterbury (Official, Dean of Arches etc.) March 1549 (50)

59 Letter (in English) from the Lords of the Council concerning use of Book of Common Prayer, 25 Dec. 1549.

59v Mandate to archdeacon of Canterbury ordering publication of various royal decrees.

59v-60 Certificate to Chancellor of Court of First Fruits concerning vacancy of parish church of Horsley.

60 Further Canterbury commissions, 1551.

61-61v Mandate to archdeacon of Canterbury for publication of Acts of Parliament against rebels. 9 May 1551.

62-64v Further Canterbury Commissions, 1551.

64v Letter to Commissary general, concerning will of an excommunicant executor (16 Jan. 1552).

65 Notification to the King of capture of Daniel Cranmer (excommunicant) 31 Jan. 1552.

65-66 Mandate for publication of royal articles, and certificate of their expedition. June 1553.

66v blank

67-67v Royal commissions to archbishop and bishops against the sect of anabaptists (1 Oct. 1538), and friars (5 Oct. 1539).

68 Similar commission concerning heresy trials in Calais.

68v-69 Commission as above fols. 16-16v

69-70v Commissions concerning trials for heresy of Alexander Seton (20 April 1540) and William Watt (4 Oct. 1539).

70v-71v Commission of inquiry into heresies and observance of Book of Common Prayer, 18 Jan. 1551.

71v-79 Trial of heretics, 1548-9. [includes, ff. 74v-75v, Joan Bocher]

79v blank

80 Fees due to the archbishop and his officials for the confirmation and consecration of every bishopric in the province (undated).

80v blank

81-87v Letters testimonial etc. concerning the election of Thomas Gooderick [Goodrich] to Ely (April 1534)

88-88v blank

89-140v Acts during vacancy of see of Hereford, 1538. Acts during vacancies of sees, 1538-53.

140v blank

141-146v Nullification of the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves, 1540 (deposition of witnesses, doctors, etc.)

147-148v blank

149-200 Processes of election and confirmation of bishops, including some suffragans.

201-215v Consecrations and commissions of diocesans and suffragans, letters testimonial etc.

215-215v Commissions to archdeacons of the province of Canterbury for publication of injunctions, 11 Oct. 1538.

215v-216v Letter (in English) from Thomas Cromwell (30 Sept. 1538) urging publication of injunctions, (Gee and Hardy, pp.275-81).

216v Commission (Dean of Shoreham), 1538.

217-336 Consecrations and commissions of diocesans and suffragans, letters testimonial etc.

336v-338v blank

339-346v Collations, institutions etc. 1533-4.

347-348v Decree assigning pension of £60 from the fruits of the archdeaconry of Canterbury to William Warham (protestation to undertake this by Edmund Cranmer, archdeacon).

348v-349v Decree assigning pension of £20 from the fruits of the 'preponture' of Wyngham to the same.

350-357v institutions, collations, provisions, etc. 1534-35.

358-364 Acta during vacancy of St. Asaph, 1535-6.

364-405 Institutions, collations etc. 1538-1547.
Fols 373v-375 Assignation of annual pension on the deanery of Southmallyng to Nicholas Hethe.

405-406 Institutions collations etc. to benefices in the diocese of Lincoln, during the vacancy caused by the death of John Longland, 1547.

406v-424 Continuation of Canterbury institutions, collations etc. 1548-1553.
Fols 414-416 Composition between rectors of Meddeley and Old Romney, 1548.

424v-426v Alphabetical table of the benefices in the presentation of the Archbishop of Canterbury and their value.

427-427v Acta in the trial of William Curtney or Curtnall, clerk and Goldsmith, imprisoned by the archbishop, held on 9 Oct. 1543, before Thomas Smythe, special commissary, in the Great Hall of the Old Palace, Canterbury. Accused of stealing on 19 Sept. 1542, a 'lether bagge', value one penny, and £40 'in pecuniis numeratis' in the same, belonging to Robert Naylor, alderman of Canterbury.

430- Acta in the purgation on Nov. 7, 1548 of George Gower, clerk, similar for George Coplewood and Ferdinand of Naples, 1551. (Fols 431 and 433 occur twice).

432v-433 Indenture (in English) dated 20 April 1548 to William lord Windsor granting the patronage of Monks Risborough, Bucks.

433v-435v blank; two subsequent unfoliated blank sheets.

Fly leaf (stuck onto cover) rudimentary (16th century) index.
FindingAidsManuscript Index by A. C. Ducarel: LR/F/62/33, 34, 36
PhysicalDescriptionSixteenth century binding (modern backstrip) with metal bosses upon the corners (except front left bottom) and centre; originally with two clasps. Contemporary (Arabic) foliation (fols 431 and 433 are repeated).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 710
PublnNoteAyris, Paul. "Thomas Cranmer's register: a record of archiepiscopal administration in diocese and province" (University of Cambridge Ph.D. thesis, 1984) [H5198.C7A9]; available online:
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See Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 1.10

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