RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoTT 1
Extent206 pp.
TitleAbstracts from Kent Cartularies
DateMid 17th century
DescriptionAbstracts in Latin from cartularies of St. Augustine's abbey, Canterbury, St. Laurence's hospital, Canterbury, and St. Radegund's abbey, Bradsole, written for [Sir Edward Dering, 1st. bart., of Surrenden-Dering, c.1631]. The manuscript is a sister volume to the British Library Stowe MS. 924, which also belonged to Sir Edward Dering and contains abstracts from other Kent monastic cartularies. Both volumes were written in the same hand and follow a similar layout. According to the Stowe MS. (f.1), Dering transcribed the original abstracts and subsequently arranged for them to be rewritten in the present form. Some of the titles and marginalia appear to be in Dering's handwriting. The cartularies of St. Augustine's and St. Radegund's were noted in the Stowe MS. (f.1), although extracts from them were not included in that manuscript.
This volume is not in G.R.C. Davis, Medieval cartularies of Great Britain. A short catalogue, 1958.
The volume contains:
Abstracts from the Black Book of St. Augustine's (British Library, Cotton. Faust. A.i.) (pp.1-39). (See Davis no.194)
Abstracts from another cartulary of St. Augustine's described by [Dering] 'Videtur conscriptum quo tempore Thomas de Findona fuit Abbas', (1283-1310). [Dering] finished his own transcripts, 10 April 1629. According to the Stowe MS. (f.1), the cartulary, a quarto volume, belonged to Sir Robert Cotton, bart. It may possibly be identified with Cotton Vit. D.X. of which only a fragment survived the fire, 1731. The original cartulary included upwards of 287 charters. (pp.42-65). (See Davis no.197)
Abstracts from an early 15th century cartulary of St. Laurence's hospital, Canterbury, including Latin transcripts of the statutes of Thomas of Fyndon, abbot of St. Augustine's, 18 February 1294/5, and of Thomas Colewell, abbot of St. Augustine's, August 1356, and rules and customs in English, 14th-15th century. These customs are the same as those in a contemporary 15th century register of the hospital in Canterbury Cathedral, Lit MS. C 20. (See: C.E. Woodruff, 'The Register and Chartulary of St. Laurence, Canterbury', in Archaeologia Cantiana, L, 1938, pp.33-49). The original cartulary contained 141 charters. (See Davis no.211) (pp.66-89).
Abstracts described by [Sir Edward Dering] 'ex registro cartarum amplo sane et antiquo, Abbatie Sancte Radegund' propre Dovor spectantium, in possessione Henr[ici] Heyman, arm', sed mihi patefacto per Robertum Ladd Juriscons[ultum]. Collecta sunt sequentia manu et cura nostris, 1631' (pp. 91-204). (See Davis no. 862)
Includes pencil drawing of St. Radegund's abbey, 1761, contemporary with the writing on the title page, and late 18th century notes on the seal of St. Radegund's. (p.205).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 892
PublnNoteCited in 'Canterbury 1162-1190', edited by C.R. Cheney and Bridgett E.A. Jones. London: Oxford University Press for British Academy, 1986. lxxviii, 283p., 8 plates. (English episcopal acta, 2) [Lambeth Palace Library H5107.C2]

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