RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoReg. Stafford
Reg. Kemp
Extent347 ff
TitleRegister of John Stafford and John Kemp [Kempe]
1-38v Bulls of translation etc. followed by commissions of officials and other general commissions and memoranda, 1443-48.

24-24v Clergy's petition concerning statute of praemunire, 1447.

39-40 blank

41-45 Visitations of Canterbury and Rochester, 1443-4.

45-49v Narrative of business of grant of a crusading tenth in 1446.

49v-53 Dispensations, 1447-50

54-56 blank

57-72 Acts during vacancy of see of Norwich, 1445-6

73 wanting

74-109 Institutions, Canterbury and vacant sees, 1443-52.

110 blank

111-194 Testementary business, 1443-51. (This section has been wrongly bound up and the earliest folio, with the heading, is now numbered 118.)

195 wanting

196-207 ordinations, 1443-52

208-9 blank

210 Kemp's register starts here.

210-213 Bulls of provision, etc.

214-217 Register of bulls for provisions to bishoprics etc., 1452-3

218 blank

219-231 Convocation 1452/3, followed by list of collectors of subsidy.

232v-233 Programme for archiepiscopal visitation of city and diocese of Canterbury, ?1453.

233v blank

234-240 commissions, 1452.

241 blank

242-244 Mandate for processions throughout the province, 2 March 1452/3, followed by licences and dispensations, 1452-3.

245-6 Indulgences granted by the archbishop, 1453/4

246v-7 Provisions of nuns by the archbishop, 1452-1453/4.

248 Licences to preach, 1452/3.

248v Grants of corrodies, 1453.

249 Nominations of scholars and officers in All Souls College, Oxford, 1452/3.

250 Licences for marriage without banns, 1453-4.

251-252 A list and valuation of churches in the archbishop's collation and of those in deanery of arches belonging to Prior and Convent of Canterbury.

253 blank

254-255 Ordinations, 1452-3.

256 blank

257-320 Testamentary matters, 1452-1453/4.

321-326 Institutions to benefices, 1452-1453/4.

327r blank

327v Report of an inquiry into patronage of Harrietsham. Incomplete.

328 blank

329-339 Register of acts during vacancy of Lichfield 1452-1453, including ordinations, lists of Peterspence and synodals collected.

340 blank

341-347 Visitation of the collegiate church of South Malling with a list of statutes, 1453.

347v and back cover, table of contents, as before.
FindingAidsManuscript Index by A. C. Ducarel: LR/F/62/23-24.
Described in O.S. Pickering & V.M. O'Mara, 'The Index of Middle English Prose: handlist 13. Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library including those formerly in Sion College Library' (1999).
PhysicalDescriptionFols. 1 to 347. Bound together since sixteenth century, continuous foliation, 16th century. Both have much
decorated initials and headings. Reg. Kemp starts fol. 210.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 707
PublnNoteRegister of Stafford and Kempe the subject of the thesis: D.B. Foss, The Canterbury archiepiscopates of John Stafford and John Kemp with editions of their registers (PhD London 1986). Available online via:

Translations of folios concerning women's wills and dispensations for marriage from this register in "Women of the English nobility and gentry 1066-1500", ed. J. Ward, 1995.

Crispin, Julia, Krieg and kunst (De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2018) [KC96.C75]

Smith, D.M (ed), 'The Heads of Religious Houses: England and Wales III, 1377-1540' (Cambridge: CUP, 2008) [Lambeth Palace Library H5183.H3 [R]]

Translation of indulgence relating to Morden (f. 245v) available online:

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